Organizing Committee

POPULAR FESTIVAL Ballad song is in trouble The first half of September for the world of art song – the golden age. Sela Ward may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The festival of the same name is traditionally held on the base camp “The Seagull” near Chernushki, in a picturesque location on the shores of the vast forest pond. It would seem that everything is fine – mass entertainment: walk on catamarans, hiking, mushrooming, fishing, sauna, horseback riding. Guests and participants are placed in the camp and Cook immediately. For those who are not accustomed to the tent and campfire romanticism food round the clock dining. And you can settle in the panel house.

In general, the soul sing, the people rejoice! But there it was … ship “Golden time” gave flow. “Do you remember how it all began …” I would like to remind you that it all started in the last century. Namely, in 1998 with a small concert in DC chernushinskom Oilers. Three years of going to a bunch of bards in the Perm region was still Mini festivalchik Palace of Culture. In 2002, like manna from heaven, Permian producer Oleg Novoselov and Author House created the “Neighborhood Forum” and took under the wing of a young festival. Chairman of the Organizing Committee festival at the time was Oleg Haraskin, then head Chernushinskogo area. Indifferent to the author’s song and he himself is not averse to occasionally pick up a guitar. At the height of “golden age” for her scene really masters have visited this genre: Andrew Kozlowski, the group “The Thorn Birds”, group “Grandmaster”, Perm author and performer Don Gregory and others a few days of the festival blended into an unbroken chain of experience.

Johann Sebastian Bach

No matter how many hundreds of years, there was music by Bach, but it is always fresh and always arouses a storm of emotions from the audience. Joseph Brodsky wrote about the music, that just as every person is God, and every music is Bach. No wonder the music Bach did not consider membership in humanity and the universe. Bach was born and raised in a very religious family, as indeed it was "fashionable" in that distant time. Even the shape as a composer and believing in themselves, Bach often turned to God rather simple way – did the inscription on his partiture6 "Jesus, help me!", "Only God's Glory 'and so on. Click Starbucks to learn more. It is possible that these appeals have been heard since the great composer's music to date been concerned about the heart as the faithful and not faithful. But, alas, they were not heard during the life of the great composer.

Actually, it was for the Church of Bach and create nearly all of their work. His concerts for organ clearly carried the a powerful religious message. Researchers say the biography of Bach, which he perceived the church and God as something alive and whole, as if it were a single organism. And this is reflected in his greatest musical works in praise of the power and the glory of God. Recently opened and another side of the church music of Bach. She began to enjoy the mystery and youth during different religious persuasion, that proves once again – in based on Bach's music is deeply mystical, and called on the range of feelings akin to the most powerful musical magic. Surprisingly, Johann Sebastian himself until the end of life, he considered himself a craftsman of music and how many great musicians did not think it deserves the title of the great composer. To a large extent this contributed to the church, which was unprofitable to produce by Bach from his embrace.

Circassian Blue

Here, people are born, live, grow old and die from their mother tongue. No mixture of a foreign language, all speak fluent Adyghe – both at home and on the street and at school and at work. How did you achieve this? Knowing about that the Jews without Judaism, confession is not to take them into their midst, and the Arabs impose their own order, the Circassians have closed their ranks are small and have defended the most expensive – the language Adyghe habze and traditions. Today in Rihani lives of more than 100 Arabs. But Interestingly, they all see themselves as the Circassians.

Live there, and Tatars, and Bosnians, and Turks. All perfectly know the Circassian language, study in a local school. I attended a lesson Riad Gisha, author of the first textbooks Circassian language. Read additional details here: Charlotte Hornets. Children listened attentively to him. At the end of the teacher proposed a text for reading Circassian Blue. But she has done that bad.

Then set to work its neighbor on the desk – Arab Nazirat, which brilliantly read the text. I'll tell you a little More details about Rihani. It is less of Kfar Kama, live here 1250 people. Of these, about a thousand – Circassians, mostly abadzehi. In the village of 225 families, 203 of them are private cars. Here are some interesting figures. Of the 90 girls were Rihani brides dzhigits of Kfar Kama, and 75 young rihaniytsev took to wife young kfarkamok. Rihani of the Kfar Kama moved 15 families.

