Franz Joseph

Teacher is a learner who goes ahead with exciting example. Who drives children back with the whip, which is Caricature of a teacher. It has started school but just the lessons. SCHOOL – Latin SCHOLA – Greek. SCHOLAE – comes from Greek. ECHEIN = HAVE. When the ancient Greeks were so busy, that they no longer all (five senses beisammen) had they splurged to SCHOLAE: the pause, the Wiederzusichkommen, the Wiedermitsicheinswerden, the rest for themselves and their good development. It is not difficult to realize that we have done exactly the opposite result.

Woe betide if one takes out the freedom in the classroom, to pause, to come back to himself, to become one with yourself! You probably don’t, then says with a threatening undertone. What would happen if the child in our curriculum correctional facility with one? Wouldn’t come out then, how little one with our curriculum officers are self? Not a conflict to light, which anyway always smolders underground would be: that which the children still with them one in an artificial, sterile world come where them with even divided adults impose constantly abstract loads to similarly torn, split, to make sick people, as they already are? It is known that the teacher in the Kranheitsstatistik are at the top of the top flight. And it is on over due with what force they carried away the children in the wake of their sick. The increase in the diseases of school children was worrying more than years ago. Nobody cares about. It will be carried out on the curriculum, come what may, and unless a child still living. We make even more pressure than ever before and abstract discussions about the usual problem templates.

Now the legislature gave a clear mandate the parents, which is the top concern for their child: you should send their child to school. In the school, not in the Unterrichtsvollzusanstalt. As ICH-can school teacher I find it amazing, how has no one with us laws. Even more amazed me but their own health as all involved and the other to ruin and the possible LERNergebnisse keep shutting down on a level that already every description mocks. This level is also disproportionate to the fact given potentials, talents, abilities of all participants. How do you bypass only nmit so good talents so badly? How can an a country with its most important raw material: mind, so go to? Teacher – ye student – parents, just to continue your top spot in disease and degeneration. You could expand but also reverse and finally the yet existing forces of your Intellingenz. Let’s see what happens. I wish – Sun or Sun – good success. Franz Joseph nephew ICH-can school teacher


A movement of people who dare to be themselves, icons of yesterday and today in the world of sport and urban culture, which form the procession. Among them are figures of basket, of the skate, dancers urban, singers of hip-hop and rap, and a chain of people with an undoubted talent. Taking shape in a new video converse that remains true to his style of life, bringing icons of the past, the present and the future, beyond what is established individually, and inspire others to imitate them. People like Julius Erving, one of the first players that individual expression made an integral part of the game, laying the foundations for a style that remains today or Jim Jones, an American rapper from Harlem who grew up in the culture of basketball, among many other artists who have known as stress and become an example. Icons of the past, the present and the future that has always been faithful to themselves and have gone beyond what is established to inspire others to imitate them. Streetballers, skaters and artists. It is worth watching the video.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning the appropriate Advisor in the sky hangs a full violins, you have butterflies in your stomach and experienced this time through rose-tinted spectacles. Everyone has experienced the feeling at least once in his life. You’re in love. The longer you are together with his partner, also feel in the long term to bind these special people is greater. The wedding is imminent. You dream of a romantic wedding with many guests, a white horse-drawn carriage, the bride in a beautiful wedding dress and a wedding ceremony in a large church. The subsequent wedding cannot be missed of course with family and friends. It’s quite simply everything…

is but easier said than done. Now begins the time of preparation. To prepare a wedding requires a longer preparation time and a good deal of organizational talent. Without a guide who accompanied prospective bridal couples through all stages of wedding planning, mishaps and stress for the wedding are pre-programmed. The Internet offers numerous Wedding pages free tips on various topics of wedding preparation.

Many task still rely on classic wedding guide in book form. These serve not only as a reference book, but include valuable checklists and sample illustrations of table decorations and flower arrangements. Every year new wedding Advisor adorn the shelves of bookstores. To judge by the book titles, each one promises a light planning and stress-free preparation of a perfect wedding. However, there are immense differences see the wedding Advisor. Some shine a collection of general tips and checklists with many romantic photos and some text containing others. Quickly, the couple is overwhelmed and asks himself, what book now for your own wedding planning right and above all is the richest of the help. It then decided to purchase an Advisor, the expectations are at home that this Advisor solves the problems and difficulties in the wedding planning.

