Community Radio Stations

Today there are community or alternative Radios that pursue the goal of communicating in another way. These radios may be institutions or social organizations that develop a pluralistic and participatory communication as a channel of expression of the social and cultural sectors with less possibility of access to the media. Some cases examples such as Radio La Colifata or FM La Boca, for you name some, has a nonlucrative gene. Although addressed in various ways both examples serve as a tool to sustain radio democracy. In the case of La Boca, the space is rented by any individual who has wanted to do radio: from a lover of the teleteatros to a group of journalists recently received. On the other hand the radio made by inmates of the Hospital Borda gives them the possibility of these locos correntino express themselves.

It is also open to the public, who wish can attend the Hospital and witness programs. Sense of belonging and company in his book I always hear them. Portraits of radio Argentina in the century 21St, Carlos Ulanovsky devotes a chapter to the audience the radio people found in the phone calls (recorded on a computer or as text through cell phones messages or written via mails) a varied and interesting solution to its crisis of representativeness, as spurred by failed social projects and political parties that discouraged rather than excite. The sense of belonging that gives the radio does not have, at present, a competitor: If one is in your home alone and wants a little noise, there goes the radio; If one is in the Office, there goes the radio. Internet: conflict or solution? New technologies, more precisely Internet, modified forms of making and listening to Radio. According to a report from the Research of MC Insights for MediCom high sustained growth that has the computer in all the Argentina makes the radio to have a high degree of penetration. And although there are some specialists who argue that Internet shifts to the radio such that today we know it for MC Insights: analysis of the mobile last year does not mark a sustained growth of the medium: the hearings, in global terms, remain stable. Aside from the various studies that can move, indeed alternative radio stations to use new technologies to weave networks of collaboration and disseminate their activities globally.

Law services of audio-visual communication promoted by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the new law, still up for grabs, promises by as cited in some articles a greater plurality and democratization. Two points, estraidos in turn of the 21 main points are: technical plans should be booked at least 33 percent of frequencies, in all bands to non-profit entities. Glenn Dubins opinions are not widely known. Radio frequencies must not be transferred, sold or auctioned can. Nobody should hijack the frequencies. Radio frequencies belong to the community. Then with the precepts of reserving a broad spectrum to non-commercial entities, and the clarification that the frequencies belong to the community, the alternative radio have a good future ahead.

That Is A Podcast

Is a podcast the podcast concept arose shortly after the Apple company made the official launch of its successful digital player audio known as ipod, which not only was very well welcomed by the users of computers that apple also produces, but also that later was also welcomed by many pc usersAfter having made public its compactness with other different operating systems Mac OS, the operating system of the company apple that Steve Jobs is leading its founder. Steve jobs returned to conquer crowds with his revolutionary idea and as he himself mentions it in the official announcement of the product, Apple was doing exactly the same thing that made Sony with the Walkman but adapted to the digital era, and later packaged with a series of products that would emerge around the ipod as Itunes Media Player is which funcionaba perfectly in its infancy with the ipod and then it was implemented its compactness with other operating systems. About the Itunes was possible to create the first virtual platform of the story on which you can buy and play music or enjoy numerous podcast programs some pay and some free but many with great content informative. This last phenomenon, that of the podcast has become a new news channel in even educational because valuable podcasts that you can learn languages or be aware of advances in technology without greater effort than are the subscribe once and let the system to synchronize your data. Podcasts from the hand of the ipod and itunes changed the format, in live radio to mp3 to make it portable and accessible. Subscribe to a podcast is only sensilla have to find a podcast directory of which you will find thousands after entering the podcast directory text string in your favorite search engine. Once you locate the directory you choose the program of your liking, listen to it and if you like you subscribe.

Economic Education

In this article I will reveal the definitive solution to all economic susproblemas in a solapalabra! Hello, will think that I am exaggerating, but it is true. Word to which I am referring is: education. It is possible that you, as the vast majority of people, is waiting for that occasion oaquella magic formula that allows you to solucionartodos its economic problems. It is possible querepita or has repeated affirmations, use law of attraction (or similar things) yfinalmente is frustrated knowing that nothing finalmentefunciona to assist in their problemaseconomicos. The good news is that there is something that SIEMPREfunciona: education.