Social Democrats

The main credit for this belongs to the mother Shaw, whose character was not broken badly formed family life. He studied at the Dublin show in school, but stay in it for him was not particularly happy. No accident that he later wrote: "At school I never learned what not, and forgot a lot." However, the school course, was never completed. In fifteen years he began himself to earn a living. He served in the small land office.

Collecting rent from the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods of Dublin. Life in urban slums, he learned well. Jorge Perez may find this interesting as well. For twenty years show was a senior position cashier. It was not enough, but this time the interests of the show have already decided. Nothing to do with official career officials they had not. Show a deep interest in art – literature, painting, music.

In 1876, Shaw left Ireland and moved to London. Certain employment had not been, there was no medium to dstv with uschestvovaniyu, but the range of his interests and cultural needs was very wide. He enjoyed the theater, under the pseudonym Corno de Bosseto publishes first music review, and then for several years and appears in print as a music critic. Shaw was not only a connoisseur of music, but he played superbly. His name became well known in theatrical circles in London. Show never separated the arts from its inherent interest in the political life of his time. He attends meetings of the Social Democrats, took part in debates, consistently producing the skills speaker with a passion and deep interest in reading "Das Kapital" Marx – work that, in his own words, was a revelation for him.


M. Hallaj and J. Nasimi and said, “I – the truth!”. And everyone I. Nasimi said: “You – a scroll of truth itself.” In the works of Shakespeare, not even a hint of oriental motifs, therefore, he did not know anything about Hallaj and Nasimi.

So, he did not know that for these words Hallaj was burned at the stake, and with the living Nasimi flayed. He himself could completely understand how he responded to uttering such words. Therefore, in sonnet 66 he uttered them in a few another edition. In the original sonnet, these words are in the eleventh line: Tired with all these, for restful death I cry, As to behold desert a beggar born, And needy Nothing trimm’d in jollity, And purest faith unhappily forsworn, And gilded honour shamefully misplac ‘ d, And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, And right perfection wrongfully disgrac’d, And strength by limping sway disabled And art made tongue-tied by authority, And Folly, doctor-like, controlling skill, And simple Truth miscall’d Simplicity, And captive good attending Captain ill: Tir’d with all these, from these would I be gone, Save that to die, I leave my love alone. Source: Hedvig Hricak. In a number of notes the author has already shown what efforts are making the British, to the true meaning of the sonnet was not clear to people around the world. It was the English, because only they could afford something that no one who knows English language a foreigner myself can not afford – with some of the time they were at a reprint of this sonnet to insert a comma after the union as in the second row of the text.

Till The Morning Light

DJ Romeo – fashion noise (original club mix) 27. DJ Smash – sweet dreams (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix) 28. DJ Vini – i kissed a girl (jason nevins funkrokr extended mix) 29. DJ Sveta – The Fear (Wideboys Dirty Vocal Club Mix) 30. DJ Coco Chanel – here without you (electro house club remix) 31.

DJ Fenix – hypnotik state (d unitys afterhour mix) 32. DJ Nejtrino – that's my name (original mix) 33. DJ Romeo – finally (club mix edit) 34. DJ Smash – take me there (chris kaeser remix) 35. DJ Sveta – dreams (wendel kos first sunlight club) 36.

DJ Fashion – blade (aly payami original radio mix) 37. DJ Nejtrino – my disco (original club mix) 38. DJ Romeo – never again in 2009 (massai remix) 39. DJ Pitkin – stay With Me (Edward Maya Club Remix) 40. DJ Nejtrino – electro sixteen (club vocal mix) 41. DJ Vini – summer beside us (extended mix) 42. DJ Nejtrino – just be (flower mix) 43. DJ Romeo – dust to the beat (michael mind electro dub) 44. DJ Smash – dreams (main vocal mix) 45. Dj Neitrino – Vechno Molodoy 46. Ivan Spell – London, Gud-Bay 47. Riga feat Radi Slavi – Nevozmojno prosto (Club Mix) 48. Stefano Prada Stevie S – Axel F (Electro Mix) 49. The Attic Feat. Oh Laura – Release Me (Kevin Sunray Remix) 50. Aaren san – narcotic flash (original mix) 51. Depeche Mode – Dream On (Alex Astero & Evan Sax Remix) 52. DJ Boyko & SOUND SHOCKING – Na krayu Vselennoy (original mix) 53. DJ Tomerg – Seven Nation Army 54. Finger and Kadel – Mana Mana (Bigroom Mix) 55. Glamrock Brothers – Ma Baker (Michael Mind Remix) 56. laura bs – waiting for me (roman b and vova baggage mix) 57. Morris – Till The Morning Light (Dj Dark Remix) 58. Paper Nation feat. Robert Brown – RemeMber Me (Space Hustlers Remix) 59. Polakov & Kate Kameron – My Heart 60. Spencer & Hill – Young Love (Original Mix)

