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The story of true love You wonder when the last time you saw a good movie about love? Not about love, about Love? Immediately to mind for some reason nothing comes … Well, yes, there are films about the problems of marriage and family undemanding romantic comedy, yes, there is, even in horror films without cross-cutting themes of love usually does not do … But this is all wrong. Frankly, bright, exciting, beautiful film about love was not a very long time, perhaps from the very moment, as the ocean waters closed over his head from the cold pale Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic." And then, finally, done. On Russian screens released film Luhrmann Australian Beza "Moulin Rouge", a film about love, triumphantly opened the Cannes Film Festival 2001. We have every reason to be proud of, in Russia, the European premiere of the film in other countries, including France, he will be released later. About This picture began to speak before the premiere.

Rumors went to the most controversial. Some said that shooting reminiscent of a luxurious strip extravaganza: incredible scenery of the century Paris played neshutochnye amorous passion, which would be envied by Shakespeare himself. Others asserted that the film – a stunning musical, where poets and prostitutes are fun to sing songs by Elton John, Madonna, Phil Collins, and other pop stars of the XX century. As is often the it happens right there were also those, and others, but the film has surpassed all expectations. Baz Luhrmann Australian director for his life took just three films, but is considered one of the most talented filmmakers of his generation.