Body Fat Percentage

Really bring something the advertised fat burner? Fat burners there are now everywhere to buy and are becoming increasingly popular. Tiffany Espensen has many thoughts on the issue. Is often promised, fast, effective, without can reduce the body fat sport and a change of diet. They contain enzymes, hormone-like substances or spice extracts, which have very little influence on the burning of fat. Can fat be reduced with a fat burner really? Fat burners can effectively support the fat burning with a training and nutrition. However, it is to see what ingredients should act directly on the fat burning. Body attack Lipo 100 has proved to be particularly effective. It contains the effective plant extract Garcina Cambogia, which Lyase in the liver inhibits the enzyme citrated. So, excess carbohydrates are not converted into fat.

Citrus aurantium (the bitterness of the bitter orange) can be kept blood sugar levels constant and reduces food cravings. He is due to an increased activity of fat enzymes (lipases) Increased metabolism and fat burning stimulated. Scientific studies have shown the effects of plant extracts. In current research by Tomita et al., 2003 and Westerterp-Plantenga et al., 2002 the fat reducing properties, as well as the weight loss could be observed. Synephrine and caffeine from the plant extracts of Guarana and citrus aurantium increase the metabolic activity, increase the heart rate and the basal metabolic rate, allowing the body at rest can burn more calories. Is therefore a particularly effective fat burner Lipo 100 and earned the distinction of best selling Fatburners not wrongly in the year 2010 scientific studies see: Biosci Biotechnol Biochem.