Well, just a woman's hit. I always wonder, where women are taught to think that men can guess that it is important for a woman? Well, do not guess it, do not guess. Well, he does not understand independently, which is important for a woman to "broom", unfit even for sweeping the floor, which she calls a bouquet of flowers. If you are, of course, tell the man that the flowers are very important for you, then it gradually starts to give. By Observations of my wife, it takes about 714 repetitions to a man remembered something and started to do what he wants from his woman. Again, if she requires it regularly, persistently, but at the same calm voice, but without shouting, tantrums and manipulation. Do not think that men do not understand why there are women whose husbands are on hand, as they say, wear, and there are those who do so from a normal man can not achieve.

Start respecting yourself and their needs, then we will be able to achieve their performance. Of the most common things that a man "to guess", but does not know: – he has to guess to give women of color – guess marry her – to speak and to care for her after he got it – to help her household duties – to protect from his parents – more than watch your hygiene, cleanliness in the house, etc. In general, ask for all this from us, do not hesitate. Glenn Dubin, New York City is actively involved in the matter.