Working Hours

In the life of freelancers or professionals of YOU that they work in house, one of the biggest difficulties is to know how much to charge for its service. In this branch, it is not treated to have a price, but yes necessarily just competitive. As they work informally and they pay little taxes, these professionals obtain to charge prices well below of the market. However, nor always that is advantage, for the opposite, to charge cheap is one of the main reasons so that freelancers and ' informais' they give up this type of work. Low price charged to the times does not compensate the necessary work and effort for the delivery of a project. But as to arrive at a competitive price? It is possible to concur with structuralized companies? Leaving of the beginning of that you already made the house duty and studied the competition, we go to the steps necessary to have a good performance in the hour to decide how much to charge of its customers. Fixed expenditures Everything what it possesss monthly cost as rent, condominium, electric energy, telephone, fuel and feeding. These expenditures are independent of you to have or not work.

It makes the addition and it sees how much it needs for month to keep its expenditures in day. Changeable expenditures Are the extra expenditures that appear. It is common in the area of YOU, to obtain to execute a project, the necessity to contract a professional, to acquire a new software or machine, among others. Trips and expenditures proceeding from them also enter in this list. Its value Makes an auto-evaluation to discover the value of its man power. What it possesss the favor (certifications, experience, etc) and what it possesss against (little qualification, few tools or structure, etc). It compares with what it is offered in the market and it takes off a base of the value of its services.