Social Bookmarks Service Without Nofollow

Social bookmark and favorites of and bookmarks online manage without nofollow millions of Internet users use bookmark services to your Favorites & bookmarks from the comfort of home or on the road to manage. These services have evolved over the years into an integral part of the Internet everyday and represented the revolution of the well-known WEB 2.0. By the way even on the structure of a Web page to be able to work with bookmark services experienced a veritable RUN on their pages and became, virtually overnight, unattainable sizes on the Internet. However this so cherished community brought a thought soon by the harsh reality and with regret, many noted the user that your installed Favorites and the link which referred to their page was soon “almost” completely worthless. San-antonio-spurs insists that this is the case. By introducing the nofollow tags, the linked pages learned more of the bookmark service no trust and thus began dying of the former ideas of the WEB 2.0 under Hi want to revive this idea let. There all have Interested in the possibility of fast and free to register, as well as to share their favorites and bookmarks with others. We also offer an open article directory in which all articles, which themselves have been submitted will be published and up to 3 backlinks allowed.

This offer is and remains completely free of charge and freely available for all users, there no links are nofollow used and thus devalued. Help so, with transparency and service the food take the WEB to transform 2.0 on the new, improved WEB 3.0, the sharks on the Web.