Pilgrims Make Night

The arrival of participants in WYD to the aerodrome has been incessant this Saturday, where the tents for the night have multiplied with the passing of the hours. Heat, first, and the rain and wind, then, have staged acts on Saturday. Seven injured after the whirlwind of water and strong wind of this Saturday night, which has also forced to cancel much of the discourse of Benedicto XVI. This Sunday, the closing Eucharist puts an end to the WYD, bouncing to the Pope after a four day visit to Madrid. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. Traffic along the main streets of Madrid has been restored. Pope Benedicto XVI resigned Saturday to read the speech scheduled for the eve of the world youth day with hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in the aerodrome of Cuatro Vientos, on the outskirts of Madrid, due to the strong storm, accompanied by a great Gale which you downloaded in the middle of the ceremony and that has wounded seven people.

The storm has caused the downfall of a light pole without reaching any Pilgrim, has affected coating of the scenario and has knocked down several tents, which have caused injuries to seven people in his fall. Three had fractures or possible fractures: a girl, fractures in the bones of the nose; a woman, fracture of patella, and another possible shoulder fracture, while the rest suffered bruises. By the same author: Brahman Capital. After this, thousands of pilgrims have been prepared to spend the night in Cuatro Vientos and dismiss this Sunday Benedicto XVI, on the day that puts an end to the WYD. Speech canceled when he had read two paragraphs of speech downloaded about four winds a strong storm which forced to suspend the ceremony for half an hour. The strong Gale even snatched the zucchetto and had to take shelter between several large white umbrella. Despite the water, young people not panicked and continued singing this is the youth of the Pope and other chants. To deepen your understanding Brahman Capital Corp is the source.

Olympic Games

In a crowded at midday press conference, leaking largely by filtration of the big news yesterday afternoon, the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto-Ruiz Gallardon, confirmed that it presents the candidature of the capital to the Olympic Games in 2020. Aware of the reluctance of a society beset by unemployment, crisis and debt, Gallardon emphasised that the work done in the two previous attempts allows that the cost is not high. Without providing an estimate of spending, Alderman has stressed that searches for the support of private initiative and is committed to not spending a single euro in infrastructure until you know if Madrid organizes the appointment or not. The advantage, underlined again and again, is that 80% of what is necessary is made. Madrid will compete with Rome and Istanbul, to which it is possible that Tokyo and Durban will join. Source of the news:: Gallardon launches a low cost and with “support” private candidacy.

California Institute

For the first time has succeeded in measuring your body temperature. The study of the composition of a few teeth has helped with the body temperature of these, millions of years after its extinction. The margin of error of analysis is between one and two degrees. The night life of dinosaurs. Million years once the large herbivorous dinosaurs of the Jurassic, leading the study of the composition of its teeth has unveiled their body temperature, which was similar to that of mammals and birds present and larger than the crocodiles of cold blood. So scientists from the California Institute of technology (Caltech) and the University of Bonn (Germany) say in a study published this week in Science Express. The body of the giant Brachiosaurus had a temperature of 38.2 degrees celsius and the camarasaurio of 35.7 degrees, as it has been know thanks to the innovative method developed by researchers, which consisted in analyzing the fossilized of several species of sauropod tooth enamel of Tanzania and United States.

Experts, according to which the margin of error of analysis is between one and two degrees, measured the abundance of links between isotopes of carbon and oxygen in the apatite, the main mineral of the enamel of the teeth, which varies according to the temperature that is formed said enamel. It’s like being able to put a thermometer to an animal that has been extinct for 150 million years, said Robert Eagle, geochemical student postdoctoral fellow at Caltech and lead author of the study. However, the conclusions of the scientists not zanjan debate about whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals (which maintains a stable temperature) or cold (that depend on the ambient temperature). Our data provide clear evidence that his body temperature was clearly higher and more stable than the ambient temperature, stated in a note the German biochemist Thomas Tutken, of the University of Bonn, who participated in the study. But, according to the scientist this could be due to the large size of these dinosaurs, already having a BMI greater than the surface of the body (Brachiosaurus measured more than 23 meters and weighed 40 tons) is also effective to maintain constant temperature. Now the researchers intend to study dinosaurs small, unable to store heat by having one body surface area is larger than the volume, to determine if they were hot or cold blood. Research will enable to better understand the behaviour of these prehistoric animals, more leisurely and slow in beings of blood cold and more agile and faster in hot blood. Source of the news: manage to put a thermometer to dinosaurs

Spanish Episcopal Conference

EFE regardless of who is or is not in accordance to the Constitution, they say. The Episcopal Conference considers its obligation to help the discernment about justice and the morality of laws. The Constitutional Court backs gay marriage law. The Catholic Church believes that the current Spanish legislation on marriage, regardless of who is or not in accordance with the Constitution, is seriously unfair since it does not recognize nor protects the reality of marriage in its specificity. So the Committee Executive of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (EEC) says in a press release after its meeting this Thursday in which has analyzed the decision of the Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled that gay marriage law is constitutional.

While recognizing that competence of the Church is not to make judgments on the legal relevance of the judgements of the courts, the Episcopal Conference considered that it is their obligation to help discernment on the Justice and the morality of laws. In this sense, the amendment of the law to the end that are recognized and protected the rights of all when it comes to marriage and the family considered urgent. Thus, he defends the right of those who marry to be expressly recognized as husband and wife and children and young people to be educated as husbands and wives of the future. The EEC also insists on the need to recognize and protect the right of children to enjoy a father and a mother, under whose faithful and fruitful love are called to life and living in a stable family. According to the Catholic Church, none of these rights is currently recognized nor protected by law.

