Engine Cooling System

The cooling system of a modern car consists of several main elements: the cooling jacket of the cylinder, which is a cavity in the walls around the combustion chambers, radiator, expansion tank, pump; Thermostat fan located in front of the radiator; thermode; connecting pipes (hoses) Antifreeze. The function of the cooling system – to maintain optimum engine temperature under various conditions. It achieved as follows. The circulation of coolant in the system is ensured by a liquid pump, and can occur in small or large circle. Small circle includes the cooling jacket of the cylinder, thermostat and pump. On this path, bypassing the radiator circulates antifreeze after a cold start to the set operating temperature. Low, released by the combustion of gasoline, antifreeze is absorbed in the moment of passing them shirts cooling of the cylinder. By keeping its own heat engine warms up faster.

When the optimum temperature is reached, the thermostat responds to it. The main valve thermostat opens and the liquid conducted in a large circle. The elements of the small circle is now added to the radiator and the sensor. In the radiator is the heat transfer between a liquid and air. Then the cooled fluid continues to move to the water pump. If the temperature rises too much, triggered sensor, connecting to the process fan.

Fan pumps air through the core of the radiator increases the intensity of this heat transfer. Depending on the mode of the engine coolant temperature is constantly changing and therefore change and its volume. The resulting surplus of antifreeze out of overflow tank, and excess vapor pressure discharged through the valve reservoir tank cover. Upon cooling, the reverse is true, and the tank gets air from the atmosphere. Through the expansion tank and pouring antifreeze poizvoditsya system. Each element of the system plays an important role. a 'knockout' of at least one of the links in the chain, if not immediately resolve the problem, can lead to system failure or entirely in the best case, or the engine to overheat, with all consequences. Source: 'Vito-Service' – repair of radiators and bumpers, car in Moscow

Hub Bearings. Practical Advice On Replacement And Maintenance

They are not visible and usually becomes audible, when it is too late – it is a wheel bearing. We give you the information to a certain state of the art, as well as some practical advice on diagnosis and wheel bearing grease car. As a general rule, professionals in the field of Autoservice recall wheel bearing, when a client complains about the noise of the wheels. But we must not forget that car wheel bearing subject to extreme stress: high temperature extremes, and various environmental influences (not least in salt), and, as a result of the perception of attacks by roughness of the road, drive, brakes and steering – different dynamic loads. Given these circumstances hub bearings should be inspected regularly. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that wheel should rotate without backlash, with acceptable noise, and minimal friction. In passenger cars, two types of wheel bearing.

To not drive axles, though less frequently, used roller tapered bearings. They are small and lightweight. Due to relatively low pressure at one point can transmit large loads and still be very durable. However, they have one drawback: performance conical bearing is largely dependent on the proper installation. If the bearing is installed properly: his failure is almost programmed. This is true both for initial installation and for subsequent service. On the drive axles are used so-called diagonal ball bearings. From their titles it is clear that the balls are not placed in the middle of the body, but shifted to one side.

American Petroleum Institute

Pour point, driven generally in the technical characteristics of the oil is obtained through laboratory tests and is the temperature at which the oil is almost completely loses its fluidity (mobility). In fact, the performance of engine oil is lost much earlier, even at much lower temperatures than when it has already lost the ability to be pumped regular system of engine lubrication. Thus, the selection of oils for use in the winter must be guided not by freezing point and viscosity class SAE. – For all brands of whether vehicles can use motor oil viscosity grades 5W-… and OW-…

by SAE? There are no restrictions on the use of engine oil viscosity grades of data are not available. These classes are also suitable for older and worn out engines. The exception is when manufacturers specifically forbid the use of these viscosity grades in Rila some design features of the engine. Example: The engine of SMZ 1300 Skoda Felicia, which are features of the mechanism of timing chain lubrication oil spray through the nozzle. – How to determine the quality of motor oil? There are two most common specifications for motor oil quality: – API – American Petroleum Institute – ACEA (SSMS) – an association of European manufacturers are currently specification API has the following classes:-Gasoline engine: SA, SB, SC, SD, SF – old” classes of SG, SH, SJ – acting classes so is, those requirements for the application which you can find instructions for the operation of vehicles ranging from about ’89 release.

The Tunnel

Replaced in the bottom of the piano, the newspaper spread out on rice. This time the rice is no longer wet, a little damp newspaper of the deca-futor. I pray to God that he sent me the strength to finish the job. By evening the engineer the piano and, leaving, ask the next day to rest as much ustal.Den eighth (29aprelya). Rest. Before dinner, sleep and eat a lot.

