People have always greatly enjoyed entertainment and various distractions that may occur in life, that make spend nice moments to be able to laugh at something funny and if it is possible to have something or someone who facilitates brighten up certain special moments, therefore it is go with a person who makes laugh so you can enjoy even more than life. A clear example of certain characters that can brighten and make people laugh easily, are the clowns, thanks to the aspects that accompany them and actions that can be performed, in addition to having charisma and gift of fun, are one of the best options that you can count to get a laugh from the face. Clowns thanks to the different components that accompany them are able to have fun both large and small, starting with the presence of a dress very exaggerated, composed by very large clothing such as pants baggy and wide boots, large size shirts, giant shoes, where each component of clothing accompanied by bright colors and cheerful, which can be very funny with its image accompanied a makeup that on many occasions what search is to exaggerate certain features, such as nose and cheeks, which can have as end make people laugh with a funny image, is also common a very exaggerated smile, with the idea of recalled always joyous, but before everything is frequent the use of a base of white makeup and then do the rest of added, are generally red, which in many cases are combined with the presence of a size and striking color wig or simply painted hair. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has much to offer in this field. The image that the clowns have combined it with the realization of different kinds of shows in order to make people, laugh before funny occurrences clowns within the implementation can be represented on stage; so when a clown this fulfilling its functions, is likely to perform different modes of jokes, which can be done with other fellow clowns, which is undoubtedly very funny, sometimes the clowns interact with the public making them jokes but not as heavy as they are between the same clowns. Apart from playing practical jokes very funny, clowns also tend to perform other acts, such as making some very difficult stunts, along with a few very impressive tricks, where you can combine magic, techniques of movements or Visual effects. Clowns have been greater extent associated with events like the Pinatas and children’s celebrations and birthday, as well as presenting as one of the artists main in circuses, where not only make an act of representation of comic situations, but can be up to directors and presenters of the function; but now they are not only in these environments since clowns have already come out of such areas and you can find them on television programs and in films. Original author and source of the article

Yuri Kot Charity Gala

Iva Rich – the only Ukrainian singer, whose repertoire harmoniously interwoven compositions in the styles of soul, lounge, blues and rock. Iva Rich – singer of new generation, able to inspire his creative experimentation and musical cocktail of different styles of not only youth, but also held the people. Music connoisseurs happy to taste the taste of the heavenly lounge, dreamy flavor of blues, jazz, sensual tenderness and sexual energy rock, and the very singer has been dubbed ‘The discovery of the Year’! Singer completes work on her first English album and preparing for his mega-presentation, which is planning to invite journalists from leading publications stars of world and Ukrainian pop culture and public figures. This album is sure to go down song-swallow ‘Chosen One’, first introduced to the audience in the large-scale concert, ‘Best Song of the Year’ and caused applause and a storm of emotions. Now we are actively preparing to shoot the video for this song. Also in the album as a bonus included absolutely unexpected for the audience the works that will surprise fans quality music. Iva Rich is actively involved in live projects, presentations, exhibitions, television and radio programs, lay the balls and receptions.

Vladimir Grishko meter Opera invited the young singer to be not only special guest of his tour vseukraiskogo ‘U Poshuk Perlin,’ but also lead the gala concert. Iva Rich – sensitive to others’ problems man, great attention is paid to participate in various charity projects. And if you want it can even draw a picture, both for the charity project Tatiana Franchuk and Vlada Litovchenko ‘drillability’. The picture was purchased by the singer for 3000 Euro Honored Artist of Ukraine, Viktor Pavlik. Iva Rich – and creative personality very addicting, so trying to achieve a maximum height of any matter for which taken. Real passion is journalism singer. She is now a constant host of ‘TeenClub’ on Channel ‘O-TV “and the editor columns ‘Beauty is the fashion’ in the Ukrainian national glossy magazine for young people ‘TeenAger’.

