Human History

It should be noted and this point of view that the history of society, the content of which is a class struggle, began with their appearance, the creation of expressing the will of the ruling class state, ie about five or six thousand years ago. For example, Karl Jaspers distinguishes between prehistory and about 5,000 years known to us for this documentary in history when "almost simultaneously in three regions of the world's most ancient cultures there. This is, firstly, Sumerian-Babylonian and Egyptian culture and the Aegean world from 4000 BC, and second, opened in the excavation of pre-Aryan Indus Valley culture of the Third Millennium (associated with Sumer), and thirdly, vaguely skvozyaschy in his memoirs, has left scant traces of the archaic world of China's second millennium BC (And probably even earlier). " Only then we can talk about the history of civilizations, because the word itself is derived from the Latin cives – citizen, civilis – civilian, that is, presupposes the existence of classes, state and law. However, thus excluded from the history of four millenniums previous stage, which was of decisive importance in the fate of humanity and in shaping structure of society – a stage that began with the Neolithic revolution. World-historical importance of this great upheaval recognized an absolute majority of social scientists. Our view is that reading the history of society should be conducted with the Neolithic revolution (which initiated the first neolithic civilization), which was preceded by a transitional Mesolithic period. Consequently, the actual history of the company (without transition) has about ten thousand years – an insignificant moment in the history of the geological history of Earth, but a huge, full of radical change the path traversed by mankind.

Catherine Potemkin

It depicts pyramid – a well-known Masonic symbol, the desire for the beautiful world order, and above it is the eyes – radiant delta or the Almighty mind, with emitted light. It is important that under the pyramid is a foundation date United States – 1776. Around it – the inscription in Latin: a new procedure creates. In the first Yekaterinoslav arms we see the same pyramid, only instead of an eye – the monogram of Catherine, E.I.V. with the crown, from which emanate rays.

And at the bottom – date of the city, in 1787. In the second version of this pyramid is placed in a heraldic shield and more like an American. One can only guess that means the similarity of two completely different characters. These thoughts leads and the very status of Potemkin. – He was more than the Governor-General, he was called by the Viceroy of the South – local historian recalled.

– And yet – the architect and light – the terms used in Masonic lodges. It is known that he was under their strong influence. True, if composed himself in a bed, is unknown. And unusual musical tastes, "Gregory Neches," as he called Cossacks. – At Masons music has a special burden – enlighten us historian. – Because In their opinion, can turn the world. A year before the founding of the city filed a Potemkin Catherine the report on the establishment of a Yekaterynoslav 'University jointly with the Academy of Music or Conservatory', almost 80 years ahead of its opening in St.