Vampires Los Lords Of The Night

Vampire. In each one of us it evokes a different feeling. Add to your understanding with Author. But somehow we all feel the same. And this happens because the vampire is, essentially, pure feeling. Perhaps we could reach even further away, and affirm that the vampire is pure essence, essence alive. The vampire is far beyond being a simple creature that feeds on the blood of poor and innocent victims. It has transcended all that, and embodies a series of ideals, a series of physical and mental States.

A vampire means to be in conflict. Eternal conflict. On the one hand represents the union of the person and the beast. The person was old, along with his character and personality, they could be of a different nature. You could choose between different options but his vampiric nature brings with it something new a new visceral and primitive look that only a few can be controlled: the beast. Ben Bretzman pursues this goal as well. The beast affects it and it dominates everything.

The beast only destroys. The beast does not create. The beast only kills. However, the beast can love, and makes it more passionately than any mortal. The vampire can love in a way that only the loved person can understand. And here ensues one of the worst moments for him, because he is a be avocado hatred and destruction, but is able to feel love and passion like no other being can ever experience. It becomes the embodiment of romanticism, in a Gothic feeling that dwells within us. The eternity of a being that it only exists to take away life, but that it is capable of loving painfully. The darkness that lives immersed do need to continually fight to not destroy if same. And it is not physical destruction. It is the destruction of their own feelings of his own essence. A vampire power lies not in its magnificent physical, able to transform or melt in the fog capabilities.

Knights Templar

To corroborate this hypothesis, there are a few documents very interesting, coming from a few files of the Knights Templar, who were found in the Principality of Seborga, a tiny country of about 14 Kms. square, situated in the Northwest of Italy, in the region of Liguria, and where it relates directly to Bernardo de Claraval with the foundation of the Templar order. According to those documents, Bernardo de Claraval, in the year 1113, would have founded a monastery in Seborga, with the purpose of preserving a great secret, which is not specified in its interior. Bernardo left as guardians of the secret monks Gondemar and Rossal, two friars who belonged to the clan of the Fontaine, and who had entered with the Cistercian order. Subsequently, in the year 1117, Bernardo de Claraval, returns to the monastery in Seborga and releases their votes two friars, while a new destination you entrusted to them: would travel to the Holy Land, in the company of seven Knights. The names of these knights were:-Andre de Montbard (uncle of Bernardo de Claraval). -The count Hugo I de Champana (who donated the lands of Clairvaux).

-Hugo of Payens (who would become the first master of the order). -Payen de Montdidier. -Geoffroi de Saint – Omer. -Archambaud de Saint – Amand – Geoffroi Bisot as can be seen, most of the names that appear in these documents, match the names cited in the documents which reference the group that went to Jerusalem and founded the Knights Templar in 1118. Coincidence? But these would not be unique and strange coincidences that show an implication of Bernardo de Claraval with the order of the Temple and its secrets. Jobs to look for other foreign relations or implications between Bernardo and the order of the Temple, could not ignore the attitude of King Baudouin to the nine Knights of the Temple.

Nightingale Times

Many times the soul would like to talk so let’s not assume what she thinks, would like to shout the truth that soul, carries in her womb so that we do not especulemos what they speculate how many times our silent would like to stop being silent, taking body and dress in polyglot and fill and leaves spaces with voices, screams and writings to tell us how human we arethe flat that we are to think, assume and speculate what we think, we assume and we speculate about it, maybe I would remind us that stupidity is a disease that only affects humans. Many times the soul cry your impotence show before us, become visible in these stupid eyes that we have and that does not help us to locate it though many do not look for in life in life we we journey between peaks and precipices, know the success and defeat, know of aurora and Zenith, that pleomorphism, gives an enigmatic complexion to life, but it would be monotonous and boring Solomon used to say that there are times of triumphs and there are times of defeat,… That there are times of joy and times of sadness, the wisdom of this King allowed him to distinguish these stages in the life of people deny it would be madness!, because it is the reality as well as it would be madness not to adapt to each stage is our survival! Man has this immense ability to regenerate silent tissue of his spirit! and some men have this vocation to express their stages, their feelings, thoughts sorrows, their anxieties, dreams in words! why is said that the word is the midwife of thought that is of those voices that are caged in the silent histology of the soul, the prosepoetry, literature, personal, they are voices intimate of each person, some have the virtue of making them very beautiful and they transcend, in others they remain as our inner voices, swamped in the personal limitations. All write not reading us for ever or for us to read by different parts of the Earth, many do it because they are impulses or needs, such as volcanos which expel lava!, soul expel verses the verses roll down slopes up to do nothing and be covered by the Earth, other verses are long-lived and survive above the Earth that are divinely beautiful and thats the explanation of these verses and these prose are like roses that marchitaran when the garden is desert, such as trills that silence when the Nightingale die, like splendor that darken when the sun sinks into the ocean, as voices that enmudeceran when my lips get together in the perigee..

