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Ways to promote your site with a reference mass is very popular and are used by most webmasters. In these methods, there are both advantages and disadvantages. In parallel with the ways of promotion of sites direct Links There are techniques such as placing articles and messages. This method is used now a growing number of webmasters, despite the fact that one article you can get just one or two links. If you have finished article, then you can start to place, but where? We must look for thematic catalogs and websites that allow you to post articles and reviews.

This search can be performed in any search engine. The most popular search system is Yandex, therefore, recommended to begin with him. Next, contact the administrator of the site with a request to post an article. If you agree you can afford to place more detailed and comprehensive information. Among all the sites should be selected thematic resources that are close on the subject of your site. This is important and plays an important role for search engines. Very good location for the articles – it's news portals. Working with such sites is very attractive, because of the considerable weight of links to news sites.

Saint Maria

I was imagining that child in its innocence, feeling myself as if she was owner of the world and believing that the city is its castle. One of those so great castles that it arrives to tire of walking on the inside of it without never obtaining to know all its aposentos. Ah, and that one and others as many men for which it asks for food, are its always ready cooks and butlers to take care of to all its minimum desires, whereas some restaurants are its particular kitchens. Its room to sleep is so vast that it does not possess a conventional bed. In truth, it sleeps in any place where it can extend some of the surrados blankets that the mother loads in one of its bags.

It feels a privileged one of adormecer looking at the stars and dreaming of the places that will go to cover in the following day, therefore, as owner of the world that is, needs to know all its domnios. That penalty girl. Unhappyly you go to grow and one day, as that waking up of a good dream, you will go to come across with the miseries and badnesses of the world. You will have a great disillusion when perceiving that the human beings are not the goodness angels that you found that they were. That in the truth, them they had created a world where some few are privileged and the great majority, it lives to keep the privileges of these few. that still exists, a last classroom of people who nothing have, that at least they possess a place to sleep or a plate of food to eat, needing to be humiliated and to wait for the benevolence of somebody to continue surviving. that amongst these people you are enclosed. You will go to perceive then that not ages the owner of the world but yes, one species of give birth of the society, of that they are enfeando the city and causing distrust in the people who quickly pass without at least it to put the eyes, despite per some seconds.

In any way, while not despertares, follows dreaming girl. It uses to advantage these times of glad innocence for floors for the corridors of your mansion, always asking to your fidiciary offices butlers which the schedule where they will go to serve you the supper. A thing I only ask for girl to you. When to wake up of the dream and to come across themselves with your sad reality, please, you do not despair yourself. You do not lose as other people in your situation make as much. If after all, you are not the owner of the world, conquer the least a part of it and you will be unsatisfied with the face with that it if presents to it now, reconstructs it your designs in accordance with. You never do not lose the hope and you try to materialize in the future, the dreams that today you load in the brightness of these your innocent eyes. A so intense brightness that indelvel in my soul left a mark, serving still today as a species of star-guide to lead me in my perpetual one walked in search of so longed for solidarity between the human beings.