Barcelona Celebrations

The 11 of May, the streets of Barcelona fills of the aromas and natural colors of the aromatic plants and products. Confitadas essences, fruits, honey, yogurt, candies, cheeses, treats, liquors, wines, oils, pies, and inserted can be seen, be smelled and be enjoyed in the Fira de Sant Pon. The Fair of Sant Pon or San Ponce is, perhaps, one of the celebrated oldest fairs in Catalonia and every spring gives all natural class of medicinal grass, remedies, and products to us Earth craftsmen. The Fira de Sant Pon is celebrated from century XVI in honor to santo landlord of the herbolarios and beekeepers, although probably the origin of the celebration goes back to the celebrations dedicated to Flora, Roman goddess of the vegetation. Tenderetes settles in four districts of the city: Beautiful Ciutat, Sants-Montjuc, Sarri-Saint Gervasi and Nou Barris, although the market of greater spread takes place around the street Hospital, in the heat of heart of the Beautiful Ciutat. Besides the fair-market, also religious acts are organized, pasacalles, festive sardanas and other acts.

If you are enjoying your stay in some of the hotels of Barcelona and want to see something different and traditional, you do not lose the local fair of Sant Pon. The visit to the event is gratuitous and it is not necessary to buy nothing to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and to discover peculiar products. The robust one, the thyme, rosemary, manzanilla or the laurel are some of the species protagonists of this day, besides made foods of artisan form like jam, honey, chocolate and representative foods of the Catalan food like cheeses, the typical one killed just fact, inlays in addition, in the last years and following the new tendencies, have gotten up all type of ecological products, natural 100% without colouring preservatives nor. In order to be able to remove the maximum benefit to the fair from San Pon you would have to consider to make a reserve in some hotel in Barcelona. You will not regret!


Learned to build a conversation so that the client said much more than I do. Strengthened the skills of listening and the ability to ask 'Right questions': the ones that do not take away from the ultimate goal and benefit, as I and my client. And beyond that still a lot of other interesting ideas received: that necessarily have to worry about the benefit of the client, not to seek single (snatched his jackpot), and stable sales, and more. Audience: men of thirty or forty-five years, are training to get answers to specific questions from the scope of its activities. The last paragraph of my appointment was dancing and psychological training of Alexander Girshon 'live dancing. " Yes, even in the selection criteria will be useful to add a charismatic coach.

About Alexander Girshon knew long ago, was on the speeches, friends recommended. In fact, people come to the center just to move around, socialize, have fun. Here a person in a quiet mode, if he wants, discovers in himself something new (if you want, because in the heart of 'dancing to live' people do not impress those who are urgently in order at all costs, to achieve enlightenment). BACKGROUND: She studied various dance techniques, but at the level of the muscles still have the clips. I wanted to listen to your body, understand the What are the reasons.

There you can participate in the voice performances' Feast of sound. " His coaches are the center of Catherine and Helen Velichko Kotelenko: thin body work, prelyubopytneyshaya – with a voice. All the guys in the circle at the end of classes said such heartfelt words, I returned a few days for this event in my life. Highly recommended. And the public is the most intelligent. To summarize: At the entrance: a young woman with some difficulties in communicating with others, some suffering samoedstvom, addicting body-oriented therapy, issues of self-knowledge, a lack of practical knowledge of marketing. Output: she, podbodrennaya 'Sinton' armed 'Hermes', a few puzzled by slightly open horizons, where close to the contact improvisation 'dancing to live' side by side placement of Hellinger and diamond placer analytical calculations of NLP. To be continued.

Toastmasters For Weddings

A woman toastmaster should be beautiful, modest, charming, and cute. But where this take? That’s why you and got a terrible, as enemy loophole. But not painted, because the fear of eyes and so great. Special trust the customer does not inspire. But can inspire: “You only hear my voice, your feet , Well, come to me, Pinocchio!” Woman toastmaster comes home late, so of her closest anyone. Jorge Perez recognizes the significance of this. But there is a child. And one sure friend. True, the four-legged.

Bunk. A woman toastmaster at a wedding at the age of eating a lot and with gusto. Not stupid, but tried several times to collect his thoughts and meeting was not held. Can make the audience: “Attention! Women love with their ears, so get a word in his ear from his mouth! “Woman-toaster – a subtle psychologist. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. At the wedding approached the young man and whispered in his ear something gentle. “In-RON-ka.” And how drunk, first became pretty, and then none at all. A woman toastmaster conducts the wedding as if she came to marry.

Loves guessing riddles, such as: “Who can guess how many degrees in the shade? Forty. There vodka left. their puzzles at the third attempt, as a repeat offender. Likes to build men and a chorus to sing with a children’s song. And not “sitting in the grass, grasshopper,” and “in jail” and not “eat just one blade of grass”, and “smoked”. Loved her competition – run drunk people in the sacks. On his head. Her favorite game – “backpack.” One drunken man wears on the back of another. Loves to “beat” the prizes: “Here you have an awl, as they say, murder will out! Why do you need an awl? And the world is not without good people. Someone. On the question of where I came from, he answers: “Where is all. That is, we are with you – fellow countrymen. ” Likes to have a festive atmosphere. Therefore, all eyes – a mirror of the soul, and her eyes – rear-view mirror. In short, a female toastmaster Bay is a fool. Top. And the bottom – it’s like to say. Legs slender woman toastmaster, bottles, neck up. Hips steeper than the ramp, that is, getting there may not be everyone, but only one with a working elevator. The figure of woman toastmaster behind as the globe, and the equator divides the globe into halves. While dancing her heart is jump, as the two balls, then, as two males, with the chain failed. I love when the toastmaster – woman. But some people for some reason does not like. Women toastmaster, I’ll ! Because we, toastmaster – the people hired. Shame on those who have!

