Historical Preservation

This capital book, the fact poseerlo-to read it, you only distance to us of those who can observe screens. Calculation that the apparent one confused plots makes glimpse like a difficult novel, in that case I have not been known to explain well, the night of the oracle lacks complication, is simple in spite of its degree of depth, the complicated one, in any case, I am I. LPDM16 p 4, 5 April 2005. – Blog LNFV – 20 of April of 2009. – And to read the telephone directory The Night of the Oracle Paul Auster Anagram In jodido problem I put when wanting to comment this book, I have been reading although it for one week still I do not visualize by where facing the subject. In full knowledge that it had to work in this subject, and as it was reading the night of the oracle, it took notes. Something that I do not like too much since I prefer to enjoy the book and later to begin to digress on the subject. The novel deals with a novel that is within another novel – jejejeje-, to have if they understand to me: Auster raises the history of a writer Sidney Orr who finishes leaving the hospital they have given where it by dead, recovers even though of the prognoses.

In its long walks – still weak the Palace of Paper is with the bookstore property of Mr. Chang who sells a blue Portuguese notebook to him, this event brings about in Orr a desire to write again, and leaves its long creative inactivity. The history that begins to narrate in the notebook is the one of a called personage Bowen who changes radically of life after a gargoyle, when falling, kills almost it, leaves to his wife without warning and travels to another city where he finds a job in the Office of Historical Preservation offered by a taxi driver, the place is hidden, is an anti-atomic refuge and the data who must preserve are not another thing but that telephone directories of all parts of the world and different times.