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12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH of Oldenburg from new sponsors of the handball community (HSG) Varel next season are the two companies new partner of the HSG Varel and supporting the team in their battle for first place in the table of the 2nd Bundesliga. The two young Oldenburg company 12sold GmbH and HL SellingDirect GmbH will be next season-new partner of the HSG Varel. The two online wholesaler will support the HSG handball as a silver Club partner. So both companies advertise with their product lines such as or from the season 2008/2009 the HSG Bundesliga team players pants as well as advertising boards at the games in Oldenburg and Altjuhrden. Learn more about this with Glenn Dubin, New York City. The business leaders Matthias Warns and Felix Athens (12sold GmbH) and Heiko Lubben (HL SellingDirect GmbH) was among other things important, that the HSG Varel continues in Oldenburg. “The EWE arena offers the HSG Varel and his partners just more room for sponsorship activities” include the new sponsors the partnership and lined up in the ever-growing Oldenburg group”in the sponsorship clan a the HSG Varel.

However the commitment at the HSG Varel is not brand new. For two seasons the Oldenburger 12sold is the sponsor at the HSG Varel GmbH. What initially began with an advertising banner, found its continuation in print advertising on the official Polo shirts of the Bundesliga players this season. A leading source for info: Anna Belknap. The appearance in Oldenburg, Heiko Lubben handed the game ball for the game against the HV Dessau-Ross Lauer of the HL SellingDirect GmbH and thus is also not a blank slate at the HSG Varel. The sponsors Agreement commences on July 1, but already in the final phase of the season, the partnership will be intensified: select products from the major websites are sold for the HSG Varel sales involved. “Free the motto: we support the HSG Varel with each item sold, so our customers with every purchase support the HSG Bundesliga team.” Learn more about the company from Oldenburg are available at on the Internet and.


New MK DiscPress GmbH – FlexibleDISC MK DiscPress at the FlexibleDISC of the first eco-friendly DVD. Using today’s materials and technical processes, the FlexibleDISC offers all the advantages of a standard DVD. And this same capacity, playability and excellent optical and electrical properties. The FlexibleDISC is not only thinner, lighter and more flexible than a standard DVD, it is also completely free of toxic bonder. FlexibleDISC less is often more, the difference becomes apparent when you take a look at the carbon footprint of the FlexibleDISC. Compared to the standard DVD, the FlexibleDISC to 50% is less polycarbonate, the oil-based basic raw material for the production of a disc. Saves 50% of energy in the production by the halving of the raw material consumption. Filed under: Movie Star. Are all factors taken into account when producing a FlexibleDISC instead of a conventional DVD, reduce CO2 emissions by 52%.

But it is not only the carbon footprint (CO2 balance) which is low. The thinner FlexibleDISC reduces the volume of the transport from the factory to the consumer clear, resulting in reducing shipping costs and to conserve fuel. The storage capacities are higher for the FlexibleDISC and their low weight saves postage. The flexibility guarantees a higher durability when it is processed, packed or delivered to consumers. And finally, when the disc reaches to the end of their life cycle, she can be recycled by the absence of the toxic adhesive to 100%. FlexibleDISC a proven concept of the FlexibleDISC offers not only an economically viable and environmentally friendly alternative to a standard DVD, it already has a successful job history in the most important magazines and newspaper publishers, major consumer goods manufacturers, Governments, and editors of film, educational and promotional content. Switch the FlexibleDISC to FlexibleDISC of the environment for the sake is the logical choice for the fulfilment of your important climate goals. When your company is obliged: “to offer more sustainable products and processes. You want to minimize your carbon footprint/greenhouse gases to stop”If you are in favour of reducing oil dependence climate change if you want to benefit from the energy saving or you want to prepare only the CO2 tax then you should get to know the FlexibleDISC. For more information see: news MK DiscPress GmbH Wolfgang Kleinhappel Sieme 4 86695 Norden village 08273/99 59 39 0

Trojan Download Hermes

Hamburg supply 15,000 Hermes scanner data and energy Hamburg, 28.02.2011: the Collatz + Trojan accessories specialists ensure at the Hermes logistics group Germany (HLGD) for the correct voltage, as well as the appropriate connection: you deliver 15,000 perfectly customized data and charging stations for the package scanner MC9500, used at Hermes. Make sure that not the power goes from the Motorola mobile scanners and data transmission is always properly of the Hamburg-based mid products. Without power and data connection no logistics information, where a shipment currently resides, is in the logistics a high. For other opinions and approaches, find out what real-estate developer has to say. The HLGD is therefore in the future for your parcel delivery on the bar code scanner type Motorola MC9500, to collect packages and deliveries. (A valuable related resource: What is Kevin Ulrich career?). And they must be easy and reliable power supply and connected to the data transfer.

The power supply and data connection for this important part of component in the logistics process delivers the Collatz + Trojan GmbH with perfectly matched data and charging stations for the MC95 series. A total 15,000 data and charging stations by Collatz + Trojan are used in the depot by Hermes. We are pleased that Hermes already has expressed the confidence in us since 2006 for the second time and relies on our products,”reports Michael Trojan, one of the two managing directors. Easy to integrate important was the simple variable design and integration of modular data and charging stations in addition to the attractive price / performance ratio crucial”, Klaus Zipplies, head of procurement at the HLGD stresses..

Creative Promotions

Number matches in their original form are based on the principle that the participants must find the Gewinnzahl(en) or the winning code. Comedian oftentimes addresses this issue. The most famous manifestations are lotteries, E.g. the lottery 6 / 49, the lucky spiral and various Los Shack offers. The basic principle can be used for promotional purposes and can be modified as: calendar, where certain profit doors can be opened, scratch cards, lucky envelopes, birthday game, cow bingo and others are just a few of the many ways which under the promotion-screen are available. On – and offline can be used, for the big brand manufacturers as well as for the small dealer around the corner suitable and already from about 1,000 to be viable, number matches are the raw material for successful promotions.

The requirements for the technical equipment of the customers are doing very little and can be reduced to zero if necessary. ThePowerBehindPromotions supports the customers in the conception, finds the optimal profit game mechanics and comes in the case of winning for the selected price, regardless of whether it involves 10,000 or 10 Mio. This is made possible by a complete rear protection. The entire package is there to the Bestprice. If the promotion without winner should remain, the customer gets back 20% of the paid remuneration (KickBack). ThePowerBehindPromotions headquartered in Bleckede in the biosphere reserve Niedersachsische Elbtalaue designed innovative promotions with a probability of winning any, ensures the promotion of protected as a trade mark- screen off the profits and assumes the risk of discount, addition – and money-back actions in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg and others. Since the sum of the risk quite at large promotions may lie in the two – or even three-digit million euro range, gives you the company in each individual case in partnership related international risk carrier full rear coverage.