What To Consider When Choosing A Stick

Today almost everyone can not imagine his life without so small and mobile devices such as usb flash drive. With each passing day models flashcards are becoming more and more. How not to get lost in such abundance and what is worth paying attention to? First determine the volume of memory. The most optimal amount of a 4 or 8 gigabytes, but if you want, you can find a lot of memory. Then pay attention to the interface your future flashes. The interface is responsible for the data transfer speed of your stick. usb 2.0 is much faster than any other interface.

The next item on the choice of stick should be the speed of reading and writing speed. Decide why you buy flash, if you listen to music using the stick in the car, then you need more speed reading, but if you use the stick for data transfer, the write speed is more important. Well If you have decided with all the above, only now you can go to the design of your stick. Note the size of the stick, if you're using a laptop, you'd better choose a smaller flash as usb – Portals located very close to each other. Choose flush with the cap or not – a very sensitive issue, if the cap is, it is often lost, and if not, then crashes retractable device. To date, the producers exhibit a wide variety of flash drives, so you will not be difficult to choose the only one that will serve you faithfully.