State Construction Supervision

The law defines a particular state environmental assessment, public examination of project documentation and State Construction Supervision during the construction, reconstruction, major repairs to the lands of specially protected natural territories, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the Federation. Moscow river again in oil last week in rivers and Chermyanka Yauza found a high content of petroleum products. The signal received by the pollution "hot line" Department of Nature and the Environment in Moscow. On data analysis in the Analytical Laboratory of the Department, the experts suggested that the contamination was not caused by industrial discharges, and oil fell in the water through the sewer drain grid network. In Yaroslavsky railway bridge near the direction and at the confluence of obstacles placed already to clean the rivers. At the same time the inspectors of the Department, and environmental police officers 'Mosvodostok' trying to identify the source of pollution – continuing survey 97 drain wells, storm drains.

Eco-friendly production in Russia may get tax breaks, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Yuri Trutnev believes that enterprises introducing the production technology to reduce the load on the environment, must have tax benefits. According to Mr. Trutnev, Russia must create a system incentives and, above all, it should be tax incentives, customs and tariff policy. Trutnev said that before the end of this year, Ministry of Natural Resources will develop a set of measures in environmental protection. In particular, it is supposed to encourage businesses to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.