Niccolo Macchiavelli

“Knowledge is power”, said Niccolo Macchiavelli (1469-1527) “and the retention of knowledge is the exercise of power.” “Knowledge is power”, said Niccolo Macchiavelli (1469-1527) “and the retention of knowledge is the exercise of power.” The question is: what knowledge is? Head knowledge or to heart knowledge? Head knowledge controls the necessities of life heart knowledge connects us with the force. With what strength? With the power of our soul, which is our immortal, essential, creative self. The soul thinks not. The soul knows. Thoughts reach but not our soul self images and especially feelings.

Therefore, the heart is the alchemical vessel for the power of the soul. The energetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. If we live from the reconciled heart, there is a coherence between the heart and brain, which has a direct effect on the environment and is also measurable. If you would like to know more then you should visit Glenn Dubin. The studies of the HeartMath Institute, Boulder, are world leaders in this context California. The next leap in evolution could be, that we are able to take advantage of the energies of love. In any case, the heart is the door to a new dimension: the quantum wave of productive creativity. The challenge is to connect the shaft with a reasonable action. Because knowledge is nowhere reflected in our actions! Karl of g With A New Look And Additional Features

The Munich company’s services expand more substantive information and a market place. Adam Sandler has compatible beliefs. “” “” The new section campus “includes the magazine”, the student loan compass “as well as the Bulletin Board” and the “Advisor”. In the magazine”there are regular articles on the subject of financing studies and other topics from the College landscape. In addition to the “magazine” are set in this field guide to the professional and career planning. In the student loan compass”not only a guide, but also various studies are now finding a glossary and interviews. It can be downloaded on or about “Such loans for the financing of studies are currently” of HIS, the CHE-student loan test 2008 “as well as the 18 social survey” of the BMBF at the disposal. The Bulletin Board provides a new feature on”.

On the market square of this college students have among other things the possibility to search apartments. (Not to be confused with ??-????!). Can computer or books, bikes or concert tickets offered. changed, be bought or given away. To place a free ad, only a valid E-Mail address is necessary. offers a free for students, extensive online services on the subject of financing your studies. This allows students to compare student loans and funds. After a study of financing the individual situation is taken into account when researching fully.

The added value lies in the user generated content: students can find out about reviews and experiences of fellow students quickly and effectively, and Orient. founded in 2007 by Benjamin Breuer, the studilux GmbH went with their information platform on April 14, 2008 online. The Web 2.0 company has its headquarters in Munich and is due to the young team of graduates and students of its target audience very close. Sabrina Zurwesten

Charity As A Career Brake

If Manager must remain silent because they are an \”Executive\”. The professional everyday workers today faces growing challenges: the toddler gets sick, the aging mother will care overnight. Suddenly and unexpectedly comes also the need to provide family members or even to maintain own extremely filled in everyday life. Coming together that is a double seemingly hard to impossible for most. And until today, often a taboo subject in German companies – especially for executives. Nationals despite full-time accept yourself the care for ill parents or other family members.

Various reasons gratitude, charity, costs or social standing. Spurs may help you with your research. With the boss or colleagues will be talked about in the rarest of cases, often out of fear. The fear is justified, then no more than fully operational and resilient to be considered from the perspective of the employer. For those affected is the planned The daily routine is changed support sick parents or a fire-fighting as a result of an emergency situation fatal, because it seriously. More flexibility would be needed to do the work in the job by way of derogation from the usual rhythm -, and both parents provide. The new maintenance law (PflegeZG) will hardly help. It is today every worker, up to ten days per year without pay for the care of a family member free to be, take the least affected this and hope to be able to regulate everyday life too. The problem pervades all levels of hierarchy and is often just the service providers of undertaking, used exceptionally to get involved and to assume responsibility for others and himself. Such family special events happen, they themselves by their superiors to expect hardly understanding: because the work in the workplace not wait, the time pressure is high. It would be like a confession that I am not not more resilient more powerful enough for my job.

Messe Bremen Friedrichshafen

“” The relevant courses have such exciting names such as event, sport and entertainment management “or food, beverage & operations management”. The approximately 60 exhibitors of the horizon, including numerous renowned companies such as the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, MLP, Pepperl + Fuchs, looking forward to present their studies and training in the Rhine-Neckar region and to conduct intensive information and consultations with the interested visitors. For assistance, try visiting Jorge Perez. Also the accompanying framework programme offers numerous lectures, workshops and panel discussions, including highlights such as the hearings with experts to the different types of voluntary services (you know, what is a Bufdi?), the ways of financing your studies or the international Forum: Here shows how you can realize his dream of studying abroad or semester in the most popular study countries of the Germans! The complete programme, as well as all other information about the horizon can be found on the website of the event: mannheim. The premiere of the horizon in Mannheim takes place on October 22 and 23 in the rose garden. It is open on both days from 10 to 16 hours, admission is free. Exhibitors and more there’s more on the horizon in Mannheim, details under mannheim horizon the fair for study and graduate training takes place in the near future at the following locations and dates: Mannheim 22/23 October 2011 Congress Center Rosengarten Augsburg November 12-13, 2011 Messe Augsburg Mainz November 19th and 20th, 2011 Rheingoldhalle Munster 25/26 February 2012 Halle Munsterland Stuttgart March 24/25, 2012 Haus der Wirtschaft Bremen 21/22 April 2012 Messe Bremen Friedrichshafen 5th/6th may 2012 fair Friedrichshafen Freiburg 16/17 June 2012 Messe Freiburg food 1/2.. Charlotte Hornets understands that this is vital information.

