Bentonite Clay

High-quality filler, based on bentonite clay should have a level of pH 8 – 9.5 Such pH is easy to cope with the problem of odor, as slow decomposition of urea to ammonia. Also, high-quality filler should not be dust and stick to the legs of the animal. Pros – has always seen the need for cleaning, no need to replace the entire tray filled with relatively small expense. Cons – do not throw down the toilet, perhaps dusting, requires daily monitoring of the tray. Examples of qualitative Clumping fillers can serve products such as – Pure Paws, Sepiolsa, Ever Clean, Extreme Classic, Fresh Step, N1. Fillers absorbent.

Absorbent fillers mostly made from attapulgite clay or sepiolitovoy. Meerschaum – a natural clay mineral from the class of silicates (magnesium silicate complex) with a complex, chain-layered structure. Due to its porous structure, it has unique absorbent properties. Securely holds the flavor and moisture inside. Capable of holding up to 250% of its own weight. Moreover, the trace elements contained in the sepiolite is well linked toxic release bacteria and viruses, so it is safe even if swallowed animals.

Attapulgite – is a natural clay material with adsorbent properties. Has a strong ability to absorb water. Wet attapulgite exhibits its plastic and adhesive properties. Holds up to 200% of own weight. As well as sepiolite can retain odors due to its structure. Fillers based on minerals absorb moisture, but do not form a clot. Given its high ability to absorb moisture do not need everyday control, enough to change the tray roughly once a week.