Organizing Committee

POPULAR FESTIVAL Ballad song is in trouble The first half of September for the world of art song – the golden age. Sela Ward may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The festival of the same name is traditionally held on the base camp “The Seagull” near Chernushki, in a picturesque location on the shores of the vast forest pond. It would seem that everything is fine – mass entertainment: walk on catamarans, hiking, mushrooming, fishing, sauna, horseback riding. Guests and participants are placed in the camp and Cook immediately. For those who are not accustomed to the tent and campfire romanticism food round the clock dining. And you can settle in the panel house.

In general, the soul sing, the people rejoice! But there it was … ship “Golden time” gave flow. “Do you remember how it all began …” I would like to remind you that it all started in the last century. Namely, in 1998 with a small concert in DC chernushinskom Oilers. Three years of going to a bunch of bards in the Perm region was still Mini festivalchik Palace of Culture. In 2002, like manna from heaven, Permian producer Oleg Novoselov and Author House created the “Neighborhood Forum” and took under the wing of a young festival. Chairman of the Organizing Committee festival at the time was Oleg Haraskin, then head Chernushinskogo area. Indifferent to the author’s song and he himself is not averse to occasionally pick up a guitar. At the height of “golden age” for her scene really masters have visited this genre: Andrew Kozlowski, the group “The Thorn Birds”, group “Grandmaster”, Perm author and performer Don Gregory and others a few days of the festival blended into an unbroken chain of experience.

New Year

New year’s Eve 2009 in Croatia: new year’s Eve trip to the Adriatic Sea to Senj, Rabac and Losinj to the small spar with! prize new year’s Eve 2009 in Senj Basel, December 16, 2009 – new year’s Eve 2009 in Senj. The romantic coastal town of Senj, located between Rijeka and Zadar, is regarded as the oldest town in the upper Adriatic. The 8000 inhabitants small town festivals throughout the country for his Senjer \”known. Whether the 6-day summer Carnival in August, on the occasion of various folk festivals or concerts of Senj and its Senjer celebrate love and often, mostly moist Merry. Celebrate new year’s Eve 2009 in Senj and book an attractive new year’s Eve trip to the Adriatic coast.

Enjoy new year’s Eve mood pur in the 3-star hotel Libra and be inspired by the great new year’s Eve program. On new year’s Eve night, we have for you a table in the a la-carte restaurant Paron\”reserved. Then we invite you, in the largest discotheque in the region, the nightclub Magnus’, to celebrate. In the VIP area of the Club a place is reserved for you also, for small catering in Form of snacks, fresh bread and ham-cheese plate is taken care of. With best views of the entertainment they celebrate far into the new year, point 12: 00 the accompanying Champagne is served. New year’s Eve in Rabac, Istria new year’s Eve in Rabac. The small 1000 counting souls seaside resort is situated fantastically with stunning views over the Kvarner Bay, directly opposite the island of CRES is located.

Rabac and its beautiful surroundings is known at least since Richard Francis Burton’s book of Istrian coast\”. Their 2009 new year’s Eve travel brings you here, directly on the Adriatic Sea, in the two flower Hotel Narcis and Hedera. A lavish 6-course gala menu at its finest is located on new year’s Eve dinner.

ITB Sardinia Ideas

At ITB Berlin tourism with its new and expanded program for Sardinia is beautiful. Darmstadt, February 2009 – on the ITB Berlin is beautiful tourism with its new and expanded program for Sardinia. All tour operators in the B2B area are welcome to be inspired on the trade days of the Sardinian highlights of the specialists from Darmstadt. Wednesday, March 11, through Friday, March 13, beautiful tourist in Hall 1.2 at the Sardinia stand on trade visitors, is pleased: at the world’s largest tourism fair, the specialist for special group adventures presents the Sardinia program. The focus at this year’s hiking programs and culinary delights: this year we have a flyer with new hiking tours and tours at the show. Wine – and Kulinarikreisen are in recent times under the keyword of Enogastronomy ‘ become more popular. For even more opinions, read materials from Larry Culp.

This trend we take up and show what holds our core destination of Sardinia for group tour operators in this regard. Be rounded off our programs from two golf journeys, the magnificent nature of Sardinia at the Green sport experience can be”, invites Johannes Schon, Managing Director of beautiful tourist, for a State visit. Hiking, golfing and feasting on Sardinian style under titled incoming, travel packages and ideas from the experts”invites the flyer to tap into tasty and wonderful Sardinia travel for groups of 8 persons. All programs are authentic creative experience worth to the company motto”collected: our travel concepts are always enriched with devices that tap into a special experience to guests. Small, fine travel accents that remain in memory are a breathtaking vantage point, a quaint picnic”. so Johannes Schon. The travel logistics brings beautiful tourism to the point: the arrival and departure is in principle on flights, which are organized daily. Each itinerary is however specially tailored to the needs of the organiser and the group, so that also an arrival / departure by bus, it is possible. The contacts have grown over many years in the target area, make sure that all members of the chain of tourist services support the high service standards of the Darmstadt-based specialists.

Beauty Salon

In short, the trip to the beauty salon escape is unlikely. Better yet, if it's a whole Academy of Beauty. For example, in the Kimberley Land ". In general, be honest, "Kimberley" – this is so huge island health and entertainment, where you can spend a vacation without leaving Moscow. But if we already have gone on leave, then after that remains but give a good hands of specialists from the local Academy of Beauty. Recently Sela Ward sought to clarify these questions. Paradise for one person So, the first is, of course, leather. Everyone knows that tanning – it's not just beauty, but also protect the skin from the scorching sun.

But apart from sunbathing, and severe exposure (we have already said – that the salt water and sand, and wind) on the skin, a layer of dry, keratinized cells. On the one hand, it is also protected, because this layer prevents the evaporation of the final moisture from the skin. On the other hand it does not give the skin to breathe. In addition, these cells give the skin Unsightliness, and give the whole bunch of unpleasant sensations associated with the drying and contraction. So the first thing they do at the Academy Beauty to eliminate this effect – is a gentle exfoliation. The skin on his face – the most tender and vulnerable. Therefore, peeling the person at the Academy are doing with the help of ultrasound, and water. A special unit of the ultrasonic vibrating metal spatula, and when it is carried out in the skin, moistened with water, the vibration crushes thin water layer on the individual microscopic droplets that bounce off the skin and from each other, and how would "discourage", exfoliate dead cells, remove them from your skin and it cracked down and begins to breathe.