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El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated Central American country.It is surrounded by Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean.Unfortunately, El Salvador has a bad reputation in terms of safety, however there is a strong police presence in tourist areas and a police escort during hiking excursions can be requested free of charge. Most of the major crimes are located in neighborhoods that are not of interest to tourists, however, you must be careful not to use eye-catching jewelry or an expensive camera that it is visible to all. El Salvador is a beautiful country with mountains, national parks, volcanoes and the best waves for surfing.These natural wonders, together with the desire of all its inhabitants carry the country towards security and democracy have much boosted its tourism industry. Check with Related Group to learn more. Generally speaking, convinces the majority of the people to experience the wonderful things that El Salvador has to offer, as it is aesthetic tourism. His movement towards democracy and its proximity to the United States they are putting to El Salvador in the fast lane to become a very important aesthetic tourist center. The private hospitals in the country are found in the most modern facilities and have qualified doctors who are able to spend the time needed and even more with their patients.The most popular procedures sought by visitors who wish to perform aesthetic tourism in El Salvador are cosmetic surgery and dental treatment, which can be obtained for a fraction of the cost compared with the United States.UU.. Contact information is here: Jorge Perez.


Ordinary consumer, signing a contract with your service provider, does not think about how difficult and challenging tasks for the operator decides to build and upgrade its infrastructure to offer him the usual service. With the growing number of subscribers, the operator increases the amount of work and area of responsibility for the maintenance of a huge network facilities in working order and ensure subscriber quality services. If a client suddenly left without a connection, then here he will not understand the problems of the operator, who at some point has not provided all the necessary and made emergency situations. Fortunately, today we see the understanding and conscious desire to address this issue as part of business and the state. Many telecom operators is not the first year successfully solve the problems of safety and security of communication networks with the help of specialized tools and systems centralized monitoring.

One of the most popular in Russia of such systems is the APC "TSENSOR" of CJSC RPC "Computer Technology", which users today are more than 80 companies ties and their affiliates in more than 50 regions of the country. In turn, the Ministry of Communications of Russia, systematizing the process, issued an order number 1 on January 9, 2008 "On approval of requirements to protect networks from unauthorized access to and information transmitted through them. " Years of experience operating agricultural "TSENSOR" (1992) proves the high efficiency of an integrated approach to networking equipment and security products monitoring. Perfect result and pronounced economic effect of implementing such systems is only achieved through a balanced combination of advanced technologies with the correct organization of the entire process. In this sense, we produced the hardware and software tools allow the complex to protect and control the communications cables, LKS, wells, control cabinet, to carry out complex technological monitoring and protection facilities communications and equipment to perform the collection, processing and distribution of information to the metering and control – to perform the full range of necessary functions. However, it takes more and streamlined interaction operators themselves and their branches with system integrators, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services in the field of communications and security.

To date in this direction much has been done, and we are getting closer to international practice. But should understand that we are only at the beginning. Need to negotiate, interact, create new things and move forward. The only way we will build a successful model for a secure, affordable and quality communications. As manufacturers, successfully working in the telecommunications industry for over 16 years, we encourage all participants in this process, our colleagues and partners to make steps towards each other to achieve common goals.

Themselves Judge

They already have everything you need for growth. You as parents should just do everything to facilitate this process. And here is very positive to help education. What is it? This shift from the methods based on deterrence, to methods based on love. Applying in practice the five principles of positive parenting, you will gain not only confidence in what you are doing everything necessary, but realize that your support gives children the ability to fully realize their potential. Thus, the principles of positive parenting to help children find the strength to overcome life difficulties and to fully develop the internal capacity.

1. Differ from the other – okay. 2. Making mistakes – correctly. 3. Show negative emotions – is normal. 4. Want more – normally.

5. Disagree – fine, but we must remember that mom and dad – the main ones. Want emphasize that the goal of positive parenting – to develop in children prone to cooperate, rather than surrender. To raise a child's spirit of cooperation, confidence and responsiveness necessary to develop his will, and not break it. Achieve cooperation – hence the desire to encourage children to listen to your requests and fulfill them. The first step is to learn how to most effectively give orders. Tight orders here do not work. Themselves Judge: If the work someone has commanded you at every step, you would like it? A Child's Day is full of infinite directions. Not surprisingly, the mother now and then complain that their children will not listen. And you would be perceived the person who you constantly sawing? Each child its own unique purpose. Having accepted this fact, parents can relax, unwind and not take responsibility for any problem that arises in the child. We spend too much time and energy on trying to understand what we could do or that I had to make a child in any given situation. (As opposed to Tony Parker). Instead, we should realize that before all the children from time to time arise various problems, issues and challenges. Our task as parents – to help children turn to face the problem and successfully cope with it. Never forget that each child a unique set of challenges and talents and we can not change is what they have. However, we are able to take care of children to have had every opportunity to achieve the best results for what they are capable. We are not always able to give children what they want and need, but we can teach them a healthy response to any frustration that they could draw from any adversity strength and confidence. You will not be there whenever they need, but you'll know how to react to the feelings and unmet needs of children in such a way as to help them heal wounds and bring back the feeling that they are surrounded by love and care. Instead of teaching children what is right and wrong, teach them to find the answer in own soul. The task of parents – to properly maintain their children, that they become stronger and healthier. If we are too facilitates the tasks of children, thereby prevent them from becoming violent. However, helping is not enough, we also deprives them of support needed for growth. Children can not cope with everything yourself. Without the help of parents the child can not grow and develop in themselves the qualities needed to succeed in life.

La Paz Centro

Erick decided to stay, and he found the woman of his dreams. Erick told us: “Study junior and senior high school here in La Paz Centro, the fifth study in Leon, but came to ask you to visit my girlfriend who is now my wife. ” Perhaps one reason why this young man decides to stay in La Paz Centro is by his wife, with whom he has married several years and have two children a boy and a wife. You know a little about life and family history of this talented young now read their beginnings as an artist and has achieved today encuentra. Erick be where at the age of 14 years played with a group that was formed by his cousins, the Cortez family, played hip hop music. He told us that when his uncle had left presentations sometimes touching them and for them it was exciting to hear the applause of public. was climbing stairs and working for seven years with the group strength, by which time he was 18 years old. He believed that that was all but then came proposals for the new company, macolla. Erick mokuanes and decided to accept the proposal. Mokuanes was the one you convenient, almost meets the nine years of being with mokuanes. But even he wants to ask Erick more. What do you like most about this art holder? His answer was: the affection of the people, visit other places and other countries. No obvious question What you do not like about all this? We answer: I do not like being out of the house away from my family, every parent likes to be with his children and his wife, who has suffered most is my oldest son because I have not spent much time el. Amigo reader with a note that we present we believe that it was not expected by you.