Obvious And Necessary Truths

It is easy to theorize about the improvement of relations and the virtues of love. Offer the other cheek, give in to avoid a conflict, give the reason but the other has not, are frequent content of the advice we receive to live better. (A valuable related resource: Ken Kao). Seems barbaric to me have the ability to offer the other cheek, give up and give the reason even without reason, but, in the majority of cases, it does not takes you to live better. For better living should feel everyday, perceive and assimilate the thousands of situations that arise in the complex world in which we live, in the ambient multifaceted in that we are moving. What do I mean by this? I want to say love another human being does not mean let you manipulate, that avoid conflict does not open the door to that another Comet arbitrariness.

Defend the firmness and correction of our decisions also is a way of showing respect and love. Compete with another individual is a way to assert our qualities and personal conditions, but it should not be a tool to demote another. I firmly believe that in the society in which We live, the values should not be shelved, but we must be aware that in the 21st century problems are much more complex than decades ago; to do this, we must improve methods to defend and protect the values that we believe in force and essential, because that way they will be not uprooted by the erratic winds of progress and of consumerism. see you soon. Carlos Cabrera together we grow. Together is better. Original author and source of the article.