Weddings New Technologies

Laser show. Today for the organization of holidays used laser devices (a more correct name – laser projectors ") of two types: multi-color, referred to as" rgb ", and the green laser light with a designation "GREEN". Modifications lasers vary in the optical output power. Laser show – it's great for entertainment and for the execution of the original submission, which may be included in a corporate event or citywide event, a wedding or a disco open-air. Elegant geometry of the laser beam creates a colorful and expressive paintings on all surfaces: on a special screen on the smoke on the water surface, the snow, etc. At this currently there are several basic styles of the laser show. Laser graphics – using a special laser program are given graphic images that are synchronized with music. In fact, the laser graphics are laser animation.

Project show possible on almost any flat surface. Image may include branding, product name and any drugieobrazy. Volumetric laser show – if you fill the venue easy to smoke, then the laser light, moving in space and varying in color and form, will create three-dimensional laser light show, synchronized to music. Mixed laser show – if combine in a single laser show graphics and surround a laser show, you get the most interesting version of a laser presentation. Typically, you create a visual range of composition is combined with sound in whole. But it is also the most expensive style laser show, since it requires the greatest amount of equipment and more sophisticated programming.

New Horizon

The space chosen for the accomplishment I serve as apprentice of it was to the community of the quarter of the New Horizon, in Valena-ba. This community was formed after an inoccupation of an area of the manguezal, where popular houses had been later constructed, being the known community as Portelinha, name this that the inhabitants not they like. The indifference and social abandonment in this community are of easy perception, generating high index of violence, traffic of drugs, difficulty of access and permanence of the pupils in the school, since next he is in another almost the 2 quarter distance km. To act in this space was a challenge, for being in formation while educators and being this space demarcated for an abandonment process, mainly in the area of the education. It was treated, however, of a sensible situation for terms that to work with the Theater of the Oppressed one, a time that much of us, Pedagogos in formation not yet we had the knowledge or we did not recognize in them in the oppressed relation /opressor.

Through preliminary reflections and reading, we understand the complexity of the thematic one that it was being proposal, not for being the Theater of Oppressed a complex of problems, but, for understanding that the challenge biggest was in the necessity to not only go to work in the community but, yes to be worked for it. Of this optics, the problem of the research, started to be not it another one, but yes ' ' eu' ' while pedagogo in formation, and which our real position, oppressed or oppressing? Or as says Freire, a free, emancipated being? OPPRESSED OR OPPRESSING? THE FORMATION OF THE PEDAGOGO. To answer to such investigations, we leave of the agreement of that the Pedagogia has diversified fields of performances, being school only one of them, being that the other spaces are few known of the faculty, agreeing to Kulcsar to what it says, the first paper to be questioned is of the University.

Russian Revolution

Although some of its albums to receive names in English, all musics are in Russian, speaking regarding paganismo, old Slavic legends and its deuses (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Fferyllt: This group executes Folk Metal, alternating vocal feminine and masculine, something typical the great part them bands who if dedicate to such style. Its letters comumente say regarding paganismo and druidismo, typical beliefs of old peoples as the gauleses, Bretons and vikings, but also of shamanismo, typical belief of the natives of Siberia (BOBRICK, 1992; BLINIKOV, 2011). The band also speaks regarding the satr, that is a movement neopago, of religious matrix, whose objective is retaken of the beliefs the spirituals of vikings, following the teachings contained in the Eddas, old sacred writings of that people (OBOLENSKY, 1994; SHUBIN, 2004; STRMISKA, 2004). – The Kalevala: Curiously, the name of this band has little direct relation with the history of Russia, but with the one of surrounding regions, in Scandinavia. The Kalevala name mentions to it the national epic of the Finlndia, congregating old popular songs of the Finnish people, over all the inhabitants of the region of the Carlia, today pertaining area to the Russian Federacy. In 1810, the Finlndia had been incorporated to the Russian Empire for the czar Alexander I.

the Kalevala was important a half one to keep living creature the nationalism of the Finnish people, feeling this that took to get rid it of the Russian domination in 1917, year of the Russian Revolution. In its letters, quick the Kalevala band some homage to the first inhabitants of the Russian territory, saying regarding paganismo and mythology Scandinavian (METAL-ARCHIVES, 2011). – Kipelov: The vocalista Valeriy Kipelov is an former-integrant one of the Aria band, one of oldest of Russia. Kipelov follows in alone career since 2002, executing Power Metal. Although its musics directly do not approach the history of its country, all they are sung in Russian, what it is a form to divulge the language, a time that it obtained great amount of fans in other countries.