Rolling detailed plan for tomorrow den.Den ninth (April 30). Light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, the correct sounds, full damping dampers, accurate work pieces. After setting up one octave (small), waiting for the result. If only I did not burst string, not "floated" system. During the forced break, in conjunction with the hostess, wipe with a vodka bar, cover, deck, we can say we clean all the available space tool. Do not let me down, "Petrof".

You can already configure and set the missing pedal, but I find myself thinking that unbecoming haste, when most of the risks behind. Fatigue strengthens my mind to finish the job and continue tomorrow, "a fresh mind." Tenth day (May 1). Finita la comedia. "The last battle he most difficult. " Upon arrival at the place for a long time could not bring myself to start working. The nice thing is that the system does not "spread out", hammers with rare exception, "hit" well, the keys do not sink. Take out the rice. This time he completely dry. Then drove the hammers, install the left pedal and the moderator. Before dinner, just doing what tune. After lunch, I'm afraid to touch the keys, and suddenly "holds" system. But the piano sounds right. And most importantly, in these sounds there is some life-affirming force. The piano was once again the subject of musical aesthetics, "the living world." Like man, who suffered a serious operation, returning to a new life, it is, then bright and cheerfully singing about its interesting new life, how would "remember" uncontrolled cold April water, crying about recent mountain. I'm playing, although the forces at the end, is pleased to host and hostess. Friends arrived from Saratov rejoice with us. We are removing the last film in the renovated flooded after a video camera, which is the will of fate, also took the April flood of the Ural 2011g.Epilog bath. Ten days of April were my days of testimony. From the beginning, not panicked and fear, I decided in that it was not "return the piano to life." In my quest I felt support from my family, moral and material assistance to the owners of the piano, at all stages of work. Sensed human presence and support of the workers and the people responded in trouble "potoplentsev." Thank you to all of you who were with me in this difficult decade of April. Peace to your home. Let never such tragedy does not happen again. But do not forget and that happened. "Petrof", and play host to its raduy sound! Let the flood in Uralsk shows only mark the water level, flooded after left on the front of the master at home, shots were taken by us chronicle of those tragic days. Chronology of the restoration of pictures you can see in the photo album and several videos, which managed to shoot only after the was recovered from a flooded camera.

Right Work

As a result, musicians are her in captivity and are not able to gradually reduce its volume, when such time comes. They have a choice: either to leave entirely to her or hold her up retirement. (More on this later). Speaking candidly Anna Belknap told us the story. The ideal 'transition plan' – this is a job that will provide opportunity to gradually reduce the number of hours spent on it: 40 hours per week to 30, then 20, then 10, and so until then, until you finally can not completely give it up. You need to find an occupation that gives you the flexibility of schedule. So, at the right time with the help of this approach to the choice of work, you will be able to gradually give it up and devote himself to his musical career. Unfortunately, most traditional classes (office manager, programmer, accountant, etc.) do not allow this flexibility of schedule.

Remember, your Supervisor will not allow for no particular reason to work 3-4 days a week instead of 5 simply because you need to work on his new CD for a few days more. Of course, initially you can choose to work, not related to the musical sphere of activity, however, you should not take any available job, not having thought from the beginning 'transition strategy'. The ideal job for a beginner musician – this is teaching to play guitar. Besides the fact that you can get this job good money, you still have full control over the time you spend on it.

Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang

Van Halen – American rock band that was formed in 1974 in Pasadena, Calif., at the initiative of brothers Edward Van Halen and Alex Van Halen. Soon they were joined by vocalist David Lee Roth. Musicians began performances on bars and clubs until they saw a bulge Gene Simmons. On his recommendation, the group listened to producer Ted Templemen and soon Van Halen made a deal with the studio 'Warner Bros'. In the same year they released their debut album 'Van Halen I', which critics have taken a delight. A few months later, the disc was platinum.

The next album 'Van Halen II' was such a success. After several not very successful album CD "1984" returned them to their original location and determined the final shape of their sound. 1995 a great deal for the group means, because then They recorded, probably the second most important album of his career – 'Balance'. Today the group is inactive. Well we will wait what they will be pleased with us …

By the way, the first album the group released in 1986 by a group of called "5150." "5150" – a code that uses the U.S. police (denotes maniac psychopath). This is actually the name of the studio, which recorded the group. In 1992, Eddie and Alex officially presented the new guitar amp "5150" which was created by Peavey with direct involvement of Eddie Van Halen. Steve Morse, the current guitarist of Deep Purple often uses during his performances guitar amplifier, "5150." Rock band Van Halen, reunited in the original composed by vocalist David Lee Roth, has earned a tour of North America, more than 93 million dollars, a record for the team, according to Reuters. The tour, which began in September 2007, finished this week. During this time, musicians gave concerts in 74 U.S. and Canada, performing in front of a total of nearly one million people. Tour several times was in jeopardy because of uneasy relations between Lee Roth and Van Halen brothers – guitarist Eddie and drummer Alex. In addition, in the middle of the tour Eddie Van Halen unexpectedly took to rehab. Nevertheless, these problems did not stop Van Halen to his most successful tour. David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985, and only in agreed last year to reunite with former colleagues. From the classical composition of the group participated in the tour not only bassist Michael Anthony was replaced by 17-year-old son of Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang.

