World Through The Eyes Of A Psychologist

Want to see through the eyes of a psychologist? Then go ahead! There are psychologists have their own professional joke: "No healthy people, there noninvestigated. You know, if crudely summarize a huge amount of books and teachings on psychology, then in this mass highlight all the same basic truths and values. They evolved for thousands of years, but an attempt to constantly changing civilizations, political institutions, ways of life and priorities are constantly misleading people away, do not give him realize his true destiny, do not give self-realization, to get to the joys of family and live happily in the fountain of positive emotions. Details can be found by clicking Saul “Canelo” Alvarez or emailing the administrator. Emotions – is the primary regulator of our mental life. By learning to understand these signals of our body, addressed to ourselves, man learns to control his whole life. Because human emotions – the only thing that remained unchanged since the transition from ape to man. Add to your understanding with Ken Kao. Why, everyone who loves animals know exactly what their pets are experiencing at times even more intense emotions than they are! Emotions can not be hidden from the eyes of the supervisory therapist. Even if you do – a great actor and can "portray anything, you still will not be able to hide what is written on the face of your life.

If a person thinks about the poor, his facial expression is appropriate. If you constantly pumping events in their minds – there is a corresponding wrinkles. Depending on the situation, we are all "dress" or that mask.

Urban Fauna

Urban fauna Antonio Padilha de Carvalho to live in this necessary planet if makes the waist game, the malandragem of the Carioca, jeitinho national, the way to be of the Cuiabano. Exists a code to be followed, to be kept, pursued, or inexists law that teaches in them to live? We run of a side for an other e, the more we reach, less we have, more we yearn for, less we are, more we desire, less we understand. January always brings new pages so that let us can write a new history, leaving of side the useless estrias that had packed in them, remembering that music still is possible, when the idea to us is useful. The law forbids to embed musicians of few mritos in the gutter, them already lives there, bogged until the neck, as using people of drugs. (As opposed to San Antonio Spurs). Drugs that they imprison on behalf of the freedom. People who use drug are unexpected, are animal, for option, act for instinct. The harmful substance is its reason of being. Later that they enter, they do not obtain to leave, lose the option.

They are as fish, they do not live without water. Sick people that dreams of waterfall of beers, rains of based, pies of stolens good, entulhos, cadeados liquefeitos, cans, bottles, liters, curotinhos of drip, whiskey of twenty years, emblematic labels with fantasiosos drawings, packings that pack unhealthy and funestas illusions. As Salomo said: All illusion; The mothers, the parents, know of everything! They dissimulate to protect itself. She creates to protect it, create redomas unsurmountable, distorted protection with material supports, vises that force coasts to the problems, finding that given coasts decide the questions ece of fishes. The mothers, the parents, are sponges, suck everything! They believe that they live of the certain side of the hell, its you create they are ambulant morturias masks, they faint, they vomit, they do not work, they do not study, they find everything a bag and they participate of walks for the freedom.

Almeida Society

For Hamburger, the death of Daniela Peres would have fortified the notion of that soap operas influence and stimulate, collective and individual positive or negative, behaviors. This point of view sufficiently is spread out, as much for the sense-common one how much for the speeches of many marxist intellectuals, who had always associated the interest for the novel, as well as other activities related to the leisure, as the carnival and the soccer, to an alienator attitude. According to same logic, Almeida also affirms that the television would influence the customs and would motivate the consumerism. However, in the work of this last author, it does not appear in which situations the television would exert its influence. Gomes, in turn, is more necessary in its analyses on the relation between novels and our society.

Following the steps of Weber, the author especially affirms that a causal adequacy between the sort exists soap opera and certain existing representations in the Brazilian society, those related to the forms of social control and conflict resolution. The problem of the soap operas, still according to Gomes, would be in the fact of them to have if becoming one exclusive, predominant televisual sort narrative in a society where the escolarizao leaves to desire. In this context, the novels would leave of being a narrative sort, as as much others, to be the only form narrative of that the Brazilian society makes use to tell its proper social dramas. Thus, the form narrative of the soap operas if would have transformed into a thought project from which Brazil tells its histories, fictitious and real. The novels, in short, would be ' ' an alive example of how much it (Brazilian society) is capable of if reproducing imaginarily in its totality, when sheltering and pedagogically reproducing its systems of pensamento' ' (GOMES, 1998, P. 25). Pointing out the soap operas between the mythical and historical speech, Gomes affirms that this sort can be understood as ' ' dramatizadas histories coletivamente' '.

Stephen Hawking

In this way, extracting the theories that falsifies the real motivations human beings it only is that one becomes possible to get the knowledge of the true reasons of the actions of this. Scientific and not scientific theory a scientific theory is the corollary of an abstract hypothetical-deductive system, which if constitutes in an explanation or scientific description of a related set of comments or experiments. In such a way, a scientific theory is based on estimated hypotheses or verified by independent groups of scientists. It has times where a hypothesis total is not confirmed, but only in part, what it leads to the necessity to review the hypothesis and to remake experiments, until perfecting a coherent explanation. A scientific theory can result in some verified scientific laws from its consequences, deduced of the theory. Such laws start to be part of estimated and the basic hypotheses of the theory, that will be included to the accepted knowledge for the scientific community of the field of knowledge in question. In relation to this subject, Stephen Hawking affirms: ' ' A theory is good if it satisfies two requirements: a model must on the basis of describe with precision an extensive category of comments that only contains one few arbitrary elements and must carry through concrete predictions on the results of comments futuras.' ' (HAWKING, 1988) Still: ' ' Any physical theory is always provisory, in the direction of that it is only one hypothesis that never can be proven. It does not matter how many times the results of the experiments agree to a theory, if it never can have the certainty of that of the next time they will contradict it to the results. On the other hand, a theory with the meeting of an only comment can be refuted that is in disagreement with the predictions of mesma' ' (IDEM, 1988).