Spanish Episcopal Conference

EFE regardless of who is or is not in accordance to the Constitution, they say. The Episcopal Conference considers its obligation to help the discernment about justice and the morality of laws. The Constitutional Court backs gay marriage law. The Catholic Church believes that the current Spanish legislation on marriage, regardless of who is or not in accordance with the Constitution, is seriously unfair since it does not recognize nor protects the reality of marriage in its specificity. So the Committee Executive of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (EEC) says in a press release after its meeting this Thursday in which has analyzed the decision of the Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled that gay marriage law is constitutional.

While recognizing that competence of the Church is not to make judgments on the legal relevance of the judgements of the courts, the Episcopal Conference considered that it is their obligation to help discernment on the Justice and the morality of laws. In this sense, the amendment of the law to the end that are recognized and protected the rights of all when it comes to marriage and the family considered urgent. Thus, he defends the right of those who marry to be expressly recognized as husband and wife and children and young people to be educated as husbands and wives of the future. The EEC also insists on the need to recognize and protect the right of children to enjoy a father and a mother, under whose faithful and fruitful love are called to life and living in a stable family. According to the Catholic Church, none of these rights is currently recognized nor protected by law.

Upon hearing the decision of the Constitutional Court, the Episcopal Conference considered that the legislation has redefined the legal figure of the marriage in such a way that it has ceased to be the union of a man and a woman, and has legally become the union of two citizens any, for those who now reserves exclusively the name of spouses or consorts. In this way, considers the Catholic Church, sets an unusual legal definition of marriage to the exclusion of any reference to the difference between the male and the female. The Episcopal Conference regrets that Spaniards have lost the right to be expressly recognized by law as a husband or wife and you have to be entered in the Civil Register as A spouse or spouse B. For all these reasons, the Church claims with pain that the laws in force in Spain do not recognize or protect marriage in their specificity. Therefore convinced of the negative consequences that arise for the common good, we raise our voice for the true marriage and its legal recognition, it points out the Episcopal Conference in its press release. See more: the Catholic Church checks off of “severely unfair” law for failing to protect marriage