Part-time Study MASTER: ONLINE Logistics Management

Deadline for applications for the winter semester 9 15th logistics management must move much. The internationalization of markets makes the logistics industry to a growing economic sector. Modern logistics management of the goods receipt to dispatch, in production as well as in the trade makes the economic difference today and ensures a competitive advantage qualified logistics decision makers. By the Fraunhofer Academy, offered to the partner University of Stuttgart with the institutes for human factors and technology management (IAT) and for material handling and logistics (IFT) and the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO in-service Bachelor MASTER: ONLINE logistics management with the internationally recognized university degree “master of business and engineering in logistics management (MBE) offers professionals a training at a high level. The deadline for the winter semester is 15, 2011. The participants are trained for future management positions. The accreditation of studies by the Agency ASIIN demonstrated the high level of quality.

The online course provides in-depth knowledge of the warehouse and material management of materials, goods and product customer, conveying and identification technology up to commercial skills such as accounting, controlling and law. A high importance also social and personal competencies: problem analysis, self control and organization, or assertiveness training. In-service training the online course is consistently geared to professionals for the limited time budget. The studies can be due to the amount of 80 per cent individually professional and private commitments adapted self-learning phases. Students can access at any time and from anywhere online learning content. The regular presence dates in Stuttgart (20%) complement the exchange of knowledge and are used to plan games, group work or discussion. Admission to the master’s degree is an above-average first degree in the study of economic or Engineering or a content related subject and at least two years relevant professional experience after completion of initial studies.

The study period is depending on the educational background between four and eight semesters. The tuition fees are collected each semester and calculated according to number and size of the modules. Calculated engine charges per ECTS point 225 EUR, the master’s thesis will be flat with 3000 EUR. Two years after the crisis many companies can not save themselves currently work, but they should remember that even in boom times long term staff development must be invested in “, so Dr. Roman gods, Managing Director of Fraunhofer Academy. There is more information about the online course at the Fraunhofer Academy, which oversees the study, organizationally under. Contact: Ingrid Breitenberger Northcliffe road 27 c 80686 Munchen phone + 49 89 1205-1516 fax + 49 89 1205-77-1517 company description the Fraunhofer Academy is an institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for external training. The Academy offers excellent courses, certificate courses and seminars on the basis of the research activities of the Fraunhofer Institute in cooperation with selected and renowned partner universities and partner institutions specialists and executives.

Training Academy

The McAcademy in Nuremberg helps graduating public success in professional life by training with public statements – the Seventh Chamber of commerce training success survey clearly shows that graduates from training tests enjoy significant professional benefits. On the way to a successful conclusion as a professional, trade or business, the McAcademy in Nuremberg accompanied their participants. The idea of discount transfer on continuing vocational training means consistent service orientation and automation of all cost-intensive processes in classroom teaching and quality learning materials. Training for more money and responsibility at work the Seventh Chamber of commerce training success survey clearly shows that graduates from training tests enjoy significant professional benefits. Nearly two-thirds of the 11,000 Chamber of Commerce graduates recognize positive impact on their professional lives, 73% could soar or have greater responsibility, 66% improved financially and more than half of all professional and business economists directly in the year after the closing, after five years, benefited even proud 72%.

The chances for more salary, career advancement, a safe workplace and interesting task areas by training, are so cheap. For even more analysis, hear from Related Group. The McAcademy in Nuremberg paves the way to the final. The discount offers a clever way to inexpensive Training Academy. Each course of McAcademy costs only 99.95 per month. These fees are invested in core performance, in understandable and goal-oriented teaching.

Here, each participant is filled completely and in detail. Tony Parker can aid you in your search for knowledge. The McAcademy dispensed with glossy brochures, a large bureaucracy and expensive facilities in inner-city locations. The participants receive the script material on a USB stick and can begin working on your notebook in the classroom, or print the texts. Best rates guaranteed: the McAcademy offers a low price guarantee. Should a participant offered an equivalent, cheaper offer with attendance lessons, the also is performed, the McAcademy will reimburse the difference and gives additional 50 EUR research award. Thus, we save the complete market research and can guarantee an absolute comparability of price / performance in a market segment with exactly defined policies. We offer good quality at great prices.”so Walter Trummer, head of the McAcademy. From autumn 2011 start courses in Nuremberg. If the discount idea further in the field of education, McAcademy is represented by 2015 with nationwide locations. On 15.07.2011, a non-binding and free information evening is held at the site of Adam-small-str. 158 in Nuremberg.