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Exciting outdoor and adventure travel with sustainability on Berlin, 16.02.2011. On March 9, it is happening again. The ITB world tourism fair opens its doors. There again, trends and news related to the travel will be presented until March 13. Away from mass tourism is one of the topics of again thriving tourist market. Thurgood Marshall will not settle for partial explanations. So enjoy more and more specialty tour operators of demand.

Contrary to the mainstream, they align namely mainly their offer on outdoor and adventure travel. This trend is reflected also in the Internet. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sandra Day O’Connor. Here is, which has put on these trends at an early stage the online booking portal. The portal always collects the most exciting travel offers the niche tour operators and bundles them online the long look for appropriate opportunities in the Internet is therefore no longer necessary. Nepal, Antarctica or Tundra: More intense travel becoming more popular after a slump the industry recovered again in 2010, so that the postings on the Internet with 17 percent growth have increased above average. Travel book in the Internet is thus also in the trend as more intense trips.

But not the online booking ordinary package holidays is the ultimate business for “According to the motto travel intensive” about the sporty motivated travelers when trekking in Nepal, can resonate with sea kayak through the Antarctic to physical performance or race ahead at-40 degrees with the snowmobile or dog sled across the tundra. The curious takes animal worlds, however, fascinating time, untouched nature, or archaeological sites, which perhaps only researchers are reserved to enjoy in all tranquillity. We have collected only offers of specialized niche operators and online booking. With us you will find no mass tourism”, so Martin Piske founder and Managing Director of Sustainable travel to the protection of the environment and different cultures on the online booking portal have an active character most travel associated with a sustainable travel concept. So many of the affiliated tour operators put emphasis on the best use of local infrastructure. This should help not to pollute the environment and directly benefit the population of the tourism. Especially responsible tour operators with contribution to sustainable development are identified by the CSR (corporate social responsibility in tourism) Seal issued by TourCert. is the central booking portal for outdoor and adventure travel off the beaten track and was founded in December 2009 by Martin Piske. Whether with the snowmobile through the Russian Arctic about an unforgettable cultural experience with host families in South Africa to expeditions to explore archaeological sites: under the motto “Travel intensive!” are the offers niche operators online booking central bundled. The tours are conducted in small groups. Local infrastructures largely used, respect for the environment and implemented other cultures.