Walter Leibowitz

From century twenty and three it only is that the nature if calmed and a new social order appeared in the world. We Suddenly, Walter Leibowitz and the shelter had disappeared and we saw in them inside of the machine of the time. – What it can happen now? It inquired Karen. Been silent, we are observing the numbers of the calendar. The years had come back stop backwards and finally it stopped accurately in the day where we leave. Olavo opened the door of the machine and leaves. – They are all good? It asked.

– Unhappyly some anomalies in the rescue process had happened. – We go to have that to fix this. Jeremias said. Suddenly a ventania invaded the room, spreading papers and knocking down things. Two men black color dresses, with a mask against gases in the face, had appeared suddenly. One of them pointed a device with respect to we and in the same instant we are paralyzed, without being able putting into motion in them or speaking.

The other citizen, said some thing in a device that had to be a species of telephone, saying what they seemed to be co-ordinated. After that, in a lightning, the two men, the machine of the time had disappeared, documents, devices and instruments. After that, we come back to the normal one. Olavo looked at around, frightened. – What it happened? Who was those men? – Policemen of the future. Jeremias said. – In the future it goes to be forbidden to travel in the time. – They destruiram everything! But, she does not advance, we we can construct another machine! – How? She inquired Jeremias. – We do not have more the projects and I do not remember of as we construct. You remember all the details? Olavo thought one instant and shook the head. – Not! Drug! I do not obtain to remember! – I find that they had erased of our memory! Jeremias said. – It is better thus. It affirmed Karen. – I go to take a bath. It said and left the room. – At least we have a history to count for our grandsons. I spoke. Antonio stegues baptist