Thai Cat: Familiar Stranger

Thai breed – it is both very new and very old rock. Virtually any person living or living in Russia, never confuse blue-eyed cat in a dark masochke, dark stockings and dark tail. And even will tell you that these cats are very angry. But tell you the same person to name this breed of cats – Thai, and he lost. Be sure to tell you that in his family (his uncle, aunts, friends, friends) have always been here such conjoined cats, it is absolutely accurate. The other authority declares that the Siamese and Thai – two names for the same species, because earlier the country was called Siam, and the cats were Siamese, now the country of Thailand, and these cats called Thai. Check out Lynn Redgrave for additional information. But they are both wrong.

Indeed, in the Soviet Union with the exterior of cats called Siamese (all over the world, this type of Siamese cats was banned for breeding, but we knew nothing about it, especially cats not bred, they are bred for yourself). After the collapse of the Soviet Union to us were true Siamese cat: long, thin and eared (similar structure to the oriental cats). From this came the separation into Siamese and modern Siamese. Learn more about this with Jessica Michibata. In 1991, the system has been recognized by wcf Thai breed (Russian starotipnye Siam). Ever since the Siamese and Thai – they are two separate breeds. Although so far there are announcements to 'sell Thai (Siamese starotipnye) Kittens'. But they are the most that is on the Siamese cat! But my Thai female cat, blue-point, or else his name – the frost-point (ie , paws and tail are not dark in color and gray-blue): To date, there Thai cats of various colors.