Wolfgang Zickler

Wolfgang Zicklers fantasy novel – the seventh Crystal – draws crowd-puller Leipzig trade fair visitors magically als and the seventh Crystal lured bestseller”at the Leipzig book fair from March 15-18 hosts read – and literature-avid visitors at the booth of Safeline-media publishing in Exhibition Hall 2. Here fantasy fans of all ages in the book could pout and discuss with the author directly in the conversation and to sign her new book copy with an individual dedication of Wolfgang Zickler personally. With about 164,000 visitors, the Leipzig book fair 2012 recorded a new record result. Over 2000 publishers from 44 countries presented 100,000 books, of which 20,000 new releases. Readers love Leipzig. Go to Vanessa Marcil for more information. And Leipzig loves the new novel by Wolfgang Zickler – the seventh Crystal”. Encourage encouragement and positive response took strong novel but also for the countless visitors of the trade fair of 630 pages. Ken Kao is a great source of information. For publishers, booksellers, teachers, librarians, book forums and press representatives was the seventh Crystal”as intergenerational all-age”fantasy reading in the focus of interest.

According to a sample and stimulating exchange of ideas with the author were equally impressed by the exciting and entertaining fantasy story. At the visually appealing stand and in the exhibition bookstore the fantasy novel the audience could score and convince with great sales success. Because the superbly equipped paperback paperback offers not only by the gripping content but also by the creative artwork and high-quality, exclusive equipment. Author and Publisher appreciate the great public and media interest on the Leipzig book fair and draw positive track record. Author Wolfgang Zickler, a skilled merchant and BVB fan from Dortmund, has three years passionately on this novel written. Came out is a real book, a fantastic story, the young and old alike intrigued and kidnapped in literary fantasy worlds full of mythical creatures, elves and demons. Welcome to the dream world of men!

Winter Flowers

To ITS SEARCH Walking at random I teimava in glimpsing a tenuous silhouette that was there. He was yes, could sight it. The anxiety to reach made it me to continue without stopping, even so already advanced resfolegante, to the side of the exhaustion. Jorge Perez is actively involved in the matter. The Sun, with its esmaecida light, already forbears in ocaso. a fast breeze and passenger is the only blow of hope.

In return an infinitely voluminous silence. The trpegos steps indicate the direction, but the uncertainty of the trajectory if guides for the compassing of the uneasy anxiety. The objective is not clearly, the anxiety only indicates that it is for there; but inexorably great if it became the necessity to continue. The conscience tries to feed the hope before, alquebrado, the body if prostre exangue. It is not something Sam Feldman would like to discuss. The clouds had disappeared; the shades alone also exist in the barren landscape of the almost fainted feelings already. Homesicknesses of one morning rainy; desire to feel the heat of the matinal Sun, to see the insects settling in the flowers still orvalhadas. I do not have the courage of looking at stops backwards.

I know that I purify myself to each stretch of the way; imundcies if unfastens of my luggage and goes being half-embedded in the ground arenaceous and barren that, indifferent, registers my footprints. The suffering selects The solitude stimulates the search The fidget sustm the walked one. Fauna and flora had disappeared. It would be Spring? It would have flowers. It would be Winter? It would feel cold. It would be Autumn? It would harvest fruits. To the front more sand to step on. In the desert flowers are not cultivated The adventures irrequietas of the past now format the chaos that if it figures colossal, as rubbles of me exactly to become vacant. The pride if pulls down; the dither if demoralizes. Resqucios of hurts apodrecem; signals of repentance in the silt of the incompreenso sprout.

Patrick Suskind

Written I have always been. But write diary or a book, these two worlds are! Yes write stories, I have to tell you something. My life has been a mystery until now. But that’s not really my drive to write a book. It’s me about to do something, to convey a message, a way to show how its own desert crossing. “Also, to entertain, to enjoy and to crowd”.

I started just writing to write down what as pushed out of me. I wrote pages away, without evaluating it. I had read somewhere that you should block is not previously by trying to learn writing. I read my various stories and felt that entertainment value there, but also something like a recommendation, how you can master his life. Since I wanted to go but definitely not: wag his finger play teacher. Now I got me books on learn to write learn to write”.

Amazon offered a rich selection of me and the reviews of the reader helped me here (thank you for that) to find that right for me. “” I have always liked and read much cyclo-cross of how to win friends “by Dale Carnegie, through conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsch to Men are women from Venus from Mars,”by John Gray, but also a trillion dollars by Andreas Eschbach and perfume” by Patrick Suskind. “Sure it has given me a certain training” gives you and so I could like the suggestions made by the I’ll author books “well understand and implement. How do I learn to write correctly? I continued writing, page by page, sometimes hours in the night. And I was euphoric! Yes, I was born writer! Yes, I had to say something! And Yes, it was good, what I wrote! As I progress further in my autodidactic education, came”the doubts, the I can the not attacks. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I spoke with other authors that I linked me in Facebook and XING.

