Marquis Daniels

All eyes on the day were focused on the debut of Iverson and Billups.While Iverson surrendered to the 38 points from Devin Harris, Billups managed to dominate the game against Dallas since the defense, to be vital in the final stage. The day showed how badly they are the Clippers (0-6), and that they have all their figures, and that Memphis is the bete noire of the Warriors.Downturn of the Hornets, who have two consecutive losses and Hawks’ surprising start with a big JM Bibby as he could with Calderon. The bad news of the day was the injury to . At first will be out for two weeks, which can be an ordeal for all of Popovich. The best – It is shocking that in five games, the Knics keep a positive balance (3-2). That run and does not seem to launch is setting wrong. – The 20 points against Paul Felton’s vital second victory of Charlotte. – The 19 pts and 12 from Mike Bibby asist against Calderon.The New Jersey was better than Extremadura. – The season in Pacers’ Marquis Daniels.