Mexico City

3. Bring your documents and a copy of your resume, to facili-tion fill the employment form. 4. Keep a pencil or a pen to fill the roles that are neces-sary. 5. It is better to go alone to the interviews. Do not give the impression that needs to be guided. 6.

If you have scheduled an interview at a specified time recueride going to talk to a very busy person. Do not be late. 7. If you do wait a long time patiently. Do not walk around the room, their actions can be observed. During the interview in January. Addressing the interviewer, do so politely, calling him lord and adding the name, if known. 2.

Sit properly and stay calm. 3. The impression that your future employer is going to receive importanite, treat with confidence. 4. Do not show interest in telephone conversations or by the mateirial which is on the table. 5. Try to show your strengths, but be sure to refer ligeramenite its weaknesses or any limitations that it deems to have. 6. It is important that you demonstrate that they listen but do not have re-strikes to ask questions. 7. Let the employer lead the interview, do not talk too much but do not overdo either the silence so it is not necessary that the employer will start the information. 8. Do not say you can do anything. Ask for a specific work, according to the area it dominates. 9. No appeal to sentimentality, talking about their personal difficulties. 10. Avoid giving the impression that you are interested in salary alone. 11. If asked to fill out a job application, do it quickly with precision and cleanliness. 12. If it is clear that the interview is over, do not continue occupying the TIME-po of the employer. 13. After the interview send a thank you letter is something that almost no one does and causes great printing. In employment: a If you are used to accept all responsibilities from the beginning. Be Punctual a . a Do not miss a Have Work initiative, work must begin even before you pi-dan do it, so you will progress. a Its successful employment depends on the ability to work with Deimos. Take this point special attention.

(Fellowship) Golden rules: Be positive, think and believe that the reasons you work available. Trabajea as long as it takes to find it. Mentally and physically prepared for the interview. If you are interested in the work should perseiguirlo after the in-interviews, follow-up is as important as your initial contact, use perisonales visits, letters and phone calls. Press the employer’s interest to you! Pedagogue. Degree in Mathematics, Master in Education. Icep current director of the Institute of Teaching and Research in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Former Director of the Mexican Cultural Society in Mexico City, currently Member of the Academic Network of the Inter-American Development a tica y Ibero America, is a lecturer on the subject of sociology and ethics of the individual behavioral Articles contained in the virtual library IDB, in the OEI, and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Married with four children, devotes his time to teaching and family.