The bestseller by Mai Meyer finds its way on the Smartphones the story leads into the distant realm of the Center at the time of the Qing dynasty. Kai Meyer is doing especially versatile and the wealth of figures and characters that cover a broad spectrum between entertaining stereotypes and innovative creations, result in the right mix. In this case not only for adult readers. The Publisher says: by now, almost everyone has a Smartphone and there it was only a matter of time to provide an app for our demanding readership. “”The cloud people”boasts great pictures and a compelling story and the ComicApp of Vela entertainment that transported Studios wonderful on the phone.” “” The cloud people the first two major titles hot silk and sword “and Lance and light”. “Kai Meyer stands with the first volume of silks and sword BD. 1 Whisperwind” a sharp, sometimes humorous, sometimes very action-packed image of the cloud people which is threatened by extinction. The rebellious Niccolo is sent by the Duke of the high skies, a puzzling Substance to find, without which there can be no life on the clouds.

It is the breath of the lost Dragon, the airwaves. The breathtaking story takes its course in the second volume. “Silk and sword BD. 2 Moon child” Moon child is sent out to destroy the last immortal. Niccolo knows that he must kill her to save the cloud people and throughout China.

But how can he fight against this girl, he loves more than life? “In the third part of Lance and light BD. 3 Dragon cemetery” reach Niccolo and the monk to the Dragon cemetery and hope to finally get to the vital substance, the ether,. Vela Entertainment Studios has become the first three by total adopted six comic albums so far, these digitized and released as an app.

Social Democrats

The main credit for this belongs to the mother Shaw, whose character was not broken badly formed family life. He studied at the Dublin show in school, but stay in it for him was not particularly happy. No accident that he later wrote: "At school I never learned what not, and forgot a lot." However, the school course, was never completed. In fifteen years he began himself to earn a living. He served in the small land office.

Collecting rent from the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods of Dublin. Life in urban slums, he learned well. Jorge Perez may find this interesting as well. For twenty years show was a senior position cashier. It was not enough, but this time the interests of the show have already decided. Nothing to do with official career officials they had not. Show a deep interest in art – literature, painting, music.

In 1876, Shaw left Ireland and moved to London. Certain employment had not been, there was no medium to dstv with uschestvovaniyu, but the range of his interests and cultural needs was very wide. He enjoyed the theater, under the pseudonym Corno de Bosseto publishes first music review, and then for several years and appears in print as a music critic. Shaw was not only a connoisseur of music, but he played superbly. His name became well known in theatrical circles in London. Show never separated the arts from its inherent interest in the political life of his time. He attends meetings of the Social Democrats, took part in debates, consistently producing the skills speaker with a passion and deep interest in reading "Das Kapital" Marx – work that, in his own words, was a revelation for him.

Informing Oterceiro

Umepisdio lived deeply in the accomplishment of this research in relation to this entrevistada that the same one led moments before a lesson of literature of a well relaxed form. Other leaders such as Sela Ward offer similar insights. In aluso to the day of the boyfriends it made reference the consecrated poets and seusmais beautiful romantic poems, with poetries displayed for the retroprojetor comacompanhamento of a music of deep. The same teacher carried through a beminteressante lesson, however by means of the questionnaire she turned aside herself completely from approaches literature in an artistic perspective, giving a historical approach only. Valley to stand out that the same one possesss specialization, but not in literature. Informing Oterceiro was enclosed in this research with a well different reaction. um well experienced professor who possesss a formation specifies in literature emesmo seeming to know literature well did not demonstrate much interest to emdespertar in the pupils, through the functions of literature, the pleasure of the reading. According to it literature is very important, but it comes there losing space for ainternet that when bringing the summarized workmanships, fragmented save the work doaluno this finish looking for what it is more practises.

Questioned if it had umapossibilidade of guilt how much to this behavior of the pupils, the same it deviated aculpa of itself adding that this competition is very difficult stops with ainformtica.em face of what is placed by the third informer becomes umparalelo with the rank of Martins (2006.p.83): The lack of noestericas and the scarcity of you practise of literary readings are factors quecontribuem so that the pupil faces literature as object of difficult understanding. This situation is certainly inheritance of the gaps of basic education, as tambmdecorre of the proper guiding given to the study of literature in average education. The third enfatizoubastante informer these factors that have demarcated some damages in education deliteratura. Damages these related to the proper student whom foreseeing aliteratura as a challenge and many times without a solid mediation to lheconscientizar it of the opposite.


