Berlin Hertha – Home – 20 Years Hertha BSC Anthem

Anniversary recording of single – home for exactly 20 years now, there is a fixed ritual in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium: home of Hertha BSC – 5 minutes up to the kick-off – players play ranked! Get up, scarf upward, goose bumps! “60,000 Fans sing: only home n go wa not!” It was March 31, 1993, the Frank Zander for the show program was engaged in the mid-term of the Cup semi-final of Hertha BSC amateurs (Hertha Bubis) against Chemnitzer FC. The stadium was nearly sold out and the Berlin cult artist had mighty jitters, against the impressive backdrop of about 60,000 fans to sing. A day before the big show Zander came the idea, his current single home “, as a kind of rough pitcher song” was meant for pubs to rewrite for Hertha BSC. Along with his lyricist Hanno Bruhn, the famous lines to Zanders Hertha anthem emerged overnight. But the fans would assume the song and the new text? Frank Zander: it was enormous and indescribable.

I am still getting Goosebumps when I think of the moment when the whole East curve upward suddenly held their scarves and mitsang the chorus. The whole thing could have gone also fully in the pants, but the fans felt that the song by heart came and was not a commercial. Three years later there was an official CD.” Like a prayer, the fans celebrate their national anthem to the tune of Rod Stewart’s sailing”before every home game at the Olympic Stadium. In the SAT1 show hit giant was only home “to place 2 of the most popular Stadium anthems of all time chosen. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hertha BSC anthem by Frank Zander is there now a re-recording, sung by prominent Hertha fans.

HERTHA BERLIN”is called program is the formation and this name! The participant list reads like the who’s who of the Berlin music and celebrity scene: Frank Zander, the retreat, Peter Fox, DJ Tomekk, Axel Kruse, tick Neuendorf, Burna, Daniel Rimkus, Francis Harris, Katrin Schifelbein, Peer Kusmagk, Platter PI, Schroder (Berserker), Silla and the stadium spokesman Udo Knierim and Fabian by Wachsmann. Fresh and rocking the new old presents itself”it was giving anthem and even a rap part but don’t worry, the original remains of course the fans. Source: Zett records more info: Maxi-CD home “best. No.: 76.6222-2 30.03.2013 in all HERTHA BSC fan shop or anywhere as available for download.


“” The new album of the Shepherd – EIG ne way go n EIG’ a way go “is the highly anticipated and published on January 10th at TELAMO new album of the shepherd”. Thirteen brand new songs can be heard on it. For more than 23 years, the shepherds are”a permanent fixture in the folk and entertainment music and are among the most famous ensembles in German-speaking countries. “” EIG ne ways “the shepherds were” always and this brought them up in the top of the charts, countless live concerts, to acclaimed performances in all major TV shows and in the heart of a growing fan base. “Successfully in the charts, the single runs let the work – work”. The cheerful upbeat song is like (note) key to the secret of the success the shepherd”: namely their ability, life, not too hard to take the daily duties. Dear party celebrations, as fixed work”, they say with a wink.

This joy of life sings the title Heyjo”, whose exciting sound it difficult can elude. The song conveys pure Joie de vivre a summer long”. “” A danceable, rhythmic contemporary song, which is the Arch of the old folk songs about the musettehafte piece of the flower girl “to pop hits like all want only one” hits. The origin of the “shepherd” goes to the medieval folk festival of the Peter and Paul Festival”in the domestic Bretten back. Is time reminds of this on the new CD therefore the folk songs Medley to the dance there is a girl”, in which played with hurdy-gurdy, lute, violin, accordion and Mandolin. On just such festivals are the shepherds”also today still to find. The small appearances are as important as the big events. “Uwe Erhardt: proximity to the audience is crucial.” Never did the shepherds’ rapid success at any cost.

We were never ready to throw away that traditions and values,”they emphasize. Still they go barefoot and not in Patent leather shoes. The musicians of the Kraichgau have never lost the grip. “EIG’ a way go”-which also means to embark on never entered paths. This meant for the shepherds”for the first time to work with new teams. In addition to Uwe Erhardt Wolfgang G. Herrmann responsible now as a producer. Also the CD will be released for the first time at TELAMO, the new label of the shepherd”.


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