Musical Accompaniment

Probably not a man who would be indifferent to the beautiful and cheerful melodies. Therefore, music must for any celebration – weddings or banquet in a restaurant, the prom or corporate parties, children’s holiday or openeyre. The choice of music depends primarily on the nature of the event, the composition of the guests and their musical tastes and preferences. But one way or another, most people would agree that the tape recorder and a computer can not replace live musicians, who are investing in the execution part of their soul and talent. Live music can make friends compositions novelty, special and inimitable sound, because each musician feels and gives the song a little differently. Special event, banquet, anniversary, presentations often require special music that matches the moment. And in this case will be indispensable classical music and musicians of the classical school. For example, a chamber string ensemble – a quartet, a quintet that plays beautiful classical music, will intersnyh any festive event.

You can pre-agree on a repertoire listen to fragments of music and identify the program that best fits a particular event. Any holiday will add a unique flavor of Russian folk instruments group, performing not just folk music – the balalaika, domra and accordions play perfectly incendiary tone of modern pop music. For outdoor concerts are best brass bands of different composition. The smallest number of musicians in this orchestra – 8 people, but at the request of the concert may attend up to 36 performers. Their repertoire includes a generally festive songs, and all kinds of potpourri, treatment of known songs, blues songs.

For example, the New Year will never be forgotten guests, which will be held by a brass band of Santa Clauses, performing a children’s song ‘born in the forest Christmas tree. ” Order string and wind ensembles, and convenient advantageous because they do not need equipment and electrical equipment – the tools of musicians with him. Constantly in demand at celebrations jazz musicians in the small ensemble, with vocal participation or without it, but often in the jazz band included keyboardist, who will need a piano, a piano or keyboard at a minimum. Often, a holiday book a vocal-instrumental ensemble. As a rule, group involved at least five musicians. Do not forget that this ensemble performances take place equipped and the conditions for joining the musical instruments – musical instruments, speakers, amplifier. But certain difficulties in the preparation will be compensated by that unique atmosphere that the festival will provide live music. Universal team will play songs and compositions in various genres and styles, play rock and roll, pop, classic and retro. In this repertoire is desirable to agree in advance, by typing in the application all songs that I would like to hear the guests. If the singer has an experienced team-mate DJ and competently organized collection of soundtracks, musicians can play well and together, mixing live performance of popular compositions by soundtrack with minus or dance numbers hit a record. Artists can be variety – classical musicians or singers with modern pop repertoire.

Human History

It should be noted and this point of view that the history of society, the content of which is a class struggle, began with their appearance, the creation of expressing the will of the ruling class state, ie about five or six thousand years ago. For example, Karl Jaspers distinguishes between prehistory and about 5,000 years known to us for this documentary in history when "almost simultaneously in three regions of the world's most ancient cultures there. This is, firstly, Sumerian-Babylonian and Egyptian culture and the Aegean world from 4000 BC, and second, opened in the excavation of pre-Aryan Indus Valley culture of the Third Millennium (associated with Sumer), and thirdly, vaguely skvozyaschy in his memoirs, has left scant traces of the archaic world of China's second millennium BC (And probably even earlier). " Only then we can talk about the history of civilizations, because the word itself is derived from the Latin cives – citizen, civilis – civilian, that is, presupposes the existence of classes, state and law. However, thus excluded from the history of four millenniums previous stage, which was of decisive importance in the fate of humanity and in shaping structure of society – a stage that began with the Neolithic revolution. World-historical importance of this great upheaval recognized an absolute majority of social scientists. Our view is that reading the history of society should be conducted with the Neolithic revolution (which initiated the first neolithic civilization), which was preceded by a transitional Mesolithic period. Consequently, the actual history of the company (without transition) has about ten thousand years – an insignificant moment in the history of the geological history of Earth, but a huge, full of radical change the path traversed by mankind.