For his achievements in the field of children’s musical creativity Iva received the highest award in journalism ‘Golden Pen’. Despite his young age, singer held dozens of events themselves. For example, for three consecutive years she was the leading All-Ukrainian Festival Competition ‘Beauty Star Ukraina’, jointly conducted by Yuri Kot Charity Gala ‘Schasliv dolon’, and with Andrew Djedjula – Natalka Karpa video presentation. Even in the record of the singer’s concert ‘Terre des Hommes’ in the National Palace “Ukraine” with Nikita Dzhigurda, maintenance programs ‘Zrki on stage’ at the First National channel and the TV children’s ‘Korporatsya Simba’, as well as many other interesting and important projects. Iva Rich – beautiful, charming and lovely girl, able to subjugate millions of male and female hearts. So in 2005 she received all the awards in the field of business model – ‘Young Miss World‘, ‘Little Queen of Ukraine’, ‘mini top model in Ukraine’, ‘Mini-Miss Kiev “. Iva Rich – singer. This is her true calling. Understand that her experience has helped the actress co-starred as singer in one of the main roles the television series “Strange secrets’ of ‘Star Meda’. The singer said: “On stage, it is impossible to repeat the moment … life. Therefore, it is unique.


What is included in a cruise? Depends on the company you travel and hired regime cruises may include: accommodation hired cabin, maritime transportation, all meals, drinks (on the scheme for all inclusive), access to the nightclub, theatre, casino, and other areas of leisure of the ship. Depending on the cruise you can include transfers by plane to the output port. Would not include personal such as excursions, shopping expenses in shops, hairdresser, gratuities, medical services what documentation do I need to bring? All travellers, including children, must bring Passport rule and visas, certificates of vaccination, etc, for the countries that require it. Children under 18 must be accompanied by written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that the same may be requested by any authority. What kind of restaurants will find? Depending on the contracted cruise you may agree with the Maitre preferences both schedules and situation in restaurants. You can choose a more or less formal environment and decide whether to eat outdoors, in the restaurant or the buffet. They will normally be accompanied at the table with tourists from the same nationality and will be served by a waiter with his same language.

Do I pay onboard? Forms of payment on board can be in cash or card. According to the company that travel, at the beginning of the cruise it will provide a personalised card which will include all additional services consumed on the journey. At the end of the cruise will have to pay the total of the amounts charged on that card, cash or credit card (usually the cards of) valid payment onboard credits are American Express, VISA and MasterCard, not accepting debit cards or prepaid). Remember to pay the amounts in cash it must make use of the existing currency (euro or dollar), and can make use of the Bureau de change onboard.

Shower Stalls

Buying shower enclosures, you will be able to release more space for washing machine, laundry basket and wash basin. However, the size of the shower should not be savsem small. When choosing a model, note that at the moment taking a shower you are at rest. Internal volume shower enclosure required to allow easy turning as well as to raise their hands, because hardly anyone else is not moving at all times during the shower. Just taking a shower in the shower does not allow the emergence of various injuries. Ribbed surface of the pan will prevent you from slipping while taking bath procedures, and doors are made to demonstrate how the so-called "Toughened" glass. It is quite durable, but if suddenly corrupt, then smashed into a large number of non-smooth large debris that can not be hurt. In the shower stalls are built comfortable seating, providing your comfort at the time the function sauna.

You can also mention another advantage – versatility. In modern shower stalls built a radio that will entertain you during washing. For unconditional relaxation Some models is provided 'music of nature. " Under the sound of the surf your swimming will become a true meditation, which will relax after a difficult day. Real-estate developer may not feel the same. Speaker system is constructed so that the music vaabsche will not mute the sound of streaming water. For too business-friendly in some shower enclosures integrated function of telephone conversations, which will help you not to remain without bond in the process of soul.

Thus, you can save time, solve some business issues while in the shower. Sauna lovers will have a sense of function 'Turkish' bath. For a complete warm air must have a fan on the steam generator. Official site: Anna Belknap. It is not necessary forget what is in the shower should be no more than 15-20 minutes and the excess of the temporary threshold can adversely affect people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. No need to include this feature for Baby relax as well as relieve stress will feature aromatherapy, which can be improved with the use of color highlighting. In the shower mounted light bulbs of different colors. Choosing certain color, you are adjusting your mood. eg boss bent, can turn green or pale blue light. For example if you want to get a boost of energy or vitality, use a light yellow or bright red lights. For example, you had a cold, then you should instead of aromatic oils to fill in the box for inhalation. After using the shower bath filled parobani aromatomi herbs. That As for relaxing the body, some shower stalls have a massage function, modes which are able to control using an electronic scoreboard. Among the multitude of adjustments of the intensity, direction and temperature trends of water you easily can choose the most comfortable for you. Whirlpool functions can instill in you charge of optimism in the morning, would support the tone for the entire day, and most importantly, razomnut muscles before bedtime. The result: a shower bath can immediately call the area for both body and soul. Shower bath is always and under all hands, the can give you his positive heat.