Mexico City

3. Bring your documents and a copy of your resume, to facili-tion fill the employment form. 4. Keep a pencil or a pen to fill the roles that are neces-sary. 5. It is better to go alone to the interviews. Do not give the impression that needs to be guided. 6.

If you have scheduled an interview at a specified time recueride going to talk to a very busy person. Do not be late. 7. If you do wait a long time patiently. Do not walk around the room, their actions can be observed. During the interview in January. Addressing the interviewer, do so politely, calling him lord and adding the name, if known. 2.

Sit properly and stay calm. 3. The impression that your future employer is going to receive importanite, treat with confidence. 4. Do not show interest in telephone conversations or by the mateirial which is on the table. 5. Try to show your strengths, but be sure to refer ligeramenite its weaknesses or any limitations that it deems to have. 6. It is important that you demonstrate that they listen but do not have re-strikes to ask questions. 7. Let the employer lead the interview, do not talk too much but do not overdo either the silence so it is not necessary that the employer will start the information. 8. Do not say you can do anything. Ask for a specific work, according to the area it dominates. 9. No appeal to sentimentality, talking about their personal difficulties. 10. Avoid giving the impression that you are interested in salary alone. 11. If asked to fill out a job application, do it quickly with precision and cleanliness. 12. If it is clear that the interview is over, do not continue occupying the TIME-po of the employer. 13. After the interview send a thank you letter is something that almost no one does and causes great printing. In employment: a If you are used to accept all responsibilities from the beginning. Be Punctual a . a Do not miss a Have Work initiative, work must begin even before you pi-dan do it, so you will progress. a Its successful employment depends on the ability to work with Deimos. Take this point special attention.

(Fellowship) Golden rules: Be positive, think and believe that the reasons you work available. Trabajea as long as it takes to find it. Mentally and physically prepared for the interview. If you are interested in the work should perseiguirlo after the in-interviews, follow-up is as important as your initial contact, use perisonales visits, letters and phone calls. Press the employer’s interest to you! Pedagogue. Degree in Mathematics, Master in Education. Icep current director of the Institute of Teaching and Research in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Former Director of the Mexican Cultural Society in Mexico City, currently Member of the Academic Network of the Inter-American Development a tica y Ibero America, is a lecturer on the subject of sociology and ethics of the individual behavioral Articles contained in the virtual library IDB, in the OEI, and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Married with four children, devotes his time to teaching and family.

Egypt 2010 Hurghada, Arabia Azur

This article is about vacations in Hurghada Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 *. Forgot about everything in almost a month in early May. Drove us Intourist. We were three to four-year girl. I'll start from the beginning. All organized Intourist, we flew with him for the first time, and, in fact, a little worried as it will take. But everything went very smoothly.

And here and there. All as conveniently and as it should. Transaero flew straight from the tin on the Tu-214. Wonderful only from the factory apparently apparatus. Flew Sunday afternoon. Read on the Internet Some tour operators charge for this flight surcharge. In Hurghada flew well, and in Moscow, it was not as smooth.

