Temple Of Nike In Athens

To the south-east of Propylene, graceful style of the Ionic temple dedicated to Athena Nike – Winners. In place of the temple offers a magnificent view of the entire Salamis Bay, Piraeus, Aegina and the Peloponnese peninsula. That is why even in prehistoric times is an important strategic location was used as a lookout to protect against possible invasions from the sea. It is from this place, for according to legend, jumped into the sea king Aegeus of Athens, when the expected his son Theseus from the island of Crete, by adopting the black sails on the mast of Theseus, which he forgot to change it, as a sign of failure and the death of her son. The oldest temple on this place with an altar to Athena Nike, has already been built in the Mycenaean period, and was, like all other temples of the Acropolis, destroyed during the invasion of the Persians in 480 bc Construction of a classical temple that we see today, began after 421 years bc, during the era of so-called peace Nicea. For even more analysis, hear from Author. The erection of the temple was entrusted Kallikartu, the sculptor, who participated in the construction of the Parthenon. The temple was built, like the Parthenon, from pentelskogo marble. Type the temple – amfiprostil, on the east and west facades of having four Ionic column.

The length of the building 8, 27 meters, width of 4, 66 meters. On the frieze of the temple depicts the gods of Olympus. The place of honor reserved to Athena, which is shown standing between Zeus and Poseidon. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. Also on the frieze depicts a battle between Persians and Greeks, and Greeks fight with other soldiers, which can not be treated with confidence. Unfortunately, part of the frieze has been destroyed completely, sculptures from the north and west sides are in the British Museum, and all the sculptures now in the temple – it's just a copy. Niki Temple was destroyed in 1687 by the Turks, who dismantled it for building materials for strategic ukrpeleny on the Acropolis. In 1835, the fragments were found and identified, making it possible to restore the monument. In 1940, was the third restoration, and the fourth restoration began in 2004 and continues to this day.

Western Art

This name is familiar to all lovers of speed and fans of Formula 1. " In this city quite sure in the races that are held in this city, literally every season. It is no wonder that you will find a wonderful selection of products related to speed. You can buy your friend, even a car, of course, if he will assess the model car with opening doors and hood. If you are not sure, then limit the range of related products, since he is quite large. Racing gloves hats, lacquer and polishing machines, ergonomic handlebars and blankets for them – just not listed! A model of the machine give your flock. By the way, it is in Indiana, Studebaker brothers opened their own transport factory, and so in addition to models of famous race cars, here are actively selling the first model Studebakers. But the main thing that you should not forget to bring your children are gifts from Santa Claus.

It turns out that the residence of his grandfather is in good Indiana, in the town of Santa Claus. It does not matter if you come in summer – all year round in town sells socks with gifts and Christmas decorations. And most importantly, at any time of year you can leave the card, which is in an envelope with a large bright stamp, will receive a Christmas your child. It turns out, to create the magic that easy! Give the children a story, and maybe an adult with your friends and then the most important holiday of the year will be even happier. House-Museum of Abraham Lincoln, reconstructed village of the 19 th century, the Museum of Western Art, the Children's Museum, Museum of the Civil War. Simon Pagenaud is a great source of information.

From the landmarks began to feel dizzy. Want to grasp the immensity and see also the Museum of Aviation, Wolf Park in Lafayette, do not forget to visit the archaeological excavations Engel Monds near Evansville. Yes, now you understand why cinematic archeologist named after Indiana. In this state there is to learn and explore! Now You have seen it personally and go home to in the paints to describe your home trip to Indiana. And let brought brought you gifts for loved ones will eclipse all the artifacts found irrepressible Professor Jones!

Egypt 2010 Hurghada, Arabia Azur

This article is about vacations in Hurghada Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 *. Forgot about everything in almost a month in early May. Drove us Intourist. We were three to four-year girl. I'll start from the beginning. All organized Intourist, we flew with him for the first time, and, in fact, a little worried as it will take. But everything went very smoothly.

