Stephen Hawking

In this way, extracting the theories that falsifies the real motivations human beings it only is that one becomes possible to get the knowledge of the true reasons of the actions of this. Scientific and not scientific theory a scientific theory is the corollary of an abstract hypothetical-deductive system, which if constitutes in an explanation or scientific description of a related set of comments or experiments. In such a way, a scientific theory is based on estimated hypotheses or verified by independent groups of scientists. It has times where a hypothesis total is not confirmed, but only in part, what it leads to the necessity to review the hypothesis and to remake experiments, until perfecting a coherent explanation. A scientific theory can result in some verified scientific laws from its consequences, deduced of the theory. Such laws start to be part of estimated and the basic hypotheses of the theory, that will be included to the accepted knowledge for the scientific community of the field of knowledge in question. In relation to this subject, Stephen Hawking affirms: ' ' A theory is good if it satisfies two requirements: a model must on the basis of describe with precision an extensive category of comments that only contains one few arbitrary elements and must carry through concrete predictions on the results of comments futuras.' ' (HAWKING, 1988) Still: ' ' Any physical theory is always provisory, in the direction of that it is only one hypothesis that never can be proven. It does not matter how many times the results of the experiments agree to a theory, if it never can have the certainty of that of the next time they will contradict it to the results. On the other hand, a theory with the meeting of an only comment can be refuted that is in disagreement with the predictions of mesma' ' (IDEM, 1988).

What To Consider When Choosing A Stick

Today almost everyone can not imagine his life without so small and mobile devices such as usb flash drive. With each passing day models flashcards are becoming more and more. How not to get lost in such abundance and what is worth paying attention to? First determine the volume of memory. The most optimal amount of a 4 or 8 gigabytes, but if you want, you can find a lot of memory. Then pay attention to the interface your future flashes. The interface is responsible for the data transfer speed of your stick. usb 2.0 is much faster than any other interface.

The next item on the choice of stick should be the speed of reading and writing speed. Decide why you buy flash, if you listen to music using the stick in the car, then you need more speed reading, but if you use the stick for data transfer, the write speed is more important. Well If you have decided with all the above, only now you can go to the design of your stick. Note the size of the stick, if you're using a laptop, you'd better choose a smaller flash as usb – Portals located very close to each other. Choose flush with the cap or not – a very sensitive issue, if the cap is, it is often lost, and if not, then crashes retractable device. To date, the producers exhibit a wide variety of flash drives, so you will not be difficult to choose the only one that will serve you faithfully.

Maurial Jorge

Again we ask the help of Jorge Maurial. As a Catholic person wanted a short process for this sacrament, no talks of preparation and a quick and practical. The Holy Spirit’s power is tremendous, (this does not mean that it is not necessary to attend the preparatory talks), the strength and awesome power of the Holy Spirit appeared to me in an incredible way, and better than receiving a lot of preparation . Since my life is a constant preparation for the final encounter with Jesus Christ our Lord, and also because all my life is to know all the great love that Jesus has for us. Maurial Jorge helped me on this, handed me a reprint of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in the part concerning the confirmation, and said that the study with great dedication, and later tell me the date on which the ceremony would take place of confirmation. He also told me I needed a godfather, and my wife and I agreed that it was. He asked for and accepted. Since then Jorge Maurial became my godfather in the faith, and my spiritual advisor.

The day of my confirmation, which took place normally. I can not testify to having felt the heat burning my body, at the time of the anointing, but I can say for what came later in my life at that moment the Holy Spirit dwelt in me, perched in a way smooth and quiet. Of course, because He knew then I was going to remove. The ceremony was held in the parish, Our Lady of Victories, in the district of Victoria in 1995. God uses people to show us his ways, and that’s what happened in my life after having been confirmed. Adriana my wife met a friend from school, he saw no way back.

It turns out that this friend was involved in the parish of our sector of residence, and participation was to be area coordinator. (Carmen Mena is the name of the friend of my wife), and say their name because their participation is very important in this story, and she invited us to participate in the parish. The call had been made at the time of my confirmation, but lacked the Lord show me the way, and did so by Carmen Mena. In my capacity as a musician, the first thing that came to my mind was wanting to play and sing at Mass, wanted to be close to God in this way. Met the parents of the parish of Christ the King Passionist Fathers occupied. We met our pastor at that time Father Valentin, Eddy also Father, Father Jorge Carmelite congregation, who worked in the parish for support. Whenever we went to Mass at 7:30 at night, who presided the Father Eddy, a mass so far very happy, I met the choir boys of the mass.

Jeffrey Kane

A Yoshida, also interested in the study of Mexican mythology, says “draws me toward the ecological approach, very harmonic and very connected with nature, with man. his vision was a vision of unity” and of course they are people they were as Dr. Gallegos “transpersonal are travelers.” Holistic education seeks a way to get the alternative transpersonal, the awakening of human consciousness. It is very important to understand the perspectives of other countries and compare well and know that there is also a need to seek the right balance between ego and the Self The second dialogue is by Jeffrey Kane (Editor Ecounter Holistic Education leading journal in North America ) comment on “Spirituality, our true nature.” In holistic education, the child is a spiritual being and should be treated with respect because we are connected to the whole, and that spirituality does not make us individualists, unlike us universal. Something that says Dr. Gallegos and barely manage understand is the difference between personal development and spirituality, when it states that personal development involves egocentric individualism, because I believe that personal development would help me transcend and was totally wrong, and that spirituality is transforming and helps us to transcend and a phrase I remember about the Doctor is: “We are not human beings having spiritual experiences but we are spiritual beings having a human experience” that is, I think to be in this world, we have a purpose, a mission and we must learn to be human to feel good about our bodies and use it as an instrument of the spirit.

Quebar Company

To leave to the part people who if comprazem in the badness is uncharitableness? is not uncharitableness the person to act ahead cynically of the others only with the intention of avacalhar the other people’s honor? The person has of being caridosa with the others? Clearly that yes! But (o) will not be caridosa with nobody if not to start for the charity to act well with same itself. To love is not to share with if they had deviated from the good, but to practise correct actions so that they can see and follow the good example. Which father would be happy seeing the son in harms company? None! Breaking bones Then, I was the Tel-Abibe, to the ones of the exile, that inhabited next to the river Quebar, and started to live where they inhabited; e, per seven days, I was based myself there, astonished in the way of them. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 3:15. They say: A never dumb person, the behavior of nobody: Then, a bad character, Can help somebody? Each person chooses the deserved company, a good woman, does not follow a loafer. She has harmony in addition, When the choice is missed, a good person, does not walk with avacalhada. This said popular, Never is old-fashioned: ' ' You say me with who you walk, and I will say who to you s' ' , Because a honest man, does not follow rals.