United States Influenza

Of the creators of the Chupacabras, the bird influenza and the chiapanecos soldaditos with palitos like substitutes of rifles, the mass media we bring for you, a production that broke the barrier of the programmed thing and the imaginable thing, you cannot be lost this spring of PANDEMIC when the pigs sneeze you will not want to go out your house, you will not want to breathe, you will look for a tampion hopelessly, you will close your business and you will spend all your fortnight in excessive foods and unnecessary medecines, PANDEMIC when the collective hysteria IN A MOMENT acquires shades of offensive ignorance IN YOUR COLONY, ESPRALA! Wanted and worried reader, at the moment we have the privilege of being witnesses what deed the enormous difference between first and the Third World then while the United States was able to undo of years and years of compromising information, to rescue their economy of the recession, to organize a new war and to demonstrate to the entire world their enormous capacity to him of manipulation of masses in only seconds and thanks to the avionzazos and the demolitions programmed in the WTC already some years ago, in Mexico it was necessary to hope to that a pig sneezed and that certain disease, – present in our history for some decades would be pronounced again, by then to start up the machinery of the distraction by means of the collective psychosis. With this I am not saying that so sounded lately influenza he is nonexistent, on the contrary, is there and indeed there are several infected people, but we try to make an exercise of logic, in the personnel is to me too coincident the fact that to days of the visit of the president of the United States and to few days of the starting of the electoral campaigns in the country, the citizenship is sight whipped by an epidemic of pig influenza that not only obtained that the mass media turned upside down on the secretary of health and several experts more but also, has submerged in a collective psychosis without precedents, closed businesses, closed schools, people to us locked up in his houses, vaccines, medecines, medical consumptions exhausted, jammed supermarkets and people discriminating against its equals by a simple one I sneeze. . Visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. .


The obesity is a disease that has the glance of many and increases in certain countries of North America, which some do not know is that as well as this disease is another evil that afflicts to the people of the opposite side, those with extreme thinness which sometimes they feel impossible winning weight quickly, and is that people always have problem as far as her physicist the low ones you want to be high, the fat people, to lower of weight and the thin ones they want to have a decent body or until voluptuous. But in this time we will orient to disagreeable and the stranger problem that stops to gain weight in certain people quickly. Although it can be roots of the genetics that the family imposes, not always he is something definitive, to increase some kilos can be obtained by means of training and a good simple and difficult nutrition and that as it sounds those that say that they have proven it everything, have not done it because to surrender and not to have favorable results or modifies the treatment or it is followed by the correct way but not to surrender. Without hesitation Jorge Perez explained all about the problem. If to aspire to gain weight quickly, it consumes but foods to acquire it, no you count the plates that you eat, counts the calories of the foods that consume, ingests but pleasant things so that you generate muscular mass with your basic training of 2 hours per days in 3 per week, products as you graze, the integral rice to the breakfast, in the lunch consumes menestras or you graze, cakes. If in truth to wish to grow in body, that they grow with foods that give that energy you to produce muscular mass, obtained of carbohydrates, proteins of the meats and fruits droughts. The carbohydrates are I number 1 right away that are requested to gain weight quickly, accused not only of the obesity, we do not want to you to get fat without proportion, for that reason an intense training can be varied from going to run, to do dominated, to load weights or in house or in the gymnasium, when the time available is had and that in each routine of a day you manage to arrive at the muscular failure, you do not forget to consider a good hydration with milky and pure water to decontaminate your fresh and active body, mantenerte, in few weeks you would obtain kilos in your body but of muscular mass. Learn more at this site: Jessica Michibata. In order to see what is the plan verified so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here.

Intelligent Forms

The good imagines that serious when you learn intelligent forms to make in line additional money. It is very easy to make money in line when you know like doing it. Real-estate developer does not necessarily agree. Imagnate levantarte of the bed to the hour that you only want to work a pair of hours to the day (good if work could be called) and to make but money in one week that what the majority does of people in a month, a year or even five years. He is very exciting to know that with the growth of the Internet incredible opportunities arrived any person to make money in line. The majority of people cannot do it because nobody has said to them like doing it. After reading this article you will be able to leave and to begin to make money that always you dreamed. For more information see Ken Kao.

I would like to say about the entrance of data. The entrance of data allows the people to begin to make money almost right away. You do not need to spend, and is so easy to do that until it can learn it to a boy and do it. Much people this using the entrance of data to make a life in line. I personally meet some who does but of one hundred thousand dollars to the month thanks to the entrance of data.

He is very exciting to know what the entrance of data treats. There are thousands of companies in line that pay to write announcements about their products and it would be pleased to them until a 75% of commission by sale which they obtain from the publicity. So if a product is of $100 you will only obtain $75 to write an announcement for them. It does not have limits in whichever announcements you can write and each announcements it would take about 10 minutes to you in writing it. I am certainly intelligent people as your they would like to see that so profitable it is.

