Difficult Choices

With the simplicity of the car in the Urals and unpretentious service to these SUVs. In fact, selection of parts poses complicated schemes of their education. There is a spare production UralAZ is the so-called conservation, on which I would like to separate stops. In fact, auto Urals conservation still float on the aftermarket Miassa and other regions of the country. But the volume as in the past are not the same, and therefore leaves that who is interested under the slogan "tin parts Ural sell what some other parts.

The question arises, and which may be more spare parts Urals? Besides the production of spare parts for az Ural is alternative vendors who are actively engaged in market production of spare parts for automobiles Ural. But it is unprofitable to sell their products under other brands. It turns out that cap. Repair parts Kama, a profitable issue under conservation. All weave ground on what should be emphasized is the relationship between buyer and seller. Transparency in education of spare parts, performance requirements grading prices and quality parts. And in order to share experiences both positive and negative in the purchase or sale of spare parts on site, we have opened a forum where everyone can leave their opinion about the spare parts market in the Urals Miass and in the vicinity lying Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk regions.

Construction Machinery

Produced with the 1998 113-ton mastodon D11R CD equip unique blade 11D (volume of the prism drawing 43.8 m3) with a double warp. In this case, all machines are equipped with a series of D11R Fast fill with diesel fuel (tank capacity 1,471 liters). Product Range Dressta, also known in Europe under the brand Huta Stalowa Wola, represented by two basic models TD25H and TD40C capacity of 320 and 520 hp Dressta traktorostroitelnoy became the first company that used in the transmission of their ARB dual band SVC turning mechanism. Read more here: Jorge Perez. For the bulldozers are three types of blade – turning, hemispherical and spherical, as well as three types of cultivators: threetheethed, single-toothed, and single-toothed for deep tillage (penetration 1.7 and 1.67 m for the TD25H and TD40C respectively). Model FD30C company FIAT-KOBELCO Construction Machinery in Russia oil and gas fields known ever since, when it produced under the brand name FIAT-Allis. In 1990 this model sold under the brand name FIAT-Hitachi. As before, FD30C equip 349-strong turbodiesel FIAT 8285TA, dumps three types – straight, spherical and hemispherical, single and threetheethed ripper.

Depending on the configuration ARB weighs from 36.2 to 43.4 m. The company produces two models of Liebherr bulldozers severe category, the distinguishing feature of which is application of hydrostatic transmission Litronic. In addition to spherical and hemispherical dumps these ARB complement angledozers. Produced in 1989 45-ton Liebherr PR 751 Mining specially designed to meet the work in quarries, and more easy Liebherr PR 752 (in the U.S. sold under the brand name John Deere 1050S) is primarily intended for construction works.