Catherine Potemkin

It depicts pyramid – a well-known Masonic symbol, the desire for the beautiful world order, and above it is the eyes – radiant delta or the Almighty mind, with emitted light. It is important that under the pyramid is a foundation date United States – 1776. Around it – the inscription in Latin: a new procedure creates. In the first Yekaterinoslav arms we see the same pyramid, only instead of an eye – the monogram of Catherine, E.I.V. with the crown, from which emanate rays.

And at the bottom – date of the city, in 1787. In the second version of this pyramid is placed in a heraldic shield and more like an American. One can only guess that means the similarity of two completely different characters. These thoughts leads and the very status of Potemkin. – He was more than the Governor-General, he was called by the Viceroy of the South – local historian recalled.

– And yet – the architect and light – the terms used in Masonic lodges. It is known that he was under their strong influence. True, if composed himself in a bed, is unknown. And unusual musical tastes, "Gregory Neches," as he called Cossacks. – At Masons music has a special burden – enlighten us historian. – Because In their opinion, can turn the world. A year before the founding of the city filed a Potemkin Catherine the report on the establishment of a Yekaterynoslav 'University jointly with the Academy of Music or Conservatory', almost 80 years ahead of its opening in St.

Yuri Kot Charity Gala

Iva Rich – the only Ukrainian singer, whose repertoire harmoniously interwoven compositions in the styles of soul, lounge, blues and rock. Iva Rich – singer of new generation, able to inspire his creative experimentation and musical cocktail of different styles of not only youth, but also held the people. Music connoisseurs happy to taste the taste of the heavenly lounge, dreamy flavor of blues, jazz, sensual tenderness and sexual energy rock, and the very singer has been dubbed ‘The discovery of the Year’! Singer completes work on her first English album and preparing for his mega-presentation, which is planning to invite journalists from leading publications stars of world and Ukrainian pop culture and public figures. This album is sure to go down song-swallow ‘Chosen One’, first introduced to the audience in the large-scale concert, ‘Best Song of the Year’ and caused applause and a storm of emotions. Now we are actively preparing to shoot the video for this song. Also in the album as a bonus included absolutely unexpected for the audience the works that will surprise fans quality music. Iva Rich is actively involved in live projects, presentations, exhibitions, television and radio programs, lay the balls and receptions.

Vladimir Grishko meter Opera invited the young singer to be not only special guest of his tour vseukraiskogo ‘U Poshuk Perlin,’ but also lead the gala concert. Iva Rich – sensitive to others’ problems man, great attention is paid to participate in various charity projects. And if you want it can even draw a picture, both for the charity project Tatiana Franchuk and Vlada Litovchenko ‘drillability’. The picture was purchased by the singer for 3000 Euro Honored Artist of Ukraine, Viktor Pavlik. Iva Rich – and creative personality very addicting, so trying to achieve a maximum height of any matter for which taken. Real passion is journalism singer. She is now a constant host of ‘TeenClub’ on Channel ‘O-TV “and the editor columns ‘Beauty is the fashion’ in the Ukrainian national glossy magazine for young people ‘TeenAger’.

For his achievements in the field of children’s musical creativity Iva received the highest award in journalism ‘Golden Pen’. Despite his young age, singer held dozens of events themselves. For example, for three consecutive years she was the leading All-Ukrainian Festival Competition ‘Beauty Star Ukraina’, jointly conducted by Yuri Kot Charity Gala ‘Schasliv dolon’, and with Andrew Djedjula – Natalka Karpa video presentation. Even in the record of the singer’s concert ‘Terre des Hommes’ in the National Palace “Ukraine” with Nikita Dzhigurda, maintenance programs ‘Zrki on stage’ at the First National channel and the TV children’s ‘Korporatsya Simba’, as well as many other interesting and important projects. Iva Rich – beautiful, charming and lovely girl, able to subjugate millions of male and female hearts. So in 2005 she received all the awards in the field of business model – ‘Young Miss World‘, ‘Little Queen of Ukraine’, ‘mini top model in Ukraine’, ‘Mini-Miss Kiev “. Iva Rich – singer. This is her true calling. Understand that her experience has helped the actress co-starred as singer in one of the main roles the television series “Strange secrets’ of ‘Star Meda’. The singer said: “On stage, it is impossible to repeat the moment … life. Therefore, it is unique.