Sun and the Moon

We do not want 05/02/10 One day the Sun and the Moon will go to econtrar themselves and for much time they had been together, in this half day part of the world will see the 2 (Two) if to find, birds in air will be, none to the soil all to the sky forming a coorido paper. The sky will not be Blue/the Moon will not be Whiter the Sun will not be so Brilhoso/the Night will have Sun/the Day will have Moon. Unhappyly it can Thus be if not fight against the end to search the way that takes in them to the Beginning, perhaps to Recomear & to stop to think that all we have a lesson that we are not Invo to continue this to me is the hour to move if We want of Truth in Salvar (To love 2X Ame its Life loves its Return the People the Nature all the too much Grandesas.) Nobody Imagined where Iriamos to arrive that penalty that is not in all place even so wealth is of the minority it would mairia that it makes the porio Difference JOINED we must be stops to move what it has and Tomorrow To improve. We do not want/we did not come to suffer we do not want to die. Not of this skill. Weverton Notrevew

Raise of Dawn

To raise of Dawn 19/03/10 I Raise of Dawn, pra to write in the caused one, of my house or neighborhood pra mark my lenbrana. I catch the penxs and the paper pra to describe my sky, same taste I am to sing, emportando what they go to speak, therefore pra me optimum place I am not the call Moonlight/the Dawn if to find that Life is pra not to pass. (My customs are different more I also are people, description Friend, together will be able to write a book, more if you like you sing you come with me if To identify, in the Dawns To raise, i for the Neighborhood to walk, We will go better in them to find 2X) I do not know because I am thus? More I taste of me, the times my mind do not disconnect making, me to create lie, nor the everything in the Life, he is made of porrio Fancy I am Realistic and I describe my day the day either in Mythology or Routine Both goes for the paper to mark and to be marked Creating my past Perfecting my steps. While I will be able I will go to describe so that all can read and better me to understand to see me as I am and to say pra to me where I fly.