World Heritage Cultural

Every year we have a key date in which we forget who we are, and decided to become what we want to be. These carnivals 2011 are just around the corner, you have already prepared your costume for this celebration of pagan origin? They are held in almost all municipalities in Spain but this year we are going to propose three alternative plans to what have always lived; that laugh non-stop in the Carnival of Cadiz, enjoy the night in a village disguised as a whole in the carnivals of Pego, or that delights you with good taste and the great festive atmosphere of the carnivals in Tarragona. The first, the carnivals of Cadiz are recognized with the badge of international tourist interest and are one of the treasures of the World Heritage Cultural intangible of Spain, since 2009. The plan that we suggest is that you combine the revelry of the Carnival of Cadiz with the enjoyment of one of the most beautiful places of the province; the port of Cadiz. The Cadiz Carnival 2011 have date from 2 to 13 March. Since February, the city already has a Carnivalesque atmosphere; with the competition of groupings, both of adults and the child and youth. This year Carnival give its official start with the opening ceremony in charge of Julio Pardo, on Saturday 5 March in the Plaza of San Antonio.

It will also place the children’s proclamation, Celtic contest or choirs of Puerta Tierra carousel. The streets of Cadiz will fill colors in the Magna parade Sunday March 6 when you can also enjoy fireworks on the beach La Caleta. That same week will follow events of the Carnival that close Sunday March 13, also with fireworks in La Caleta.