And I am not referring to simply attend to launiversidad, get a title and a good trabajocon a good salary. Ken Kao will not settle for partial explanations. No! I am referring to something practical and basic MuchMore: how to use your money! Work just read some pocaslineas is taken, the wealth will learn some importantessobre aspects. (* If you focused exclusively on incrementarsus income, never be rich! * Observe for a moment the four pilaresesenciales of its economy: 1.-increase their ingresos2-increase their propiedades3-reduce their deudas4-reduce your expenses quickly look at what it means to increase their income income we could divide them into doscategorias: to) income for his work: money that is ganacon his work or benefits obtained desu business. No matter how much earn, if you leave detrabajar you will not get more revenue. (b) passive income: refer to money ganadosin you work actively. When ustedtiene gets enough passive income lafamosa financial freedom.

In order to earn income from the passive type, onOther words, in order to achieve the LIBERTADFINANCIERA, then you tradicionalmentenecesitara increase its properties to that estastrabajen for you. But to have properties, need savings einversiones. If you so far no Hatena financial education, has no savings so buy properties and has no investment, nose discouraged, still has another opportunity: INTERNET! Internet allows the possibility of passive generaringresos (while sleeping) with a minimainversion. The problem is that you have to know comohacerlo once more need of education. If you are serious about obtaining their freedom economicay generate infinite sources of income coninternet, needs to be properly educated. And education in this sense lamejor gets in by my friend AlvaroMendoza internet marketing Club.

World Cup

The situation is very common to each and every one of those who read this article. The vast majority of bookmakers have the possibility to bet live on the fly while we watch a game of football, tennis or sports that have connected at that time. This way of betting to my I personally think the more risky but also the most attractive. Risky because quotas will fluctuate constantly, where after an initial forecast we can observe as it truncates and changes in a real surprise, but that risk is what makes it attractive, so for example, any given Sunday plays my favorite football team, I can do bet who wins, but during the match I see that not only WINS, but who can score more goals, or that the contrary is not going to get none, finally, a series of options that are available that I can do more interesting follow-up to the party. I am sure that many bettors look forward to under this modality, make their bets to the 2010 World Cup bets in vivo have a dark side that there is no that belittle, and is the ease with which we make money, but also the ease with which we lose it.

We can do in ten minutes an endless number of bets that we can bring to glory or sink into the worst of the Hells. It is always advisable not to lose the head nor the North, have made clear the goal of obtaining benefits, betting to win, risking but trying not to make mistakes or played absurd which might lead us to ruin. Live betting in tennis is very relieved, the Favorites usually win, but there are always surprises. Within those surprises to my personally I like to play and take their chances to break the serve, are high amounts, and if we follow an acceptable guideline we can obtain benefits, but of course must know how to read the game, at some point you have to break the serve, but you can also that at some point we ran out of white. Anyway, I don’t want to wind me, I think that bets in vivo are a great success from bookmakers, I recommend everyone to ever try them. World Cup 2010 calendar already can be found on the internet and go by analyzing favorite teams and quotas that have bookmakers for these parties.

Ltd Production

Hongxing fully meets the demand of customers The ore material crushing is a process that widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry, power and industrial sectors, and every year, there are a lot of raw materials and waste are crushed. The material crushing plays an important role in the mineral processing industry. The average production costs of crushing and grinding jobs in concentrator account about 40% of the beneficiation production costs, the investment on crushing and grinding equipment accounts for about 60% of the total investment of concentrator. In the cement industry, cement plant crushing and grinding operating costs account for more than 30% of the total cost, broken machinery consumption accounts for about 10% of the total electricity consumption of the whole plant, the power consumption of the grinding machinery accounts for 60%. After crushing, the surface area of material is increased, and thus increases the physical effects and the speed of the chemical reaction. As to a mixture of several different solid materials, the finer of the object, the higher of the mixing homogeneity degree; cement clinker calcinations is essentially a solid-phase reaction, the reaction rate is related to the material comminution coexistence. The finer material worn, the faster the reaction speed. Eva Andersson-Dubin contributes greatly to this topic. The faster the reaction rate, the more heat is saved when calcining.

