The debut album of the Munich-based singer-songwriter alex sebastian stands shortly before the release of Crowdsponsoring is far from a new phenomenon. The idea that through many small amounts that are paid by supporters for an innovative or creative project, a large whole at all can arise, especially in the United States has gotten around for years. This topic is still in its infancy in Germany. Nevertheless, the Munich-based singer- songwriter alex sebastian was () immediately it enthusiastically: “often I was addressed to, whether there would be my music not on CD. But I shied away from the investment, because that is not negligible. I found the idea appealing, just turn the tables during the music is free think and say: it is good for my music and want it on CD? If you are helping the CD to finance, very happy.” Ninety days later, actually more than 2,500 EUR together had come and so it went to work. Uncompromising production “because I myself am a very demanding listener, was for me clear that compromises do not come, but each piece must get the arrangement that it needs.

“, so alex sebastian. Wherever possible, natural should be instruments instead of today often used computer sound libraries used. Together with the Munich-based arranger and producer Karsten laser has been studied in a more than year-long process, instrument, recorded and mixed until everything fit. “I had the good fortune to find a fabulous producer who knew right off the bat, to enrich my songs with his ideas, without altering the statement and mood with Karsten. He managed to create exactly the sound, which I imagined for each piece had. “, thinks of itself producing artists. Variety has come out in the foreground a typical work for the musicians: alex sebastian does not set, because nothing is more boring than pabulum for him as he prevails in large parts of the music industry.

Eigelstein Music Incl Beer

Cologne’s most popular city guide book now online! This Brewery tour is a must for all connoisseurs of Cologne and those beer lovers, who want to experience the city and its most famous ‘Veedel’. Cologne at its’ hustle’! A city experience of a special kind. Created by the Romans as a military road towards Xanten approximately 2000 years ago, has the dropouts district of Cologne, his change in the course of time made. Learn about the rich history on this guided tour. By relic traders, Kappes farmers, Napoleon Bonaparte, the sublime Eigelsteintorburg, up to the brewing of ‘fermented gold’, the Kolsch. What is Pharaoh of Ramesses in a brewery in Cologne? Who is ‘the Amanda boor’? What is the ‘Chamber of horrors’? There is still pleasure and Vice in the former red-light district of the city? Learn more…

Visit the most famous Breweries of the Eigelsteins with us and you will be impressed by the stories around the smallest part of the city. This guide is a Experience and acted as secret of all brewery friends of Cologne! Tour: Duration approximately 2-2.5 hours venue: Finial at the Cologne Cathedral prices: 26,00 per person! (incl. 3 Kolsch (colognian) per person and at the end of the tour a delicious Brauhaus plate in one of the most rustic Brewpubs in the Eigelstein district!) Brewery tour incl. 3 Kolsch (colognian) per person, without Brauhaus plate, 21.00 per person! Reservations and rates to variable numbers of participants or groups can be requested individually of course. Guided tours after 20: 00 evening is a surcharge, 20.00. Foreign languages on request: English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, French and of course op Kolsch. Supplement 10,00 euro per hour. Our city tours and tours of the brewery are the company party, stag, a successful event for every outing, the Club excursion for family celebrations and friend events. Enquiries and bookings: Historical tours Cologne Tel: 01709689234, Mr Dimos pictures of the Guide:

Athens Music recommends unique music experiences around the world in Munich April 11, 2012. Away from the quiet package holiday and the all-round care of resort shows holidaymakers a varied program of a different kind: music festivals in the beach holiday. We see that tourists increasingly travel to experience something special. Our offers to inspire, to rediscover famous package tourist destinations”, explains Andreas NAU, Managing Director of has put together a few special concerts and gives tips on what there is still to discover on the spot.

“Any tourists, as immediately his journey on the Expedia travel packages” app for iPad book, gives an iTunes voucher in the amount of 30 Euro Thus travellers tune up is already once musically on the approaching holiday. “Experience rock music under the Sun of Ibiza Ibiza can travellers from 6 June until 19 September 2012 at the Ibiza rocks event” world famous artists such as Ed Sheeran, the Kaiser Chiefs and Paolo Nutini hear. Which located only 500 metres from the beach, event offers the opportunity to leave the evening after a day on the beach at rock the sessions ends. The Balearic Islands known for electronic music, usually with Ibiza rocks offers”another high point of the annual summer season, the you should not miss. The Acropolis shake let the Rockwave Festival”in the Greek capital invites hard rock enthusiasts Machine Head and lucky funerals during the period from 1 to 3 July 2012 with lineups like Ozzy Osbourne & friends, to shake the city.

After the concerts you can relax on the beach. The revelers Ozzy Osbourne should not miss yet followers at their vacation in Athens to visit the numerous historic buildings. In the Odeon of Herodes Atticus”, an almost completely preserved ancient theatre, can immerse themselves in the splendor of yesteryear. Dancing to electronic music in Izmir can tourists of the region of Izmir in Turkey between June 28 and July 3, 2012 to the tree of life”to celebrate Festival at Kabiri Lake.