New Economic Reputation

Argentina and a new reputation to attract capitals 22 September 2009 Transparency in the official statistics, greater fiscal discipline and the agreement with the Club of Paris and holdouts: It loves the Argentine government truly to change the course of his economic policy or it only tries that we created that? How much it can hit the change in the economic course in the investors? The question acquires a nonsmaller importance for those than they wish to invest some dollars in the country. While the capitals return to great part of Latin America, Argentina continues hoping to generate some interest without for that reason it must resort to promises of great returns. And if you. it is thinking about investing in assets of the country, will have to know that the conditions of the Argentine macroeconomics are as important as the yield promises that the local assets offer. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has similar goals. It is that a unique and unexpected jump in the type of change can ruin the accumulated gains enough during time to trust a country like Argentina. While it continues with the fight against mass media, the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is conscious of the necessity of a course change in its economic policy. The change in the global context will give a little air him, but the problems in the Argentine economy are too serious as to stay blind and deaf against the reality. It is for this reason that, as if outside a popularity contest, the government publicly indicated its interest in approaching the subjects that worry to the markets. Who is Kevin Ulrich? recognizes the significance of this. It is not going to think that the Argentine government occurred a blow in the head and he suddenly wants to abruptly change the direction that brought its economic policy. The necessity has face of hereje, and Argentina not only needs to return to international the financial markets but also to attract investments to retake the footpath of the growth.

Bush To The Guinness

The present agent chief executive of the USA could well enter the Guinness book to show three records. First, the one of being the North American president who more percentage of support has removed. According to Gallup, it is the unique one who has arrived at 90% of approval, bases to that arrived at ten days of the 11 of September of the 2001. Secondly, she is the occupant of the White House that less support has had. Today it has, according to Gallup, as soon as a 23% of approval. If you would like to know more then you should visit Charlotte Hornets. Third party, is the North American president who has collapsed more. Continue to learn more with: Vanessa Marcil. If the first number is greater to the one than it obtained Roosevelt, who overcame II the World war; second he is worse to the one than Nixon received shortly before resigning. Most serious it is than the fall of Bush can be deepened as there are new financial landslides.

According to another survey of CBS and The New York Times, the percentage of support to the present agent chief executive already lowered to 22%. It is still almost 3 days old where it would have to do all the possible one not to be below 20% of approval. So it is his wearing down, that to the candidate of its republican party (McCain) it is to him very difficult to gain the elections and has had to demarcate itself more than has been able of him. The increasing antibushismo can be capitalized by the candidate who represents more differences with him within the system. Original author and source of the article.

Learn English Playing

I from very small was fanatical of the television, the cinema and the videojuegos. And I indeed do not speak of mentioned play station or at least famous the super ones nintendo. I remember my first 2600, and I knew nintendo there. Being so young, I simply became accustomed myself to press bellboys. More ahead, it enters to me but in the world of the videojuegos of roll. For that time not yet image and sound had been developed to the technological wonders as far as, but those texts in 2 polygons were then, comprehensible. My despair arrived when in some level of the game, it could not advance or, or simply I had left blocked not to include/understand what in the screen they were saying to me. So, with desire to finish the game, I was decided to take a dictionary and word by was them to word translating, until it joined the meaning and it removed a literal translation by logic.

More ahead, I began to see English in the school, and that was strengthening a little my level. No longer it had to resort as much to the dictionary, because it saw one word and by it to have seen in some different game, automatically venia this meaning mind. And already, he was not so complicated to associate the set of words to discover the meaning of an oration. He is why I have thought and I have realized, that does not waste my life, happening so many hours in front of the video console. I do not try to say that he was correct, because obvious it spent sometimes but hours to me of the account. If you are decided to try it, I assure to him that with a little time she will begin to learn words without thinking it, and soon will have a good level of vocabulary. The secret to learn is simple: To amuse itself.

Invent New Words

It is good for having many books and magazines in the house or for taking his son to the library with regularity Ani it to me to write daily on the daily activities and realised discoveries to read it soon aloud. Dejadlo that it listens the foreign languages, to make with the games of words like the Scrabble or Invent New Words. Logico-mathematical intelligence In order to stimulate the logico-mathematical development the boy must play with the colors, forms and sizes, such as to count the objects of yellow color in the room or to count objects of a certain form. They will be enchanted to solve puzles or games like the chess. The musical development stimulates when listening diverse sorts of music, playing or touching the different musical instruments to even maintain the rate of the beats with the hands in some hard surfaces.

To see films, together and to speak about how the film directors make use specific of musical effects to transmit different messages. To animate them to create its own songs using the diverse subjects of the home (glasses, for example). It stops to stimulate its development physical-motor, Tries to dance with him, different musical sorts, anmalo to make sport, leaves its young one touches the objects, djelo to manipulate and to create objects, to sew or to cook or to construct models of its imagination. There are many techniques to stimulate his line of vision-space intelligence. For example: drawing, painting, collage, textiles, mosaics and sculptures. Interpersonal intelligence (the capacity to be related) This form of intelligence can be stimulated by any form of interaction with others.

Asegrese of which the children interact with the children of their same age, which they play together, they study together, or develops together several activities. To encourage them to explore the different points of view from a situation or to see how others would be affected by their actions. Intrapersonal intelligence (knowledge of itself) can be fomented through debate with the young ones exceeds what they like and they do not like, requesting in the same time arguments to them. To animate to boy to become questions on the decisions taken during the day. Ensele to report its own strength and weaknesses.