Initially, we were circling in the sky, not planted. And then did not work opening the door plane. As a result, late arrival at Domodedovo more than an hour. Red Sea in the complex Arabia Azur remarkable. In itself, the Red Sea which is great. The best thing is the sea, I think Red. In Arabia it is also diverse. Indeed, in Arabia Azur is a sandy entry into the Morea sunset over the rocks. It's great when a holiday with detenkom. Our baby is there that he began to swim within a few days. But initially it was not to make all go in the water. On the reef can also swim with a mask. Although the reef is not placed next to the reef in Sharm El-, but the fish is and look there for that. Fish huge amount. There were stingrays, crabs and fish fry. And a very large number of different animals. Is exactly the problem with sunbeds. In the right place to take a lager beforehand, her watch at 7. But the food is not all so rosy. Children's table in the concept of our Egyptian friends in Arabia is a spicy sausage and french fries. I give her so I can not, and there he would not. And all the food there is peppered with spices and find something to eat a minor child rather complicated. And adults in seven days bored pretty monotonous meals. Breakfast so that in general all three weeks were strictly the same. Beer tolerant, but many do not drink are not drunken. I have tried many drink. Other drinks rum, white wine problematic to distinguish from one another. But with them you can muster. And many Europeans are not able to calculate their potential. But clearly with the occupation of the tables in the lunch. And Whereas that such a dinner in the open, not to sit on the sun, it was necessary to hold a table for 30 minutes before lunch. Animation is absolutely no. Something like small towns, beach volleyball, children's disco in German. Unusually high number of 10 billiard tables, nothing. On the beach Arabia Azur can take a catamaran ride for 13 bucks an hour, you can ride a banana, or a parachute. Tennis Court free of charge during the day, a gym, also a gift, but the hall so-so, very plohenky and not consistent with what many in the advertising pictures. Rooms are beautiful, spacious, but the worldly-wise. The room Freestuff kettle with tea spoons, mini-bar. We first lived in a room, every living creatures. In particular felt the aesthetic shock of huge common cockroaches. There were ants, trying to get into a cat. Total Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 * may please, if you do not notice the problem and enjoy the sea, which there is really cool.

Mother’s Work

And, of course, begin to embroider or knit to be in advance. Otherwise, fascinated by the process, you risk not to have time to date giving gifts! If, however, can not boast the ability to sew, knit or sew, the perfect gift may be to create a family chronicle. These services now provide a variety of special agencies. Your gift will be at least memorable and quite unexpected. For sure, Mom appreciated the work that you have done, taking away from the family archive of the best shots, which were then digitized and possibly voiced voiceover and "immersed" in the music. The resulting film could be reviewed again and again: he does not lose its relevance! And, you can present a gift to my mother portrait.

Mother's picture. And she does not even have to sit and watch pose for the artist! Writing a portrait perhaps on the photo. Such a surprise will not leave indifferent mother. And your gift will take pride of place in her home. In addition to the portrait order is not only fresh flowers (which you certainly will not forget her persmission) and original bouquet of flowers! This bouquet will stand for a long time (if the mother is not a sweet tooth, is over:) to remind mom of your love and attention. And then, gather the family and arrange evening tea drinking with eating sugary buds! Mum will be very happy to spend the evening with their children. Yes, and you once again tell her how much love her.

Often hear this advice: "give mom's grandson." A good gift. But we are not his looking for, right? 🙂 So if you have already managed to follow him and to present this surprise, you can do on paper prints of hands and feet and baby signing, laminate. Or plaster prints in a frame, you'll find almost every "child recruitment." This frame can be hung on a wall or put on the table. And if your baby is big, then he can with his hands to paint and draw beautifully for his grandmother a beautiful card, and hand with all the gifts! Grandma will definitely be touched! But whatever the idea is chosen, you should know: it is your gift for Mom will be the most expensive and most beloved. After all, it gave her a child who for any mom always remains the best and most beloved in the world!

Where To Go On Holiday To Spain

Spain is known for an abundance of excellent resorts. The most famous coast of Spain – Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol – called tourists relax on its beaches all year round. Translated from the Spanish Costa Dorada sounds as the "Gold Coast". Here the beaches stretch miles of golden sand, there are comfortable hotels and world-renowned resorts. Very well developed infrastructure beach holiday – water parks, swimming pools, tours and boat trips. At the adventure park Port Aventura you'll find entertainment in the spirit of the 5 different parts of the world, with their national colors, cuisine, folklore and attractions. A classic holiday destination is Spain resort beautiful name of Salou. It is recognized as the tourist capital of Spain.

In this seaside town there is entertainment, even the pickiest tourist. Here you can relax on comfortable beach or take a giddy shopping, dine in the cozy restaurant with ethnic cuisine or go to the disco, take a walk on a yacht or in a park of exotic plants. In any case, you get a lot of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. Since the Middle Ages known resort of Cambrils. Today it is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. The main attraction of the town – fish market, the place is simply amazing and exciting any fan of leisure.

Fresh fish or seafood, you can try the local restaurants. Cambrils night full of music, discos and bars open. Well, if you still managed to get bored, you can easily get Salou. One of the most famous resorts in Andalucia – Costa del Sol is very popular among fans of active recreation. Here you can and touch the history and enjoy the culture and art, and special romance. Costa del Sol keeps the culture of ancient peoples who inhabited this area – the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Romans. Here you can see the old Spanish custom, to hear the Spanish guitar and castanets, visit the Andalusian villages and settlements, some of them there are already more than 4000 years, eat delicious local wines – sherry, and Malaga.