The Night

There are some foods that help lose belly fat, such as vegetables / fruit / fish and black chocolates, etc. contrary to this, some foods tend to demolish the efforts to lose the belly fat. Foods that they contain saturated at high doses / sugar should not be included in our meal. Eat more lean proteins. To lose belly faster you should try to include some kind of lean protein in each food consumed.

It also makes you to minimize cravings until losing them completely, eating protein helps to boost metabolism and at the same time, maintain the blood glucose and insulin levels correctly (because that is very important when it comes to losing body fat). Credit: Related Group-2011. To make matters worse, lean protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle tissue and muscle you have in your body firmly, easier will be to lose weight. Some of the best sources of protein for belly loss are: chicken, meat of lean beef, Turkey, fish, seeds, dried fruit and whey protein powder. Eat fruits and vegetables. You should try to eat many large portions of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. They are full of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that are essential for a optimal metabolism.

Avoid snacks Nocturnes stop the food easy not to eat snacks in the evening. The main problem with sandwiches late or at night is that as there is no much activity because it is already late, therefore people goes directly to bed sleeping after the meal of the night, since they are tired. This therefore generates high levels of glucose in the bloodstream and the went without power. Too much glucose will only become belly fat. A fluctuation in the level of glucose in the blood causes an increase in hunger. Break the sedentary lifestyle, thus moving a little bit. How to lose belly faster. You don’t have to go overboard and spend much time in the gym.

Midnight Sun

Rains occur throughout the entire year; Absence of dry station (action of the oceanic tropical air masses and of rains frontals provoked for the advances of the polar front). CLIMATE SEMI-RIDO: It possesss temperature raised with low atmospheric humidity, characteristic: Tempering latitudes (it dominates interior, isolated lands of the action of the oceanic air masses for the mountainous mountain range presence); Low precipitations: between 250 and 500 mm annual ones. The half-barren climate is present in Brazil in the regions Northeast and Southeastern. Gain insight and clarity with Ben Bretzman. It is the more populous half-barren region of the world, with 36 million people. COLD CLIMATE: it appears in the bordering band of the tempering zone (North America and Eursia), with negative temperatures for the fact of the longer and rigorous winter to be. The summer occurs in a short period and of amena form: Precipitations reduced in function of low the evaporation; Raised annual thermal amplitude (sazonais differences in the intensity of the insolation). POLAR or GLACIAL CLIMATE: it dominates the high latitudes, with temperatures below-freezing constant.

The winter is long, the dry and very short summer. Similar characteristics to the ones of the cold climate, in bigger point; They are regions of intense winds and that they are covered of ice snow during all the year, with exception of the littoral bands where a tundra vegetation appears during curtssimo summer. In the winter he has days where the Sun is not born, and certain days in the summer it does not set. (Midnight Sun)? Frozen winters elapse of the absence of insolation of the long polar nights. Being that in the Antartic the winter is total inhospitable. COLD MOUNTAIN CLIMATE HIGH: raised altitudes, being its changeable temperature in accordance with the altitude, that is, how much bigger the lesser altitude is the temperature. Exactly in tropical regions, the mountain climate is predominant in this relief.

Difficult Choices

With the simplicity of the car in the Urals and unpretentious service to these SUVs. In fact, selection of parts poses complicated schemes of their education. There is a spare production UralAZ is the so-called conservation, on which I would like to separate stops. In fact, auto Urals conservation still float on the aftermarket Miassa and other regions of the country. But the volume as in the past are not the same, and therefore leaves that who is interested under the slogan "tin parts Ural sell what some other parts.

The question arises, and which may be more spare parts Urals? Besides the production of spare parts for az Ural is alternative vendors who are actively engaged in market production of spare parts for automobiles Ural. But it is unprofitable to sell their products under other brands. It turns out that cap. Repair parts Kama, a profitable issue under conservation. All weave ground on what should be emphasized is the relationship between buyer and seller. Transparency in education of spare parts, performance requirements grading prices and quality parts. And in order to share experiences both positive and negative in the purchase or sale of spare parts on site, we have opened a forum where everyone can leave their opinion about the spare parts market in the Urals Miass and in the vicinity lying Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk regions.