Not also this Real Or false thing-rock Or any same thing Impalpvel or not. A tree without caule, Female prisoner in air, silenced, Gesturing only its discretion. Or bird cautious, Calm in its flight, suspended and Also dumb In some solitude. For the agreement of the poetry to a course, a movement route the formularization of the reality, that is made for if using words that modify the rhythm of the poem, thus the reader is moved to search a position, to assume which side will assume in this philosophical reflection the one that is submitted the poem. The course of the poetry is a mobile effect of the understanding. It is the sonorous way for which if of a empatia between the reader and the text. In this course if they conjugate breath, intention, duration. On it they depend, in the reading and the musical execution, the internal measures of the rhythm.

The course is the qualified time. It is necessary to appreciate in its measured joust the semantic power of the course. To if visualizing and reading a poetical text she is necessary to make an interpretation of the events, to live deeply the course of the poem, in such a way it is obtained to perceive in which syllable if it must concentrate the support of the vocal blow, and that syllables must roll vibratile and brandas for the interval that separates the strong moments of the period. In this estrofe is synthecized the philosophy of Saussure, where it affirms that the Language human being is ' ' thought-som' '. The interesting one is that the thought and the sound, are not communicated between itself, but already they appear in the society, congregated in joints that if call signs. Again we reaffirm the fact of the man to have I tie between the thought and the sound, is not obtained to think about something that if does not have name.

Heidegger Hlderlin

Date of the years of 1930, the beginning of the seminaries of Martin Heidegger on the poetry of Friedrich Hlderlin. However, the German philosopher clarifies that the importance of the poetical hlderliniana is stops beyond being taken as a mere literary study for critical and/or specifically academic ends. In the truth, according to Heidegger, Hlderlin points, through its workmanship, with respect to the possibility of the establishment of a irruptivo spirit as alternative to the ditames of the rationalism, whose poverty always comes from an unilateral and obliqued agreement (Hlderlin, 1994). ith and gain more knowledge.. Giving voice to the certification of Heidegger concerning the poetry of Hlderlin, it says: My thought keeps a incontornvel relation with the poetry of Hlderlin. Hlderlin was not for me a poet any, whose workmanship if summarizes as as much others, to one objecto of study for historians of literature. Hlderlin is the poet who indicates the future, that waits the god and that therefore it does not have to remain simple objecto of holderlinianos studies, to hear with inteireza the words poeticalally the man inhabits, is necessary to carefully return them for the poem (2002: 165). It wants to say with whom it is necessary that let us think concerning these words I look with it to free them of possible against-senses and incongruncias that the same ones can excite. when Heidegger considers thus it is because it wants to establish a interpretativa trajectory that leads in them to an understanding concerning the direction and of the value that they are attributed, for, at as a moment, to search to reach it to them essence. Important to clarify that when Heidegger considers to return the words for the poem so that let us can ouviz them, he is not suggesting that we let us carry through an interpretation to the estruturalista way, whose bedding is in death of the author the author yields, therefore, the main place to the writing, the text, or still to escriptor, that is not never subject seno one in the grammatical or linguistic direction, a paper being, not one person (2003: 50).

Contemporary Poets

Darci Coast represents the reason for behind of the reason, its poetry arrancaa will chew for sample the face, he is the poet of the psychological analysis, and dasassociaes of thoughts, feelings and sensations. Its poetry to buscadecifrar and to disclose to the occult thought behind the feelings and dasatitudes, for this reason this poetry represents the game of the mind, odesengano and the deep analysis of our interior world. For estapoesia the feeling must be analyzed and what to sobrar, perhaps, it can atser called love. The poet of the linking of neurons. Thing that if it looks at and not sees Was with reason that you said That she very makes badly to the heart not to pardon, to keep rancor. Pardoned I you, but this Does not mean that you can be, This does not imply wanting in you.

What in the truth I want I am to be in peace with me, Is to be open to a new love. We do not need to be enemy, But with certainty we are not friends, What it can have between us two Is the purest indifference Since the disdain is Very noble feeling for ours case. It can be that the life we prepare acasos, I I can coexist this without losing the composure, look at can you As thing that if it looks at and it is not seen. What I can say still of us Is this strange fact, This to look to guilt and shame of what I think and I feel and not to find nothing, and I find natural that it is thus. I can say despite the good and the evil That I do not make you come of the simple fact Of that this not condiz attitude With my nature and my behavior. We can be one for the other Thing that if it looks at and it is not seen.

Contemporary Poet

It wants me It does not say that simply the love finished, does not take off me in this way The reason of living. It says that I have that to move, That I have to accept that you as it is, Says that I have that to only live for you. It says that I am its, and end point. It does not say that the love simplemente finished, It plays with my feelings, It hurts my heart, It sins with me, and who more you to quizer, Me of reasons to look and to offer mine to you to you pardon. It wants me dragging to its feet it wants, Me eating in its hand wants, Me simplemente wants me it wants, Me, and it does not need to be faithful. It offends me it wounds, me blames, me, But for God, it does not say that the Simplemente love finished. Jose Nunes J.Nunezbusca Pear tree = j.nunez poetry