And here and there. All as conveniently and as it should. Transaero flew straight from the tin on the Tu-214. Wonderful only from the factory apparently apparatus. Flew Sunday afternoon. Read on the Internet Some tour operators charge for this flight surcharge. In Hurghada flew well, and in Moscow, it was not as smooth.

Initially, we were circling in the sky, not planted. And then did not work opening the door plane. As a result, late arrival at Domodedovo more than an hour. Red Sea in the complex Arabia Azur remarkable. In itself, the Red Sea which is great. The best thing is the sea, I think Red. In Arabia it is also diverse. Indeed, in Arabia Azur is a sandy entry into the Morea sunset over the rocks. It's great when a holiday with detenkom. Our baby is there that he began to swim within a few days. But initially it was not to make all go in the water. On the reef can also swim with a mask. Although the reef is not placed next to the reef in Sharm El-, but the fish is and look there for that. Fish huge amount. There were stingrays, crabs and fish fry. And a very large number of different animals. Is exactly the problem with sunbeds. In the right place to take a lager beforehand, her watch at 7. But the food is not all so rosy. Children's table in the concept of our Egyptian friends in Arabia is a spicy sausage and french fries. I give her so I can not, and there he would not. And all the food there is peppered with spices and find something to eat a minor child rather complicated. And adults in seven days bored pretty monotonous meals. Breakfast so that in general all three weeks were strictly the same. Beer tolerant, but many do not drink are not drunken. I have tried many drink. Other drinks rum, white wine problematic to distinguish from one another. But with them you can muster. And many Europeans are not able to calculate their potential. But clearly with the occupation of the tables in the lunch. And Whereas that such a dinner in the open, not to sit on the sun, it was necessary to hold a table for 30 minutes before lunch. Animation is absolutely no. Something like small towns, beach volleyball, children's disco in German. Unusually high number of 10 billiard tables, nothing. On the beach Arabia Azur can take a catamaran ride for 13 bucks an hour, you can ride a banana, or a parachute. Tennis Court free of charge during the day, a gym, also a gift, but the hall so-so, very plohenky and not consistent with what many in the advertising pictures. Rooms are beautiful, spacious, but the worldly-wise. The room Freestuff kettle with tea spoons, mini-bar. We first lived in a room, every living creatures. In particular felt the aesthetic shock of huge common cockroaches. There were ants, trying to get into a cat. Total Hotel Arabia Azur Resort 4 * may please, if you do not notice the problem and enjoy the sea, which there is really cool.

Where To Go On Holiday To Spain

Spain is known for an abundance of excellent resorts. The most famous coast of Spain – Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Costa del Sol – called tourists relax on its beaches all year round. Translated from the Spanish Costa Dorada sounds as the "Gold Coast". Here the beaches stretch miles of golden sand, there are comfortable hotels and world-renowned resorts. Very well developed infrastructure beach holiday – water parks, swimming pools, tours and boat trips. At the adventure park Port Aventura you'll find entertainment in the spirit of the 5 different parts of the world, with their national colors, cuisine, folklore and attractions. A classic holiday destination is Spain resort beautiful name of Salou. It is recognized as the tourist capital of Spain.

In this seaside town there is entertainment, even the pickiest tourist. Here you can relax on comfortable beach or take a giddy shopping, dine in the cozy restaurant with ethnic cuisine or go to the disco, take a walk on a yacht or in a park of exotic plants. In any case, you get a lot of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. Since the Middle Ages known resort of Cambrils. Today it is one of the most popular resorts in Spain. The main attraction of the town – fish market, the place is simply amazing and exciting any fan of leisure.

Fresh fish or seafood, you can try the local restaurants. Cambrils night full of music, discos and bars open. Well, if you still managed to get bored, you can easily get Salou. One of the most famous resorts in Andalucia – Costa del Sol is very popular among fans of active recreation. Here you can and touch the history and enjoy the culture and art, and special romance. Costa del Sol keeps the culture of ancient peoples who inhabited this area – the Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Romans. Here you can see the old Spanish custom, to hear the Spanish guitar and castanets, visit the Andalusian villages and settlements, some of them there are already more than 4000 years, eat delicious local wines – sherry, and Malaga.