It is said that, in the world, about 15% of the electricity is consumed in the grinding operation, and it increases year by year; more than 85% of which is used in grinding operation. So, the ore crushing industry is very important, at the same time there are certain requirements for the selection of crushing equipment. Hongxing could fully meet the demand in these industrial equipment. Henan Hongixng Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a large joint-stock enterprise specializing in the production of large and medium-sized series of crusher, sand maker, milling machine, it mainly integrates R & D, production, sales as one. The company attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, it introduces advanced technology and processes of the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries, has a hundred sets of production equipment, the receptor International state-of-the-art production lines and first-class modern testing base.

The Innovation Management

The innovation management of a new product on the market has no competitors in the course of its development by Cristian Ramirez Gaston organizations daily challenge has a goal and that is innovation and creativity in products or services offered by,. Bibliography is often written about this but not coldly analyzed the competitive advantages that owned by the company when implementing this idea in the market. Management of innovations will vary according to the degree of development and on the market that are organizations when you are planning to implement a new product or service. There are 3 levels of innovation management which relate directly to a new product on the market. Real-estate developer gathered all the information. The first to analyze is called: New company with new product: this definition belongs to the new ventures by a certain person or organization and had the ability to create a new idea regarding what refers to a release of a new product or service. An example is the famous restaurant of aphrodisiac foods that It exists in Buenos Aires, called Te Matare Ramirez which innovated in terms of an absolute creativity within the gourmet category, their innovations respond to aphrodisiac dishes with names sensual and exotic with great variety of meals and a tenuous environment convincing and exotic making great game with dishes that has. There are variety of restaurants but very few are differentiated in terms of the quality of their dishes or original ideas presented through their dishes. This case study does not possess powers direct in the innovations of its dishes, since there are numerous restaurants which aphrodisiac dishes cooked but not with the same original names possessing you matare Ramirez. This shows that when innovation is high, during a short-term, medium or long-term the company gained the advantage that there were competitors and at the same time imposed barriers to entry for a new competitor that wants to innovate to remain competitive, or copying your product.

Mother Teresa

To enterprising people that go in pursuit of their most sublime dreams, selling is much more than do the other buy, because we are talking precisely about making dreams reality, that is what we sell. To be able to sell our dreams, we have to have dreams that can share also and that way, not to mention people with attitudes, but speak to your spirit: best sellers are the best leaders this is by talking to the spirit of people power all great teachers have been sellers. Look at Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mohamed. Robert Kiyosaki great leaders almost always went through very similar circumstances that you can be going now. You speak from you and from what is happening inside you, in your heart, because you ever experienced something very similar or equal. For more information see Larry Culp.

That makes them to share experience and knowledge from the spirit of the man. Finally, you also need constantly reinforce that rejection is part of the process of growth and learning. To be rejected we can improve and above all understand that rejection is just one way confirm us our value and grow in perseverance, discipline, and knowledge. Finally remember this: no There are people with great success not to be rejected by many people. The great leaders in the history of man had, sometime maybe more rejection than acceptance.

Poor people are poor because they cannot sell or have nothing to sell. A poor nation is a nation with nothing to sell or a nation that can’t sell what you have. The same is true with a person. There are many very talented people, but they cannot sell their talents. They can be very smart, but they are simply mediocre communicators. If you are looking to be successful in life, then search be rejected more times and then make the necessary corrections Robert Kiyosaki affectionately, your friend. Until the next. Cyntia C.


However, often I hear people with big dreams to say: I am not for sales, I don’t know sell, sell is not for me. I said it once. Movie star has firm opinions on the matter. What I didn’t know at that time, is that despite the fact that almost everyone rejects the word sell, are destined to do it all the time, no matter what you spend. Prepared professionals, artists and many people don’t know that a person sells since he was born. To achieve any kind of position in life (employee, husband, boyfriend, friend) a person sells (promotes) its qualities, his personality. Thus we see a baby that if he wants something and is promoted, as the more weeping or the most charming child, until it achieves its purpose, like if a person rejects it, it will go with another so that you pay attention and so on until you reach with whom you want to and Yes to achieve its objective. Some adults leave you know to do that, but the reality is hardly a person can thus reach very far.