Upon hearing the decision of the Constitutional Court, the Episcopal Conference considered that the legislation has redefined the legal figure of the marriage in such a way that it has ceased to be the union of a man and a woman, and has legally become the union of two citizens any, for those who now reserves exclusively the name of spouses or consorts. In this way, considers the Catholic Church, sets an unusual legal definition of marriage to the exclusion of any reference to the difference between the male and the female. The Episcopal Conference regrets that Spaniards have lost the right to be expressly recognized by law as a husband or wife and you have to be entered in the Civil Register as A spouse or spouse B. For all these reasons, the Church claims with pain that the laws in force in Spain do not recognize or protect marriage in their specificity. Therefore convinced of the negative consequences that arise for the common good, we raise our voice for the true marriage and its legal recognition, it points out the Episcopal Conference in its press release. See more: the Catholic Church checks off of “severely unfair” law for failing to protect marriage

Environmentalists Call

There is no enough courage to keep the limit, says Greenpece. Environmentalists say that the measure had reduced emissions. The Government raised the speed limit of the 11th Km/h. Survey: do you see well that not be extended the limit of 110 km/h? The Government has not shown enough courage to maintain in force a rule, as speed reduction on motorways, which has proved its effectiveness in fuel economy and CO2 emissions, says Greenpeace Spain. The Manager in Spain of the campaign of transport of that international organization, Sara Pizzinato, stated that this is a bad time to revoke a decision the population had become accustomed to that, which got, in addition, save in spending public, private, and emissions of polluting gases. The Vice President and Minister of the Interior, Adolfo Perez Rubalcaba, today announced the Government decision not to renew the speed reduction on motorways and dual carriageways from 120 to 110 kilometres per hour, despite recognizing its term meant a savings of 450 million euros in oil bill. Although it was announced early on as temporary, before extraordinary price of a barrel of oil, that last March, the month of its application, was around $115, there are other compelling reasons that remain, as commitments of Spain reduced by 2020 a 20 percent s cto greenhouse gas emissions, said the activist.Spain returns to become a country vulnerable to the oil price, a market that has proven to be extremely volatile and any another upturn will feel. It should establish long-term structural measures, he insisted. According to Greenpeace, which said to have requested the Administration to extension of the speed reduction and that it linked the objectives of United Nations by 2020, if action is not taken in a forceful way to reduce oil consumption, emissions causing the feared climate change will not be reduced. New oil exploration in the Arctic, which Greenpeace is opposed by aggressive and dangerous, are a consequence of the constant demand for crude oil, a trend that must end, said the expert. In a statement, Ecologistas en Accion, for his part, stressed the inconsistency of the Government decision that removes a rule, after recognizing its advantages. Reaching 130 km/h the main clubs and automobile associations have praised for its part the Government decision not to extend the limit. However, these associations have influenced what little ctiva has proved this measure, since they understand that generated savings has been due more to the reduction of the circulation on roads because of the crisis which in itself limiting speed. At the same time there has been a general coincidence in that savings asset’scarryingamount of fuel in the road traffic is to be found more in measures of incentive’s sales of new cars, whose polluting levels become 40% less than ten cars years old. Alonso concreted, for your organization, including a maximum limit of 130 km/h on motorways and dual carriageways is able to be homologated with objectives of energy saving, environmental and road safety. Source of the news: environmentalists call for maintaining the 110 km/h while drivers clubs ask for upload to 130

League Betis

The Cameroonian midfielder tab by the Al – Hilal of Saudi Arabia. ses the matter in his writings. It is difficult to assume, declares the player, that he wanted to continue. Does not believe that the team is going to suffer without him. Cameroon midfielder Achille Emana, that this Friday is has officially dissociated itself from Real Betis to sign by the Al – Hilal of Saudi Arabia, stated in his farewell that goes with the joy of having left Betis in the first, where he was when he came. Emana said in the press room of Benito Villamarin than the East day is very special and emotional, since it is difficult to assume his departure because he thought that I could go on but the club circumstances determine what has happened. The footballer did not want to say anything or anyone negatively, since Betis needs joy to go ahead and just wanted to thank the fans and the press because everyone has helped to bring the Betis back into first. Emana, who refused to participate in the second concentration preseason of his team, he indicated that you as a man and as a professional footballer is responsible for the decision not to go to the United Kingdom and therefore will accept the punishment determined by the club. Did not think that a step backwards was international Cameroon does not believe that signing by the Al – Hilal is a step backwards in his career, as for Europeans, Arabia is one minor league but for them it is a League first and its decision not only weighed the economic issue, but also the desire to know other football. Achille Emana has also reported that it has dismissed all teammates, those who wished good luck for the season and insisted on asking the fans to help them, because at first they will need. My farewell has been good. I arrived with the smile and hugged everyone, who were happy to see me. I think that without me will not suffer because a good pre-season has been made and it has reinforced the team. Here he spent important people years ago as Finidi or Gordillo and its stages ended as mine, now just been clarified. Source of the news: Emana leaves Betis and blame on “the circumstances of the club”