The Client

Each operator has a quota places. Adam Sandler takes a slightly different approach. Expensive even for the leading tour operators to buy off season thousands of rooms. For visa countries also have a last-minute rounds, but only for those who have opened a Schengen visa. It is rarely found in practice the situation. And I would not even called burning the tour, it's simply tours that are sold with good discounts to customers. Just a relatively cheap tours. The maximum discount on hot tours in the country visa may be no more than 30% of the cost of the tour.

There are, of course, firms who specialize in this subject, that is engaged only in burning tours. And such agencies tour operators take off those last minute as a priority. And then scatter the remains on travel agents, with which signed the treaty. Christina V., and why there are agencies who are interested to work with such a "pain in the ass"? They work on the stream. In such firms rarely have their own extensive client base. They are used to chronic headache with customers, replacing the hotels claims. I have recommended their clients to pay attention not so much on the latest offerings, but on deals.

The more interesting deals as compared to burning tour – last minute? Its reliability. Deals have always, since every travel agent is one or another specialty, but, in my opinion, this term is overused. We often receive special offers, are not interesting, because a small discount in price. But there are good deals at 15-20% below market. These are the suggestions I always suggest to their loyal customers who regularly buy rounds only us. Special offer – it's just an integral and well-formed sentence of the tour at a price below the market. Hot tour can be shaped as desired. As I have already stressed, it remains and fragments of fragments. Tickets have one operator, a hotel in another location, the insurance in the third. As a result, no one is responsible for anything. Although formally, that is, from a legal point of view, a hot tour, sold to the client, we respond as a travel agency, tour operator and not that it was formed. This is unfair. That's why our company in their advertisements never mention any last-minute trips or last minute. We have a different method of working with clients. Especially since we – a diversified firm. We have Department, immigration services and advice on long-term visas and residence abroad departure for permanent residence in several countries. This is a fairly complex set of services to high-flying, which requires high qualification, and sale burning permits in the stream we were not interested. To summarize, you would recommend to customers to look for last-minute trips? No, I do not recommend it. Figuratively speaking, last-minute trips – it's underwater rocks to wreck your ship recreation. Most recently, my friend returned from a week of burning the tour to Egypt (Hurghada) and zareklas generally fly last minute. Naturally, one day in one hotel, the resettlement of three days in another hotel, and on top of another resettlement to different numbers by a single person to a foreigner. What are you thinking of burning penny rounds? High season. As a consequence, the so-called overbooking (sold to more places in hotels than are available), and some Clients generally spend the night on the beach … Source: Tours in Egypt, tours in Turkey, holiday in Egypt, Turkey, Greece

Advanced Room

Type of settlement ADL – (ADULT) – Adult AGE – Age of CHD – (CHILD) – Baby PAX – Man SNGL – cost per person in single room DBL – cost per person in double room DBL + EXT. BED – Double room with extra bed EXB 1 – costs only a third adult or child over 12 years on extra bed with two adults sharing a double room EXB 2 – the cost of only four adult or child over 12 years old on extra bed with two adults in double room (room only four people) TRPL – the cost for each adult or child in a double room with extra bed CHLD 1 – placement of a child under 12 years old with two adults in double room extra bed CHLD 2 – placing a second child under 12 years old with two adults in double room extra bed (room only two adults and two children) ch – a small child, for example 0-6 CH – a big baby, in mostly under 12, but for a number of hotels to 15 Sc – a small child + 1 adult SC – big child + 1 adult Dc – a small child 2 adults + DC – big child 2 adults + AGE – age children Pay attention to the age of the children in notation: CHLD – always at the cost of a child under 12 years (inclusive) CHLD (2-9) – the cost per child from 2 to 9 years (not included) Power IN – without power supply BB (Bed & Breskfast) – breakfast HB (Half Board) – breakfast and dinner. Most often, a buffet. HB + – Extended HB FB (Full Board) – breakfast, Lunch, dinner. Full board. FB + – Advanced full board All inc (AI ALL INCLUSIVE) – All inclusive. Meals throughout the day, including local drinks Ultra all inc – meals throughout the day, including beverages imported Max all inc – power over day, including drinks and imported extra services high class all inc – food of the highest category Ex all inc – Advanced all inc El all inc – Elegant all inc VIP all inc – Very Important Person all inc Super All inc – Super All inc De Luxe All Inc – Advanced all inc Category Hotels 1 * – one star is 2 * – 3 * Three Stars – Three Stars 4 * – 5 * four stars – five stars 6 * – six-star cat De Luxe – Category De Luxe cat A – Category A cat B – Category B cat C – Category C cat D – Category D HV – Club Hotel HV1 – Club Hotel 1 cat. .

Private Homes

What good is a private house? In big cities, it all depends on everyone. And all depend on each other. But how rarely we can boast that they are free and can 'spit' on the neighbors, Zheka – excuse me – UZhKHaki, administration, heating, water supply, gas supply and light. Of course, living in the private sector in their own homes, too, are dependent on many factors. But how these factors are small and insignificant we, the citizens of the glorious city of Evpatoria, understand in the summer.

Factor number 1. Water. Indeed the very first of the first. Water – this is a major resort towns. Its never enough. And even if it is missing and then it does not mean that all the missing. Therefore, in the summer resort towns in the Specifically, in Yalta, in the, pardon the expression, well-furnished houses, water is supplied strictly on the clock: 2:00 in the morning when everyone else is asleep, and 2:00 in the evening when the entertainment is in full swing and the house is almost empty.

Add to this problems taking a shower, visit the WC, and an unattractive picture emerged. Unfortunately, all this evil is true, if you do not have bolernoy system, and this is the first step to freedom. However, residents of the private sector, in this case, residents Old Town, this problem did not bother having full water taps around the clock. It is not difficult to understand that holodnvya water, and hot – a sign of a certain freedom in the hottest time of year. Factor number 2. Earth. Imagine that after a hard, tedious work of leisure at the resort (sea, beaches, medical treatment, entertainment …) you go home. You lucky enough, if you live at an acceptable floor (up three) and get low, and if the above? Elevators have almost never work.