Martin Scorsese

Synopsis Marge, after seeing an article in a magazine which claims that Springfield is the worst city in the country in terms of culture, decides it is necessary to change that image. At a meeting where all the people concur, Marge intends to make a film festival, where anyone who wanted could shoot and star in their own films. Since everyone likes the idea, decided to undertake. To be part of the jury to select the best picture, Marge gets a famous film critic, named Jay Sherman. In addition, calls him as part of Krusty, Mayor Quimby and Homer, who placed instead of Martin Scorsese when he asks. Mr. Burns, to shoot his film and that is the best in the contest, call a film director named Mr. Spielberg (the “non-union Mexican equivalent” of Spielberg). Along with him, make a short film showing Burns as a hero, like an alien, and in many other ways.The day of the festival screens several films, including one of Apu being assaulted by Snake, while Chief Wiggum gets his tie stuck in the machine of hot dogs, a dancing Moe, that of Burns, Barney a very emotional and, ultimately, a recorded by Hans Moleman where he is seen being beaten in the groin by a ball of football. When the jury meets to choose the winning film, Jay and Marge Sherman voted for Barney, Krusty and Quimby (who had been bribed) to vote for Burns and Homer, laughing, choose the most stupid movie, that of Hans Moleman. Seeing that did not reach an agreement, Marge Homer proposes to withdraw to view movies and reach a conclusion. After seeing the Barney (where he declared his alcohol addiction in a very sentimental), Homer’s vote as the winner, making this film wins the contest.Barney shows have reached an apparent sobriety after having acknowledged his drinking problem in his short, but the competition was rewarded with an allocation of Duff Beer for life … Burns is outraged at being a loser, but then all of Hollywood bribes to win an Academy Award, but lost to a movie with the same theme as that of Hans Moleman: being beaten in the groin with a football ball.

Citation Hotel

Features The construction of the building began in 1994 and was officially opened on December 1, 1999. Its shape is inspired by a sailing vessel and is located in a specific area in order that your shadow does not cover the beach. At the highest point of the hotel is a heliport, which is used as a tennis court when he is not getting helicopters. The hotel is listed as seven stars, a category that goes beyond the normal classification of hotels, from one to six, due to its truly outstanding features that distinguish it from any other hotel in the world. The Burj Al Arab does not have regular rooms but has 202 double suites. The smallest of these suites occupy an area of 169 m , while the largest covers an area of 780 m . The Royal suite costs 28,000 night. Citation needed It also has a car service luxury Rolls-Royce available for each guest.The Burj Al Arab has nine restaurants, among them the Al Mahara-located under the sea, offering an underwater view through a stained-shaped aquarium and Al Muntaha, located at 200 meters high, allowing a view view of the city of Dubai. The latter is located on a cantilever platform extending 27 meters on each side of the mast, and you can access it through a panoramic elevator. In his famous play kitchen chefs. The interior of the building was provided by Chinese designer Khuan Chew. The instructions of Dubai Sheikh Chew gave the design of the suites and atrium were hit and innovate. Khuan and his team used large amounts Macael marble, velvet and gold leaf to embellish. Six months before the inauguration, Sheikh visited the hotel to give his opinion. The majesty of the suites show met its expectations of luxury and grandeur, but to see painted all white court, disapproved.The decorator had to redesign the look of the lobby, adding bright colors on the ceiling, dancing water fountains, a colorful light show and giant aquariums.


Children's holiday is primarily the desire of children to communicate with their peers, make new friends, participate in group games, go to clubs and sections of interest, and just a fun summer! Parents choosing children's holiday, want to develop their creative abilities and talents, to remove complexes liberated. Many children are now keen on sports, so we make a special preference for children's camps with well-developed sports facilities. In most camps, we offer a football, volleyball section, swimming, under the guidance of an experienced coach, tennis section. Organizing Children's holiday, the company considers CARAVAN his years of experience and feedback from parents and their children about this or that camp. Therefore, our company offers a camp for children only with a good reputation and with good advice, where living conditions are close to home, comfortable rooms, good food, lots of entertainment and sports sections. We are carefully watching this, because children's recreation in a good team, and well-chosen staff, have an enormous impact on the further the construction of his personality. At the very beginning of the trip the child gets control of a counselor, a professional educator, a psychologist.

Further, a group connected state teachers of children's camp, and the services responsible for health and child safety. As in every camp we offer a professional medical service, with sufficient expertise and modern medicines. In recent years, many parents opt for children's recreation abroad, and this is the right decision. First children receive a much higher level of service and comfort, are able to see the world, meet with children from other countries and find new friends among them. Still popular traditional children's camps near Moscow, with their accustomed climate and nature, a game of lightning, competition teams in different sports, children's discos. Children's holiday in the Crimea is also not less popular Everyone knows about the healing effect of the Crimean air, sea and climate.

Parents picking children's rest, try to consider everything: accommodation, food, medicine, safety, convenience of travel for their child rested by the sea or the river and most importantly – the program and job counselors. All these and many other criteria answer a variety of options for children's activities, which the company offers CARAVAN your children. On student holidays, we offer hotels and children's summer camp with a good infrastructure, traditionally popular with young people. If you choose to rest on the sea for your children, they will delight you with not only a good tan, but excellent grades in school, as collateral excellent performance – good children's holiday Children can engage in circles, in sports sections, go to an exciting journey. Traditionally, in children's recreation program is to conduct competitions sports and entertainment, a variety of tours are organized children's recreation, of course, depends on the choice of their parents. But do not forget that children are entitled to an interesting, exciting and not boring holiday. Give your child a break from your constant attention and learn to make their own decisions, it's much help to them in life. CARAVAN company to make the rest of your children a memorable and you will again and again want your children to rest from our company!