Flat glass films are subsequently installable. The warm season is so nice, for some workplace brings poorer working conditions. Invading Sun strongly affected the visibility conditions. In particular at workstations with computers, the glare of the Sun should not be underestimated. Employees must endeavor more, to get a proper perspective on the monitor. This can lead to damage to the eyes.

But also traditional jobs have to contend with the glare by Sun. Anti-glare films are the economical alternative to expensive Sun equipment and ensure a healthy and effective work. The disturbing influence of Sun should not be underestimated in the workplaces. Reflections and glare affect the views of the workplace and often lead to eye strain. But also in the domestic four walls, the Sun’s glare can negatively affect the views of TV and computer. There is the simple and cost effective solution in the online-shop of SSK sunscreen under. The anti-glare film is simply applied to the window glass and so protects against incident light.

This view remains unimpeded outward. Leading institutions recommend the use of glare foil as occupational safety and health. Reduced glare ensures a pleasant room climate and a glare-free look at the workplace or the household TV. The eyes are protected and allows the free view of the workplace. Applying the anti-glare film goes slightly out of hand. Eliminates time-consuming installing blinds and other facilities to the glare. SSK Sun offers high quality films from the fields of Sun protection, UV protection, security, and glare protection. The specialist for flat glass slides and sun protection is known for first-class service and high quality. The company offers individual solutions for complex areas. SSK Sun is professional but not only in the sale of flat glass films, but offers also the correct installation of the slides. A comprehensive service and detailed advice is self-evident for the innovative company. For the optimal price-performance ratio and the highest quality, SSK Sun chooses only premium foil manufacturer.