Match Point Movie

I would recommend this wonderful film by Woody Allen in line always, if you like the rest of a great masterpiece, as I imagine is part of why his successful tennis title. The end point of a game is vital in tournaments such as Roland Garros, Wimbledon, etc. and in life. Allen brilliantly parallels between a tennis match with luck in life, so lucky that all we generate and that few are up to. While it is true that many times in life there are situations in which a ball is tilted to one side or the other will result in changes of vital importance not only in our lives but of those around us, and perhaps much more impact on humanity.

The fact that the ball touches the net and bounce to a field or other granting either contender ela mean that one will reach the glory and one which could be but was not. Maybe if we were more aware of these blows of life, when you rate more and appreciate that moment, instead of continuing our way without appreciating that may have jumped to another field for a single second, a little touch on the racket, for an accurate pulse of the wrist … Likewise if the ball jumps losing match point blocked and we should not be disappointed, perhaps help us to learn in the next game and to win that we long so clean. Life is often question and get it better than waiting to arrive, the secret is simple, act to create the circumstances and create opportunities that take you to get what you crave.

Now Without Sitary

Odor barely lit aromatic sticks, music, Indian instruments, gentle female voice sang songs to the sounds of sitary. Everywhere candles, traditional Indian jewelry, scents and traditions. This is not a romantic dinner, not an excerpt from a film about India, and the concert company Inde.Ya at "44", yaky held on January 29. At this time the club was captivated by the atmosphere of a fairy country, where there are elephants on the stage, burning candles, and fly in the air a mixture of aromatic odor sticks and warm presentation of the company. People are happy, enjoying a musician. Everything was prosyaknute this mood, the mood of warmth and Inde.Ya. Konert, and more precisely the Indian party, has been arranged for the day India. Warm, gentle voice sang Kate Doom song in French, Sergei Martinov played sitary. And all this was accompanied by the sounds of physical harmony, tabla, mrdanga and other classical Indian instruments, of course not without its traditsynsho for our area guitar. Just before the concert, the club went to an astrologer, to whom he could talk to and learn forecasts stars. Nevertheless, a special excitement to something not observed. But girls painted colors, the Indian body art, that has the name "Mandy", went through the hall. For those who like to sit at the bar, was also prepared a special menu of cocktails. Announced that instead of the usual stamp on the hand the guard will put a special stamp to mark henna, bindi, or the head, but to see people with such marks in the room was extremely difficult. According to vocalist edge, it was the best concert of her, she did not think about words of the parties and the following song, so behave with ease, in addition encouraged and most atmosphere. However, it was good only for and during the concert, after he messed up her two visitors club, they decided to have some fun out of sitary, expensive Indian instruments. God knows where guards watched, but at the time when no one was on the scene, a tool able to collect from the scene, and take it to his table, according to witnesses they tried to play it. When the musicians noticed that the instrument was gone, then immediately rushed to the search, found him very quickly, he lay crushed under the table above characters, after verbal battles with inadequate people who objected to participation in the commission, was summoned by the police. Law enforcement officers responded to the culprits as not friendly, as a result of the 4 th witness went to the site. The tool is currently under review of the master, but it is still unknown, or you can have it repaired, but sound like before it just will not. We can only wish the successful completion of the situation.