Private Homes

What good is a private house? In big cities, it all depends on everyone. And all depend on each other. But how rarely we can boast that they are free and can 'spit' on the neighbors, Zheka – excuse me – UZhKHaki, administration, heating, water supply, gas supply and light. Of course, living in the private sector in their own homes, too, are dependent on many factors. But how these factors are small and insignificant we, the citizens of the glorious city of Evpatoria, understand in the summer.

Factor number 1. Water. Indeed the very first of the first. Water – this is a major resort towns. Its never enough. And even if it is missing and then it does not mean that all the missing. Therefore, in the summer resort towns in the Specifically, in Yalta, in the, pardon the expression, well-furnished houses, water is supplied strictly on the clock: 2:00 in the morning when everyone else is asleep, and 2:00 in the evening when the entertainment is in full swing and the house is almost empty.

Add to this problems taking a shower, visit the WC, and an unattractive picture emerged. Unfortunately, all this evil is true, if you do not have bolernoy system, and this is the first step to freedom. However, residents of the private sector, in this case, residents Old Town, this problem did not bother having full water taps around the clock. It is not difficult to understand that holodnvya water, and hot – a sign of a certain freedom in the hottest time of year. Factor number 2. Earth. Imagine that after a hard, tedious work of leisure at the resort (sea, beaches, medical treatment, entertainment …) you go home. You lucky enough, if you live at an acceptable floor (up three) and get low, and if the above? Elevators have almost never work.