BASE Film Circle

Curtain, film ab! In the BASE circle cinema and DVD novelties in the Center up to the 14.01.2014. There are weekly latest movie trailer and in the movie quiz the chance at prizes worth over 50,000! Up in the January the latest movies can be discovered in the BASE circle of friends no matter whether with your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. Available as profits in the movie Quiz: jackpot: 15 iPad 4 with retina display daily 30 billing adjustments a20 take part in the competition: once a day two featured films can be questions in the quiz. For this purpose the participants under must be circle of friends logged in and registered. If one or two questions answered correctly, takes part in the drawing of the Grand Prize. This is drawn at the end of the action among all participants.

Who can correctly solve both questions, daily has the opportunity on one of 30 billing adjustments. Small Tip: In the respective movie trailer hints on the proper solutions are hidden. Go to the BASE Film premiere: circle of friends on BASE: BASE are the customer at the Center. Because only those who know its customers, could allow them a carefree, mobile life. Thanks to easier prices and a large selection of mobile phones is BASE full of possibilities for a fair price performance ratio. Contact for press inquiries to BASE: Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49-211-448-2273 fax + 49-211 – 448-4777