Artistic Generations

Shut up and go, keeping the hopes for wounds that gives an impossible love, it’s excruciating for the personality of an individual. Those who have had the opportunity to hear a love song, like many who remember fondly is because the song is akin to us with our problems on the subject that will holds, and that we as their own. It is for this reason that good composers have gained the ability to transcend time, for its beautiful melodies. A singer who takes possession of the subjects of many of the most beautiful songs of love, know you are trying to reach a large number of generations, hitting the younger, and have the older generations remember those moments of love, more youthful and beautiful. Perhaps the artist who has achieved is: Luis Miguel, who themed anthology, has been able to recreate a vast musical repertoire:

I miss you, La Barclay, Big Heart, You, The Day You Love Me, Just once, we boyfriends, All or nothing We forget, I Platiques more, When you return to your side, With you in the distance, unforgettable, and so on. In each of his performances has met with a challenge: yComo singing again a topic and interpreted, and which appears again in the voice that sings it? I think in the career of Luis Miguel, these items included in their CD: Romances I, II, and the new record has subsequently been able to delight all generations gives the opportunity to hear these tracks, so to recreate taste, and a synthesis of those themes, a selection that it includes tracks of the decade from the late 1940 a “until 1980, and where we know that will transcend many years in his voice, despite other artists have done the same, in some specific issues, as it did Christina Aguilera.