Gothic Clinker

On the part of the decorative expressiveness of clinkers, too occupies a leading position. It comes in the widest range of colors, with more than 100 options – from deep red to a neutral white. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through. And, again, this diversity is achieved only through natural components. The surfaces may be raw, rough, or glazed. Extrusion method allows to produce items of different shapes and sizes.

The most typical tiles are Format: 11,5 x24, 24×24 and Z0hZ0 cm and a thickness in the range of 8-12 mm. Scope of ceramic tiles is incredibly broad. Above all, this trimming of the building. Using the tile under a brick, can be reproduced image of the ancient palace, Gothic castle or an ancient Russian villa. The variety of colors allows you to create interesting mixed. But of course, in addition to decorative properties, facing clinker tiles has also protective properties. The facade, covered by it, is resistant to weathering, abrasion and impacts of acid rain. On such a surface is not trapped dirt, dust and soot from the walls feature washer works fine rain.

And that means minimized operating costs. Very widely used clinker and landscaping – paving the garden paths, terraces, patios, driveways to garages, etc. And this is understandable. Due to the above-mentioned Frost tile owner of the suburban area can not be afraid that it cracked after the first frosts. In addition, clinker copes with large static loads. In brochures found information that lined ceramic tiles market can bear on itself seven laden freight trains! even if to take it with a grain of salt, the fact remains: clinker significantly superior to the strength characteristics of most modern materials for paving.

Glass Doors

It is no secret that the all-glass door pushed conventional wooden blade on the market of interior doors and confidently took up their position. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jorge Perez. The fact there are a number of reasons. Glass doors meet the requirements of modern designers, creating a unique style and sophistication of the interior. By using various accessories, you can perfectly replicate and complement the overall concept of the room. In choosing the type of glass options and finishes it also has a space for imagination designers and architects. Currently, the Russian market of glass large enough selection of tinted and decorative glass. People such as Jorge Perez would likely agree. There is the possibility of putting on the glass of almost any picture with sandblasting.

Tempered glass or laminated glass, which are used for the manufacture of glass doors that have sufficient strength. Features tempered glass allows him to withstand a Several times the allowable load of a conventional glass. In addition, most importantly, in the division toughened glass shatters into small pieces. Due to this property Tempered glass is safer. At that should look for when choosing the glass doors:-Use the services of professionals, but in this case, you can get competent advice and quality installation, ask the manufacturer accessories and warranty period, it is not necessary at this eco-note performance measurement: if zamerschik took only two sizes of the aperture, the more likely he had recently been working in this field. There are no ideal openings, and discrepancy between the size of the naked eye to see and is difficult to estimate. Large size difference will lead to an uneven gap all-glass doors that will be clearly visible to the naked eye, and to assess the quality glass and the fact that it visually quenching does not work, but worth paying attention to minor defects, which are not very visible, but may be present on the glass: scratches, chips (especially the corners). Pay attention to the quality of edging glass, the surface must be perfectly flat-fitting varies by type of premises, in other words, you can not use accessories for office glass door in the shower


According to one version, the first skyscraper in the world was the Tower of Babel. But, as the legend goes, God confounded the language of its builders, and those have not been able to complete the ambitious construction project. However, the idea of construction is not dead and more than a hundred years around the world erected towers. In our country, first started talking seriously about the construction of skyscrapers, skyscrapers in 30 years of the last century. To transform the capital and to offer new and original solutions architectural image of high-rise structures – a formidable task in front of Soviet engineers put the Soviet leadership. The towers were supposed to create a new image of the city, to become its symbol. Catch up and overtake, however, while in Moscow has not practiced construction of buildings with the number of floors for more than ten, there was no construction standards for such structures.

This was explained quite simply: the Moscow soils have a complex geology, is a lot of underground rivers, complicating extensive foundation works. In addition, heating such huge structures required significant energy resources. Therefore plans have been postponed, and the outbreak of war is not contributed to the implementation of global projects. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean one after the other skyscrapers grew: in 1931, finished construction of the 102-story Empire State Building, until 1972 is considered the tallest building on the planet (the height of the spire co equaled 443.5 meters). Read additional details here: Jorge Perez. Rise to a height helped steel: Empire State Building was constructed using framing technology, which appeared in the U.S.

Interior Doors

To date, range of interior doors is very wide. Choosing from all the available design options the door pretty hard to make the right choice. To get started is choose from a number of paintings will be made your door. According to this criterion distinguishes single, double and sesquioxides door. The following is a way of opening.

According to this criterion stand folding, sliding and folding doors. Most popular are hinged interior doors. They can be installed in two ways: so that they would open right or left. The most significant drawback of interior doors swing type is that they require place for them to open up. The spacious rooms are most often used folding interior doors that are hinged and the pendulum type. Advantage of the interior doors of the pendulum type is that they can open in both directions. The second most popular are sliding doors. They are ideal in small apartments because they do not require as much space as is required, the door swing type.

Doors sliding type except linens and box equipped with a special guide rail and rolling mechanism. The canvas of this door may be hidden in a special niche, or move in parallel door. Also save space folding interior doors. They are somewhat fixed in the doorway of the vertical sections that are interconnected. When you open the door section move along special guides, thereby opening the passageway. More doors are classified depending on the design of fabrics: from wood (throughout the thickness of cloth) made the so-called "massive doors. These doors are usually distinguished by relatively high cost, which is due to the fact that the material for the paintings is a very complicated technological process. Such doors are well represented by Garofoli.Neplohoe quality interior doors are made of glued solid, such as interior doors ldm. They are made of individual bars, which are formed so that the wood fibers are directed in different directions. This technology eliminates the natural deformation dereva.Osnovu door frame is frame (rail), which is located around the perimeter of the leaf blade. Typically, these doors are made of coniferous trees. In Some interior doors except the frame have special interim elements of the space between them filled with different materials such as glass, particle board, mdf and plywood. Such doors are usually called "Paneled". Large selection and interesting options presented in the collection of Alexandria dveri.Schitovye interior doors are a skeleton, which is coated with various materials such as plastic, laminate mdf. The inner part of such a door is usually completely empty or filled with rare strips, intended to save the form to the door. An example of these doors can serve as doors of high-tech Production from the company Sofya.Steklyannye interior doors, such doors mame. Different original designs and wide variety of design options.