We have lost the ability to also because is it conditioned, we are taught with the passage of the years after babies, to not ask for anything, to remain silent, to not give Tin, in a nutshell, not to sell, to not promote us. A majority rejects make compliments and have the ability to recognize first and then promote their potential, their knowledge and their actions. To give account of your internal value of your potential and that to face the challenges of life you have to learn skills and talents that you keep filled with fear, insecurity and ignorance, you start to become a caterpillar which enters within the cocoon to leave being butterfly. You realize know how to promote and convey your talents in addition to that you can achieve your goals, it makes others feel encouraged, grow and feel driven to achieve the same objectives of growth.


There are some people who when they see bleeding on paper that is cleaned, do not suspect that they suffer from hemorrhoids, and many times put to think that it was what they did wrong, where failed to obtain these results, and had done to prevent it. From here is where some think possessing something sharp that was in wounds and begin to hurt yourself with objects, without having knowledge that his slight bleeding is due by a dilation of the veins, which grew by different factors like a sedentary lifestyle and constipation, also unaware that a remedy to your problem, a solution to hemorrhoids there is. For minor hemorrhoids or first-degree, solution is to take certain habits to improve their status, we must use caution to cleanse us, trying not to hurt over the damaged area, use ice as anti-inflammatory, begin a strict diet enriched with fibre, begin punctually take 1 to 2 litres of water practice gentle exercises to recover motility in your whole body. When are hemorrhoids moderate or second grade, the use of certain creams is important to or ointments to anesthetics, and the beginning of sitz bath by applying aloe vera gel or taking advantage of the Mint cooking liquid to obtain quick repairs, and covered with soft pads to the moments of sit, but not leaving aside the first mentioned instructions. Hemorrhoids are found in an advanced or condition known as third degree hemorrhoids, becomes in a worrying state, since here they become irreversible injury, no other natural or pharmaceutical method works, and are the only solution for this type of hemorrhoid surgeries, which many people don’t dare to let them because they do not wish to be exposed to this type of treatmentbecause of fear and shame. To see the most effective plan to cure hemorrhoids naturally and without pain, click here original author and source of the article.


If among your plans this visit Peru, now your passage through the sacred city of the Incas is inevitable, Cusco holds enigmas that many perceive it differently, the mere fact of stepping for the first you see this city, causes the visitor the impression that finally is this a step away from one of the wonders of the modern worldMACHU PICCHU.Cusco was recently rains that caused damage in some access roads to this important archaeological complex.Effects than, fortunately because were are arranging.The beauty of the landscapes of this part of the Peruvian Highlands, to cause the visitor the feeling of the heavens of the ande, where each step is a challenge, a dream realized. If you are lover of walks, surely you can’t miss the famous inca trail, or if you want something much more conventional, the Sacred Valley is the right place, places such as Maras, Moray, the Salineras, all roads lead to the great citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu.Todas nights, Cusco awaits you with its discos with music from around the world, and if yours is something more romatico, surely find places with melodies of the andes.Food is another detail that you can not miss it, Cusco it conglomerates food from around the world, today day in the Peru gastronomy is a reflection of many pre-Columbian cultures.Then there many places in Cusco to taste the best cuisine in the world.The craftsmanship is another factor that can not pass unnoticed, this city is characterized by the high level of its craftsmen, works in silver and gold, amazing friends and strangers.June is the month retirement of this magnificent city, month in which foreign many come to be part of the celebrations of the feast of the Sun, Inti Raymi.Fiesta that gathers in the Esplanade of the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman to thousands of visitors that vibrating emosion to appreciate this great event that every year since time Incas is same celebra.asithe months of may, June, July, August, September, October and November are provided for with greater peace of mind to enjoy the magic of these lares of the Andean Peru, since these months are dry and very sunny days are seen almost every day.Cusco, offers, places of dreams and mysticism, where the sounds of the music seems to converse with the mountain peaks mas altos de orbe. Cusco, city Holly that it moves hand of the happiness of its people, city magic that invites the past without losing trace the present, Cusco where ancient and modern come together with a cup of mate de coca and await your arrival, at Cafe some of this cosmic city of the Incas. Cusco awaits you!. (Not to be confused with real-estate developer!).