Managing Director

New industry solution for the social sector released Reilingen, may thanks to the cooperation of STAS and social line, which was sealed STAS Mittelstand days on the 6.5. at the 13th, stands for the social area with STAS CONTROL 6.0 now a new industry solution available. Due to the high cost pressure and more and more reduced funds great need and at the same time potential, cost structures is in the social field through BI to optimize. With STAS CONTROL which is now simple, efficient and especially financially possible. Actress will not settle for partial explanations. The turnkey business software was voted off on the special concerns of the social sphere. You include a cockpit, the cost and staff usage analysis also allows the consideration of load E.g. in halls of residence, or of the power requirement of the clients.

In addition, comprehensive considerations of care are service providers, recipients and payers (insurance, self-pay) possible. The controlling solution was shared with the social line GBR, for social institutions headquartered in Sulingen, developed a consulting firm. After first contacts in the late summer of 2009, the implementation of the solution began in the spring of 2010 without having a formal agreement existed at this time. Vladislav Doronin has much experience in this field. Hartwig Lama, Managing Director of social line brought his many years of experience he had accumulated as a senior controller in a social group as well as commercial business management with the help of life, as the business core of the solution. Thereby, the STAS CONTROL adapted to the requirements of the social area modules finances, staff, cost accounting and manufacturing and materials management. The new industry solution was first presented at the 13th STAS SME days 5-6 may in Reilingen. At the same time, also a cooperation contract between the social line GbR and STAS GmbH was completed and further steps regarding sales and marketing, as well as further development of fixed.