Not also this Real Or false thing-rock Or any same thing Impalpvel or not. A tree without caule, Female prisoner in air, silenced, Gesturing only its discretion. Or bird cautious, Calm in its flight, suspended and Also dumb In some solitude. For the agreement of the poetry to a course, a movement route the formularization of the reality, that is made for if using words that modify the rhythm of the poem, thus the reader is moved to search a position, to assume which side will assume in this philosophical reflection the one that is submitted the poem. The course of the poetry is a mobile effect of the understanding. It is the sonorous way for which if of a empatia between the reader and the text. In this course if they conjugate breath, intention, duration. On it they depend, in the reading and the musical execution, the internal measures of the rhythm.

The course is the qualified time. It is necessary to appreciate in its measured joust the semantic power of the course. To if visualizing and reading a poetical text she is necessary to make an interpretation of the events, to live deeply the course of the poem, in such a way it is obtained to perceive in which syllable if it must concentrate the support of the vocal blow, and that syllables must roll vibratile and brandas for the interval that separates the strong moments of the period. In this estrofe is synthecized the philosophy of Saussure, where it affirms that the Language human being is ' ' thought-som' '. The interesting one is that the thought and the sound, are not communicated between itself, but already they appear in the society, congregated in joints that if call signs. Again we reaffirm the fact of the man to have I tie between the thought and the sound, is not obtained to think about something that if does not have name.

Wood Kitchens

The kitchen is the place of the house where the food is prepared and cooked. In the western countries, the majority of the houses owns a kitchen equipped with all the devices necessary to cook, like for example, a furnace, a sink, a refrigerator, closets or cupboards, and pantries. If the kitchens are done of wood, own a traditional atmosphere. The main use of the kitchen is to cook and to prepare the food. Nevertheless, also it can serve to have dinner or like entertainment area.

In the old times, the preparation and baking of the food were realised in spaces abiertos outside the house. Until the infrastructure systems evolved, for example, by means of the water installation in the houses, and the technology and machines appeared, the families did not use their kitchens to cook. In the modern world numerous designs for the kitchens exist, and the realised ones in more popular wood are becoming every day. They are a quality symbol. The wood kitchens recreate the atmosphere of the old times. By all means, today in day the things are different, because the present designs include technologies of the modern world, for example, to consider the place where to place the refrigerator and the furnace in the space available. Still more, in the wood kitchens, the closets also are done of wood. The cupboards usually are realised in oak, maple or birch.

Also, the kitchen units are realised according to a same subject. Some refrigerators and furnaces are painted and covered with wood elements to complement the appearance of the kitchen. The entrance to its kitchen will be the main element of its design. The door must be the introductory element and of welcome to the same. Nobody must be able to see its kitchen unless it crosses the door. He is sure that its wood kitchen will cause a great impact.