In addition to being a prolific and successful writer (Return to the Scene of the Crime, To Serve and Collect Shattered Innocence, among others), Richard Lindberg is also a good friend of mine. However, one day read on its Web site an article yours that was the writer’s block and that put our friendship to the test. Like many writers who earn a living with your art, I too had sterile periods, a euphemism to qualify these dreadful hours that one stays in white in front of a sheet or your computer. Things do not occur him so naturally in the usual way, and in the worst cases, anything not happens. Richard, more than anyone, should have been sensitive to this nightmare that the writers know all. However, this is what he believed in this regard: I have never believed in the writer’s block.

It does not exist. There are only vague writers. It never occurred to me that Richard might have reason. I was too busy basking me on my justified indignation and wishing him that is was cut creativity leads to him also. But now I’m completely agree with him and I guess that, when reading this article, other writers curse my progression as I cursed by Richard. In my opinion, the writer’s block is due to the excessive trust that is attributed to the concept of inspiration. We usually represent the creativity like a wave that flooded us with genius and leaves glossy content in our sheet or in our word processor when he retired.

That you do not misunderstand me! It is a feeling that I have already experienced and is really stimulating. But it is not the norm, and therefore do not feel inspired, certain writers simply don’t write. This is fatal if one is determined to be a professional writer. The inspiration may be absent for various reasons: tiredness, restlessness, outside distractions, etc.

Minister John Major

There that the beating he received the labour today is worse than that which occurred 40 years ago. Somehow, labour has paid expensive having appointed Brown as his boss and his Prime Minister without having there been any vote either to its own membership level or at national level. The municipal defeat of the Wilson labour in 1968 led to that two years after his party lost power, although he then return to the Premiership in 1974-76. The debacle of this Brown primero de mayo more resembles the electoral defeat that took the first tory Minister John Major before you dig its mandate and that paved the arrival of Tony Blair to power in 1997. Ken fell by receiving Government a big bear hug the struggle by the Mayor’s Office has been very close and this would imply that Ken Livingstone, but it has lost narrowly, I offered a better result than the average of labour at the national level. Moreover, it is very likely that red Ken has doubled the percentage of 24% that his party has taken at the national level.

Shortly before the election Ken said that if he lost that you should to that policy has des-ideologizado, and that people now opt to personalities. However, what has most undermined to Livingstone is his own association with the Government. In 2000 the He came to the Mayor competing against his party who expelled him when he refused to accept the veto that Blair and Brown imposed against him for naational (despite having been elected by the London bases of labour). He then overcame by a wide vote, which shrank slightly in 2004. If his victory created problems to the new labour of Blair and Brown in 2000, today his defeat may mean the beginning of the fall of it.

Musical Accompaniment

Probably not a man who would be indifferent to the beautiful and cheerful melodies. Therefore, music must for any celebration – weddings or banquet in a restaurant, the prom or corporate parties, children’s holiday or openeyre. The choice of music depends primarily on the nature of the event, the composition of the guests and their musical tastes and preferences. But one way or another, most people would agree that the tape recorder and a computer can not replace live musicians, who are investing in the execution part of their soul and talent. Live music can make friends compositions novelty, special and inimitable sound, because each musician feels and gives the song a little differently. Special event, banquet, anniversary, presentations often require special music that matches the moment. And in this case will be indispensable classical music and musicians of the classical school. For example, a chamber string ensemble – a quartet, a quintet that plays beautiful classical music, will intersnyh any festive event.

You can pre-agree on a repertoire listen to fragments of music and identify the program that best fits a particular event. Any holiday will add a unique flavor of Russian folk instruments group, performing not just folk music – the balalaika, domra and accordions play perfectly incendiary tone of modern pop music. For outdoor concerts are best brass bands of different composition. The smallest number of musicians in this orchestra – 8 people, but at the request of the concert may attend up to 36 performers. Their repertoire includes a generally festive songs, and all kinds of potpourri, treatment of known songs, blues songs.

For example, the New Year will never be forgotten guests, which will be held by a brass band of Santa Clauses, performing a children’s song ‘born in the forest Christmas tree. ” Order string and wind ensembles, and convenient advantageous because they do not need equipment and electrical equipment – the tools of musicians with him. Constantly in demand at celebrations jazz musicians in the small ensemble, with vocal participation or without it, but often in the jazz band included keyboardist, who will need a piano, a piano or keyboard at a minimum. Often, a holiday book a vocal-instrumental ensemble. As a rule, group involved at least five musicians. Do not forget that this ensemble performances take place equipped and the conditions for joining the musical instruments – musical instruments, speakers, amplifier. But certain difficulties in the preparation will be compensated by that unique atmosphere that the festival will provide live music. Universal team will play songs and compositions in various genres and styles, play rock and roll, pop, classic and retro. In this repertoire is desirable to agree in advance, by typing in the application all songs that I would like to hear the guests. If the singer has an experienced team-mate DJ and competently organized collection of soundtracks, musicians can play well and together, mixing live performance of popular compositions by soundtrack with minus or dance numbers hit a record. Artists can be variety – classical musicians or singers with modern pop repertoire.